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About Me

~Lorna / CosMom Said Sew ~
Costume Builder

~Alissa / Miss Odango~
Wig Styler
Makeup Artist
Actress / Model
Graphic Artist

My daughter and I have been in the cosplay world for well over 13 years now. We love it!
Alissa (Miss Odango) is fairly well known for using 100% of her own hair to cosplay the character SAILOR MOON.
Lorna, known for creating the costumes and supporting the online community with helpful tips, tricks, and most of all "where to find these some of the crazy items"

Together we can share our thoughts on products to well over 20,000 social media fan's and followers. You would be very surprised at some of the ways we have used every day items in cosplay haha.

On my free time I created and manage a group of just over 500 fairly known cosplayers who also test and review products on their social media accounts.
You never know what we will do next!

Cosplay On My Friend!

CosMom Said Sew (Lorna A Campbell)
Miss Odango (Alissa Pacheco)

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Nice attempt but, this doesn't fit a Galaxy S9 very well

08 Nov, 2018
I have a rule in my house.  ALL phones must have a tempered glass screen protector and a wallet or case to protect them from getting injured and looking all broken.  I wouldn't even o... read more »

Burns longer than a backflow cone

08 Nov, 2018
The first thing I want to mention and I hope the seller sees this.  Atleast take the time to put a sticker over the dollarama (Canada's Dollar Tree) $1.50 price before shipping out incence... read more »

Personally think it makes the Jeep look and feel newer.

08 Nov, 2018
The steering wheel cover took a bit of work to get it on but, with all covers like this you will have that.   The textured part is only on the front, it is smooth on the back.  ... read more »

Out of the 8 cutting mat's I own, this is by far the thickest!

07 Nov, 2018
Perfect size for placing directly infront of my sewing machine.  I can make the adjustments I need then, directly into the machine it goes.  I can not talk more about how thick this is.&n... read more »

I didn't get these for Hermit Crabs....

02 Apr, 2018
Although  hermit crabs would kinda be cool to have, I did purchase these for a differant purpose.   PAINTING of course.  I used these to shade my daughters shield for her lighti... read more »

Best Craft Storage solution I have yet.

02 Apr, 2018
Well to start of with, I did purchase this with the intention of replacing the shoe basket.  Once I had it completely put together I relized the wire baskets purchased from wall mart fit so perfe... read more »

Fun way to hang things without damaging your surfaces

02 Apr, 2018
These are twice the size I was expecting.  That is a good thing.  They artwork on them are wimsicle and fun.  I love love love the trees most.  I ordered one of each set to have do... read more »

Perfect fit and slogan

19 Mar, 2018
I love this shirt.   I get so many commentscomments , it is so much fun to wear.   I liked it so much that I purchased another one as a gift for a great friend with the same fearce... read more »

Absolutely love this padded topper

19 Mar, 2018
On the super padded twin bed this fit perfect.  Actually there is still room for 4" memory foam pad. Washed several times now and it has held up wonderfully .  Cats love it too. Very so... read more »

Makes your face feel like silk.

17 Dec, 2017
  Review for Calily Life Organic Deep Cleansing Activated Charcoal Mask with Dead Sea Minerals. First thing I want to mention is the size of the container.  It is large and should last... read more »

Exfoliate and Replenish Moisture to that dry dead skin.

17 Dec, 2017
Review for Calily Life Activated Charcoal Body and Face Scrub. This product has a pleasant smell.  I use this on my legs and arms because of the dry climate those are the areas that need the m... read more »

Nice small portable amp!

05 Dec, 2017
This Guitar/Bass amp from Mugig to use when practicing! It is easy to attach the power cord and the guitar cord directly into the amp. Love that you can also run this on batteries.  The volume is... read more »

Fun way to play with your eyeshadow.

04 Dec, 2017
Aurelife 24 Color Professional Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette I wasn’t exactly sure about glitter eyeshadow but, it sounded like fun to me.  I have seen all sorts of people using them... read more »

They really do mean EVERY OCCASION...!

04 Dec, 2017
We have now purchased a total of 3 types of these sort of lights.  This one by far was my favorite. With 16 different slides to pick from, you will surely find the right one for any holiday.&n... read more »

Quality Made Body Scrubbing Brush!

04 Dec, 2017
This is a very nice quality made body brush.  It is made of wood, handle is wrapped with hemp rope and brush part is natural boar bristles.  It states you can use it dry but, that is not how... read more »

If you are the DIY repair person in your household, you are going to LOVE THIS SET!

04 Dec, 2017
Kaisi 3801-S2 Precision Alloy Tool Steel Magnetic Screwdriver set, Repair Kit for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Cell Phone, Tablets, Computers, Electronic Devices Etc Tool Set 38-Piece Where has this lit... read more »

Fun and easy to lean Ukulele! Beautiful piece.

04 Dec, 2017
This is so fun and easy to learn!  Just pick up and go.  Now I'm going to be honest and say I've never played a string instrument in my life, but here we are.  First off the... read more »

Melt your heart he is so cute!

04 Dec, 2017
WILDREAM Dreamy Eyes Heavenly White Unicorn 7" Plush This little guy will melt your heart.  All 7 inches of him are extremely soft.  Makes you just want to rub him all over your face... read more »

Every Cook should have two or three of these Scissors in the Kitchen!

30 Nov, 2017
Herb Scissors, ProCIV Kitchen Shears 5 Blades Stainless Steel Herb Scissors with Cleaning Brush I have another pair very much like these and absolutely love them!  To be honest, not sure why I... read more »

A MUST have for your art supply Arsenal!

28 Nov, 2017
Bellofy 12 Kneaded Erasers I was given one of these types of erasers from my art teacher many many years ago.  I will never forget her for introducing me to them.  I think every artist... read more »

If only I could sit in this all day and night.

28 Nov, 2017
Gideon Six-Program Shiatsu Massager Customizable Massaging Cushion with Heat If only I could sit in this all day and night.  This shiatsu massage chair is lightweight, portable, and has many c... read more »

Bugs beware!

28 Nov, 2017
This is great little unit.  Unlike the ones we had around when I was a child this one doesn’t make strange noises or zapping sounds.  I used to feel horrible when we could hear the zap... read more »

Style worth every penny!

26 Nov, 2017
This necklace comes perfectly packaged for gifting to your special loved ones.   The chain is pretty long and slightly adjustable.  Comes with 7 differant colored lava rocks to match... read more »

Cuteness for your photos

26 Nov, 2017
These are so cute.  They come with 6 colorful mini clothes pins to clip to the cord for hanging.  (Not in the photos due to the cat thought it was his string for playing with)  ... read more »

Insane Neck Massaging Abilities!

26 Nov, 2017
Gideon Luxury Six-Program Fully Customizable Back and Neck Massaging Cushion with Heat It’s .Comes with a standard wall plug.    The cord on this is about 10 foot long so it has... read more »

Easy way to revamp any decor.

23 Nov, 2017
When I first got these, I had planned to do my backsplash in the kitchen.  After they arrived, I changed my mind.  They don’t have to be used as a backsplash….. I used to be... read more »

Best gift #1

23 Nov, 2017
OH YES!  Come to MOMMA.. ! After many many hours hunched over the sewing machine, sitting at the computer, or running back and forth taking care of my mom’s needs..  THIS this the p... read more »

Lites the way perfectly!

22 Nov, 2017
This two pack of camping lanterns work exactly as promised but, now they have me thinking .. What kind of cosplay can I incorporate this into? Until I make up my mind, these have a flashlight and l... read more »

Performs very well and smells nice too.

22 Nov, 2017
This palette by Aurelife has really surprised me.  It is bigger than I thought first off. With a nice small hint of peach smell this highlighter palette will not throw you off when trying to c... read more »

The dual of 3 brands...

20 Nov, 2017
So, I hate to admit it but, I am THAT GAL... I seem to only buy batteries at the dollar stores.  Before there was a dollar tree in my home town, I would go and pay extreme amounts of money on the... read more »

Calling all Moonie Fans. The cutest and dainty little moon kitty earrings ever.

20 Nov, 2017
 These are the cutest and dainty little moon kitty earrings ever.  As a super fan of Sailor Moon, I had to get these for my daughter.   They come in the cutest little box that h... read more »

Super versatile tripod for all your photograph devices!

19 Nov, 2017
So, we thought this tripod reminded us of the guardian from breath of the wild!  That why we tried to do a small animation with it.  LOL In all seriousness, this little guy can do it all.... read more »

Makes you feel like a movie star backstage getting ready!

17 Nov, 2017
This mirror is surprisingly heavy.  Before it arrived, I had assumed it was lightweight and flimsy.  NOPE ..  Comes with a USB cord for power or you can use 4 "AAA"  B... read more »

Ohhh wow.. The comparison of these from others I have tested is insane.

14 Nov, 2017
So, your reading this because, you want to know if buying these is worth it or if you should just go on ebay, wish or aliexpress and spend less.....  I have a few from many stores on all three... read more »

Now I can have my favorite soaps turn into foam...! Loving this..

14 Nov, 2017
Seems we have been in and out of the hospital now for nearly 2 years.   Around every single corner there is a foaming hand sanitizer ..   Then in every single restroom the soap... read more »

Great Blending Bottle for on the go health.

14 Nov, 2017
I have had these bottles for a good while now.  They have been very helpful when trying to keep my ill mom healthy enough to stay out of the hospital.  With her health being so bad, she... read more »

Multiple types of safety for us.

12 Nov, 2017
We got one pair in a medium for myself and later a pair in size small for my daughter.   Fit was a little tighter than expected but, I am guessing there is a very valid reason for this. ... read more »

Perfect Seedling Starter Trays. Mini Greenhouse like..

12 Nov, 2017
This set of 10 is very complete.  They didn't forget anything including the plant indentifier tags.   I did read a few people were having issues taking these apart but, it is simple... read more »

Keep the nylons from snagging on them tooties.

12 Nov, 2017
Ok, to be honest I had very low expectations for this foot file type callus remover. However, when I used it I was amazed at how soft my feet were! It felt like my feet had turned into baby feet!... read more »

Nice heavy duty stylish addition to the kitchen.

07 Nov, 2017
This measuring spoons are very heavy duty stainless steel.  Loving that they are NOT round lol.   Seem to be pretty exact in their measurements.  The clean up very easy. &n... read more »

10x Better than the Ryobi Brand Batteries I purchased last year~~

07 Nov, 2017
I am a little angry with Ryobi now.  Now that I have had these Generic batteries from Powerextra for a few weeks, I will never by Ryobi batteries again.   RYOBI Battery:  Charge f... read more »

Best new gadget to hang, store, and wash your cosplay wigs!

07 Nov, 2017
Wow!! How did I go so long without these in my life!? These wig hangers are so useful and keep all my wigs tidy and untangled.  Amazing for washing the wigs and hanging them on the shower ro... read more »

Styling with my LED Cat Ear headphones!

06 Nov, 2017
These headphones are excellent quality! They say they're for kids but they fit me pretty good and can still extend even more, and I have an average sized head. The leds are super cute and are cont... read more »

Quality Lace front at a price anyone can afford!

06 Nov, 2017
Amazing wig! The color gradient is flawless I love the ashen ombré It does look slightly green in some lightings but also alien grey in others, the color is very flexible depending on the light... read more »

Calming and the smoke flows exactly where it supposed to!

05 Nov, 2017
Super Cuteness! This little guy is actually bigger than I thought he would be. Most of the backflow burners I own are much smaller.  You can also burn the stick incense in these too.  ... read more »

No need for plastic anymore!

31 Oct, 2017
We used to buy a big bag of straws every single month.  My daughter is a tea fanatic and only drinks it through a straw to prevent teeth staining.  These are great for the tea and I find... read more »

Superb lace front ! Multifaceted colors. XoXo Love the widows peak.

29 Oct, 2017
  This pink wig is superb!  The lace is a cross between softlace and hard lace.  The fibers are well blended with strands of different pinks and purple giving it a lovely salmon colo... read more »

Cutest little stress relievers I have seen.

22 Oct, 2017
The three piece cat toys are super stinking cute!  Very squishy and oddly pleasing to just have in your hand.  Their bellys are just a little bigger than the size of a quarter. (see photos)&... read more »

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

15 Oct, 2017
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eyyyyyyyy in the spirit of October I'm doing some fun Halloween makeup! MM will always have a special spot in... read more »

It's a lovely pale storm blue with clouds of white.

15 Oct, 2017
The color is untrue to the listing photo. It's much prettier in person! It's a lovely pale storm blue with clouds of white. The gold moon pairs nicely. It's a very delicate looking necklac... read more »

Perfect solution to not wanting a bulky entertainment center

08 Sep, 2017
Out with the big entertainment center (aka giant hide all storage container)  In with a nice glass floating shelf system made for just the essentials!  This came with a few access... read more »

Cute addition to daughters room

08 Sep, 2017
Very colorful, vibrant, and most of all fun.  I had to use a smaller throw pillow than expected and also had to mess with the zipper a little bit but, still not a bad cover at all.  Fun!&nbs... read more »

Cats go to this BEFORE the couch... Thank goodness.

08 Sep, 2017
Came exactly as photographed.  Sprinkled a little of the catnip on it and before, I could even decide where I was going to put it.... The cats were both ready to roll, scratch and play with it. &... read more »

Came with more than I thought!

08 Sep, 2017
These are a wonderful invention.  I have put these up in my spice cabinets for the area's that we never utilize.... Yes, the back of the door. I used my own adhisive so, can't speak of... read more »

Save my face.

12 Jul, 2017
If you have small children or like me a seizure disorder, you always have your eyes pealed for sharp corners. Placed these on every object in the house that seemed it might hurt or cause harm if I... read more »

Works perfectly for all my crafting needs.

12 Jul, 2017
This little guy was extremely helpful when crafting cosplay props.  Lining up all of the details was a breeze.  Also works perfect as a guide for my dremel when wanting to drill straite e... read more »

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