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sahm of 3 children: one teen, one preteen and one infant. i like to shop, save, review, and share the love with my friends and family. i love anything that helps to keep me organized and anything that makes daily life easier as a mom and for my children.
I love trying out new things, meeting new people and so much more in life!
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Works but doesn't look that great

15 Nov, 2019
QUEES Car Window Shades I took a lot longer to type up this review due to the recent weather.  It finally stopped raining, but it's still cold out so I haven't been able to test out ho... read more »

Hand Size Yet Huge!!!!

11 Nov, 2019
Aibocn Uranus 20000 mAh Powerbank First off, I'll explain why I give this powerbank 3 stars. The title states it is "perfect hand feeling". Yes it fits in my hand, but it is heavy and... read more »

Convenience at a Great Price!

11 Nov, 2019
2 Rechargeable Battery Packs for Original XBox One Controller These were packaged nicely; box was pictured and labeled. Therefore it could be a great gift with the holidays coming up. One of the fi... read more »

Great Christmas Gift 10+

11 Nov, 2019
RC Stunt Car #2 The first thing you notice is the box is labeled asif it was sold in the store, great pictures. Sometimes when you order rcs online you get a plain box and you don't want that w... read more »

Great Christmas Gift for Kids

11 Nov, 2019
RC Stunt Car The first thing you notice is the box is labeled asif it was sold in the store, great pictures. Sometimes when you order rcs online you get a plain box and you don't want that when... read more »

Similar to More Expensive Baby Pillows

11 Nov, 2019
Baby Head Shaping Pillow The first thing i noticed is that this pillow is definitely a little bigger than I expected it to be, which is great! The material covering the memory foam is extra soft.&n... read more »

Readily & Easily Accessible

11 Nov, 2019
Allen Wrench Hex Key Set The Allen Wrenches feel solid and heavy: good quality! With them on a ring, they are readily and easily accessible. There's also a decent range of sizes for our needs.... read more »

Quality is worth the price! Aluminum Rod!

11 Nov, 2019
Bluetooth Selfie stick/Tripod Right out the box, first thing you notice is the quality of the item. The rod isn't made of cheap plastic but it's an aluminum rod. A nice carry bag with a dra... read more »

So many features for a great price

05 Nov, 2019
ENOW- Kid's Smartwatch Let me just list some of the features below I that I think are great for the price of this watch for kids: The SOS alarm! It even sends your child's location to... read more »

Nice Touch to your Juul

05 Nov, 2019
Juul Skin Stickers I like these skins because I always have a hard time finding stuff when I lay it down somewhere. The Juul is small so it's definitely one of those things I misplace often. Wi... read more »

Great for the whole year!

05 Nov, 2019
Christmas Projector Lights 2-in-1  This projector isn't just for Christmas. It has slides for Halloween, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, 4th of July, birthdays and many more holidays and... read more »

Very Convenient Packaging

01 Nov, 2019
 Dental Floss Picks These work great for what they are-dental floss picks. The best thing about these is the fact I can keep some in both bathrooms, a box in the car and one stays by my fiance... read more »

Great quality, So many pieces, Great Price

01 Nov, 2019
Min. Precision Screwdriver Set My fiance is the tool person in the house so this is more his review. He stated that it's definitely a great set quality and quantity wise. The set is perfect for... read more »

Spacious and Not Bulky

01 Nov, 2019
Diaper Bag Tote I really like the fact that this diaper bag is spacious but not bulky. You can carry it in multiple ways. It has side compartments, one for bottles and the other for wipes-just like... read more »

Perfect for Quotes, Baby Milestones and More

29 Oct, 2019
Felt Letter Board - Limited Edition I personally like this set for quotes and I plan on using it for my little one's baby milestones. I might play a game or two of darts with the ball and dartb... read more »

Soft skin and Relaxing, Strong Aroma

26 Oct, 2019
Bath Bombs Gift Set of 12   ​​​​These bath bombs smell absolutely amazing! When they arrived, I was concerned the package was damaged because the scent was coming through the packaging! The... read more »

Convenient little razor, Perfect for Moms

23 Oct, 2019
I give this 5 stars because it's very convenient to use. I usually have to get in the shower to shave. With this, I can shave my arms without having to be in the shower. Also this little razor wor... read more »

Spring in Controller bends easily; nothing to stop from overturning

20 Oct, 2019
TOMZON Remote Control Car   ​​​​​UPDATE DAY 2: Cannot turn anymore. Spring in controller bends very easily if wheel is overturned. There is nothing in remote to stop it from turning too far... read more »

Long Lasting and Fast Charging

15 Oct, 2019
ALTIZURE 15 Minutes Full Rechargeable Lithium AA Batteries with Charging Case   ​​​​​First off, I am impressed that this charger and batteries charge much faster than the Energizer name bra... read more »

Perfect length, love the sturdiness of cables

15 Oct, 2019
The two pack of 6.6Ft long micro USB fast charging cords is perfect with multiple people using the same chargers. I gave one to my fiance and I am using one myself. I love that they are sturdier th... read more »

Excellent Quality & Great Gift for Little Ones!

10 Oct, 2019
These wooden jigsaw puzzles are very nice quality and exactly as pictured. Reasons I think it's a great gift: *The pieces are perfect for little hands! *The pictures are very vibrant and... read more »

Perfect Gift for A Beginner

05 Oct, 2019
The Potensic U42 drone was simple, from setup to flying, my thirteen year old son didn't have any problems with it. There are step by step instructions that are easy to follow. Only thing I would... read more »

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