About Us

Viralix is a reputable platform that controls the right tools to help Amazon sellers promote their merchandise on social media and increase organic reviews. The world is fast changing and more businesses are breaking new grounds and recording massive sales with the assistance of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and host of others. Human beings are emotional beings whose choices are influenced by various circumstances such as the environment where they grew up, what they see and hear, tastes and preferences. Viralix has a comprehensive and detailed understanding of how the internet can be exploited to increase the revenues of business brands. We make use of Amazon Coupons Promotions and automatic email sender to expose products of Amazon sellers to more buyers on social media, and increase the reviews on your Amazon listing page. With more than 35,000 registered shoppers on our website, Viralix is definitely a reliable platform to increase your sales with.

Viralix.com Was founded on the 4th of October, Right after the new Amazon T.O.S regarding Amazon product reviews.
The platform includes services for Amazon Sellers, as Code Distribution Tool and Automatic Email Sender to Amazon buyers.
Shoppers in the platform will enjoy deeply discounted Amazon products, 30%-100% OFF.

The first step in the Amazon world was as "AmzReviewStars", That connected Amazon bloggers and product reviewers all over the world, to sellers.
Once Amazon changed the policy, We decide to explore and find the best solution for Amazon sellers who need to promote their products and increase their rank on Amazon.

After a lot of thought, We found a perfect solution:
Social Media Reviews and Social Media Shares, including Blog Reviews.
Now, sellers have the option to control their sales, Get more exposure for the product all over the Internet and sell more on Amazon.
Moreover, The seller can use the Follow Up Booster, That Increase Dramatically the Organic Amazon Reviews.



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