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Products & Blogs

  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 29 Jan, 2020 | By Paula Littlewood | Under sports & outdoors
    Have been doing some yoga classes for a while now but using the class mats leaves me feeling uneasy, even slightly dirty so I decided to purchase my own. Really pleased with this mat choice, it's very comfortable for my exercising and l...
  • Posted 29 Jan, 2020 | By Paula Littlewood | Under home & garden
    Purchased for my conservatory that is a nice little au trap during the day but at night time it's deathly cold... door is shut as there's no heating in there and so with the mix of conditions it's terrible for condensation and mould&...
  • Posted 29 Jan, 2020 | By Deano C | Under computers & accessories
    Dual Band AC1200 Mbps High Speed: Upgraded 1200 Mbits/s(5G/867 Mbps + 2G/ 300 Mbps)wifi dongle provides better performance, fast speed is the main feature of this wireless wifi adapter. Excellent for online video streaming, gaming by using this dual...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 28 Jan, 2020 | By Rachel Furmidge | Under electronics & photo
    A great plug. The USB slots are really sturdy and have good friction so your cables don’t keep coming out. It’s a really nice round design and the USB ports are well spaced in case your cable is bulky.
  • Posted 28 Jan, 2020 | By Wayne Goldstein | Under electronics & photo
    These alkaline batteries are meant to last up to 3 times as long as the cheaper zinc batteries I was using previously. My kids have been using them in their games controllers and a remote-controlled car since they arrived last week and they're st...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 28 Jan, 2020 | By Julia Henighen | Under home & garden
    Really handy peeler with 3 different methods. Very easy to use and works really well. 
  • Posted 28 Jan, 2020 | By Julia Henighen | Under home & garden
    Good large sturdy volume storage bag. I'll be using for storing away my winter bedding. 
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 28 Jan, 2020 | By Julia Henighen | Under home & garden
    These are fantastic storage boxes. The arrive folded flat and are easy to assemble. The actually hold quite a lot and are quite deep. Best thing is that they are really thick material, they go really well with neural decoratin. Will be buying more.&n...
  • Posted 27 Jan, 2020 | By Denise Cop | Under lighting
    I got these for my daughters birthday and with a length of 5 metres they are ideal strung in the living room and with the various modes she loved having the little control for changing them at her little disco.  These lights are a lot of fun...
  • Posted 27 Jan, 2020 | By Denise Cop | Under lighting
    These are really dinky little lights that can be positioned anywhere in the home. They are lightweight and can be fixed securely to almost any surface due to the double sided sticky strips that come with them.  The motion sensors are at both...
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