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Love This Set! :)

16 Apr, 2022
Nice build quality for sure. Just got it today and I have not used it yet, but I like how many different pieces come with this. I like how it came with two pieces to use to clean with. Washable too! V... read more »

Unique Water Dispenser!

16 Apr, 2022
I was surprised to see how nice this really was once it had arrived. Very nice styling, nice build quality, and the cats are enjoying it. I thought it was something that needed to be plugged in perman... read more »


09 Apr, 2022
I love these so much. I have some I purchased a while ago and I wanted to get more and now I did! Very happy with the price that I paid, and I am also very happy that I was able to get an 8 pack of th... read more »

Love this!

31 Dec, 2021
I am glad I purchased this. It keeps hangers in one spot, without the hassle of them falling everywhere. I am very happy to have purchased this and for the price I paid. I think it was well worth the... read more »


08 Dec, 2021
Purchased this as a gift. Great deal. Fantastic price too!! read more »

Very Nice For A Gift

25 Nov, 2021
Purchased this for my niece who likes to dress up. She is into this fashion of the princess theme, and this was perfect to get at this price too especially for the holidays. She is going to love it.&n... read more »


15 Nov, 2021
Very nice shower head. The only downside is that it does not include a holder. Purchase separately which I think should be included with the unit to begin with. Nice build quality too. Happy with it.&... read more »

Very unique!

09 Nov, 2021
Very neat toy for the cats. They seemed to be afraid of it at first but warmed up quickly to it. Kind of reminds me of a robot vacuum the way it moves around but I think it's very unique. Highly r... read more »

Nice Case

06 Aug, 2021
Nice case. The color is nice and the build quality is perfect. Happy with it for the price!  read more »

Great Size Bags!

17 Jul, 2021
Great for so many things since they are smaller. Great use for small garbage cans in the home, especially cooking. Great for the car as well. Hopefully their sturdy as well. Time will tell. :) read more »

Nice Item

17 Jul, 2021
I purchased this for my partner since he loves to cook. It comes in handy when making food, and preparing dinner. Simple to use, small and compact as well. Folds for safe keeping as well. Highly recom... read more »

Very Happy!

17 Jul, 2021
This is so nice. Very nice quality as well. It was nice to see that this came with a wrap to keep this safe in case you want to store this. I just put this out on my desk and I think it looks great! I... read more »

Very Nice Filter

28 Jun, 2021
Very nice filter! I am hoping this works well for the deal I received. This is nice because it does not go completely into the tank as most filters do. Highly recommended so far! I would love to get m... read more »

Looks Great!

24 Jun, 2021
So far, it looks great. I have not used it yet, but hopefully, it works well. Not a bad buy if it works as I expect it to. :) read more »

Great Buy!

21 Jun, 2021
How can you go wrong with a 13 piece aquarium set for the price? Vibrant colorful pieces and will look great inside any fish tank. Highly recommended for sure!! read more »

Very happy! GREAT Deal!!

15 Jun, 2021
Just as the title says! I was very happy to have found this for the discount I have, because I literally just got an aquarium. I am going to put everything in the tank soon. This is one deal and you c... read more »

Very BIG!

15 Jun, 2021
This is such a nice product for the fall season. This thing is pretty big and I was shocked how large it actually was. Usually something like this in the store is hald the size, maybe smaller. I am ha... read more »

Very Handy & Protective!

09 Jun, 2021
Highly recommend these for anyone to purchase. The quality is good and they come with clips as well so you never lose it. I think it is perfect for medical professionals as well. A+ on these for sure!... read more »

Nice to look at, but...

09 Jun, 2021
This is very nice, and my only issue with it is that it seems to be very flimsy. The more you tend to put on the top two pieces, it seems to be more and more unstable. The center piece that connects t... read more »

My cats love it!

09 Jun, 2021
Highly recommended!!!! I have a few of these, and figured what is another!? My cats enjoy this fish toy very much. Helps them stay occupied for sure. :)  read more »

Very Nice

20 May, 2021
I like this speaker, nice fit, comfortable to use and wear. I am only rating it a 4* because it has no bass. I was suprised that it did not, which was very disappointing since I am a bass junkie. Over... read more »

Works Well! :)

20 May, 2021
I am really suprised with how well this neck fan works. I tried it out, and this has three fan speeds. They all are powerful for any situation. I might have to get another one of these to keep on hand... read more »

Used it for a week now!

16 May, 2021
Very happy with this product. It has so much to offer, yet it is affordable! A unit this price would usually cost around the 40-50 dollar mark. I am happy to get this product at the price I did becaus... read more »

Cannot Wait To Use!

19 Apr, 2021
I purchsed this for my cats when I move. From removing it out of the box and looking at the instructions, it looks pretty good. Very nice quality as well. I think my cats will be a bit hesitant at fir... read more »

Well worth the price!

14 Apr, 2021
I like this set because it has three different sizes. This comes in handy for a few different reasons. One, it can be used for various different meals, which is nice. Two, this is extremely easy to ke... read more »

Very Nice Power Strip

14 Apr, 2021
I was suprised on how well this is put together. This will be used in my office, and it will come in handy for sure. I am very glad that I made the choice to make the purchase. This also to my suprise... read more »


27 Oct, 2020
Very nice, but I was not able to use it due to it being broken once I washed it for using with my cats. I am highly dasappointed based on this alone. I hope I will be able to get another one soon. Nic... read more »

Very Nice Quality!

20 Oct, 2020
High quality, very sturdy too. I can't wait to use it and see how well the scooper holds up. The nail clippers are very nice too. They seem very well made and seem like they will last a very long... read more »


20 Oct, 2020
I was very disappointed with this. I thought it was for cats, since it says cat, in the heading. These are not safe for animals. They are however okay for kids. They seem like decorations for elementa... read more »

Probably The Best Budget Wireless Earbuds I Have Had!

09 Oct, 2020
These earbuds are the best i have had, compared to the sony and apple ones i have owned. most of the time the cheaper brands are bad. but these are very nice. love the sound :) I highly recommend t... read more »

Great Product For The Kids!!

12 Aug, 2020
This is a great project for the kids to do. Very sutible for any 3-5 year old who must always be on the go, and for the kids who like to write or draw all over everything. This is a great item and the... read more »

Absolutely Love

08 Aug, 2020
This is highly recommended for anyone who likes to play dress up with their cats! This is a great deal and a must buy!!    read more »


08 Aug, 2020
This is very nice. Nice build too. I was actually surprised to see how premium this is and looks. It honestly like like a wireless charger that you would pay over $30 for. I love the glass top on this... read more »

Just Meh......

08 Aug, 2020
Unfortunately this isn't anything to get excited over. I think it could've been better than what is advertised on Amazon. But for the price and for the audience it attracts, it isn't bad.... read more »

Great Mounting Stand For The Price!

27 Jul, 2020
This is definatly a must buy. This is very well made. High quality. I liked how there are two different ways to have this attatch to the desk. Either way would work, based on the way you plan on using... read more »

Very Happy!

22 Dec, 2019
I love the quality of the tempered glass! They are extremely nice, and easy to install just like any other tempered glass. Nice look in the packaging. Highly recommended for anyone  who is loo... read more »

Fantastic Item, Great For Many Things!

26 Oct, 2019
These are so nice, and can definatly be used for anything. I was thinking about using them for the holidays and adding them to the cards to seal them. Very nice designs and they are high quality. I wa... read more »

Unique & Cheerful

20 Oct, 2019
I was very shocked to see the sweater when I received it. I wouldnt call it a sweater in anyway, because for the material, it is thin. I was expecting it to be thicker. But I gave this a 5 star rating... read more »

High Quality Product For Sure!!!

18 Oct, 2019
When I took out the items box from the bubble mailer, right away I noticed that they are a high quality item, because of how nice the items packaging looks. Nice matte black cover. Sturdy as well... read more »

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