Maintain the momentum after the holidays

December 17, 2018, Written by Viralix Team. 

What a wonderful season right?!
We hear amazing things on a daily basis, up to 2000% increase for some sellers, unbelievable!
If only this season will last forever......

The days after Christmas are difficult.
Basically, The decrease started a few days earlier, even though Amazon recently announced that some of the items will be available until the 24th for 1-day shipping for some areas, check your listing for more information)

After you get used to this crazy sales increase, the silence can be rough.
It might take a few days to get back to your normal sales as it was before the holiday's rush.
The Holidays gives a huge boost for those of you who took advantage of it, now its time to leverage your success.

How to Maintain the Momentum? 

1. PPC

Do not give up on your PPC!
It will not be the same as the holidays, even not the same as regular days, but the show must go on. many sellers are out of stock and this is your chance to take their place and take higher places on the results pages.

keeping your PPC campaigns working, will do well for your Amazon ranking.
FYI - Bids usually are getting lower right after the holidays- make sure to adjust your bids.

2. Deals

Got an offer for a lightning deal? on Christmas? a day after Christmas? a few days after? TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT!


Based on 2017 statistics, one of the most popular gifts for Christmas was... Amazon gift card!
Means, the days after Christmas will be full of purchases of with gift cards, which we all know, with a gift card, your buying threshold is way lower, as you don't "spend" money.

A lightning deal is a great way to "catch" those buyers.

for a limited time only, we will approve Lightning Deals posts on our facebook groups for Viralix VIP members, contact the admins for more information.

3. Fill your inventory

Make sure you have enough units available, as the Chinese holidays are coming and the estimated date for not accepting new orders is December 31, so make sure you are ready with inventory for at least 3 months.

Here is an estimated time frame for the Chinese holidays:

4. Promotions, Promotions, Promotions.

Create promotions outside of Amazon, drive high-quality traffic to your listing page.
Viralix provides you with all the tools you need in order to boost your products using Amazon Coupons.

  • Keyword Promotions
  • Blog Posts
  • Mass Coupons Sender
  • Newsletter Signups

And many more...
Visit your account for creating promotions >>

Don't stay behind, get the most of the season and build yourself as a Brand Master on Amazon.

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Netzah Topaz,
Amazon Seller, online marketer, marketing tools addicted.


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