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Nov, 2017



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Hello, there my name is Dawn and I am a product reviewer and influencer. I do not have much of a following yet but it is growing little by little. I have been doing the whole reviewing and influencing thing for about 2 and a half years now and have gotten some really nice stuff.

I do not get approched to review for people but I do request things that are already being offered. So that is why my reviews are at 5 stars. I only review things I know I can use and that I really like or need. So all of the reviews I have done are only 5 stars so far.

But I have been doing this for a while and have received several products and some of them range from electronics to computer things such as microphones and even some fitness watches.

I have also reviewed on my social platforms as well such as

Facebook Profile > https://www.facebook.com/DawnsShoppingAndReviews
Facebook Page > https://www.facebook.com/DayBreakInfluencerAndReviewer/
Twitter Profile > https://twitter.com/dawnrenee1988
Instagram Profile > https://www.instagram.com/dawndawn121988/
Youtube Channel > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0r5ZZM16BxSvaTNcVtNDA?view_as=subscriber

So if you are interested in getting some social media posts done do not hesitate to ask!
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