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Hello, there my name is Dawn and I am a product reviewer and influencer. I do not have much of a following yet but it is growing little by little. I have been doing the whole reviewing and influencing thing for about 2 and a half years now and have gotten some really nice stuff.

I do not get approched to review for people but I do request things that are already being offered. So that is why my reviews are at 5 stars. I only review things I know I can use and that I really like or need. So all of the reviews I have done are only 5 stars so far.

But I have been doing this for a while and have received several products and some of them range from electronics to computer things such as microphones and even some fitness watches.

I have also reviewed on my social platforms as well such as

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Facebook Page > https://www.facebook.com/DayBreakInfluencerAndReviewer/
Twitter Profile > https://twitter.com/dawnrenee1988
Instagram Profile > https://www.instagram.com/dawndawn121988/
Youtube Channel > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0r5ZZM16BxSvaTNcVtNDA?view_as=subscriber

So if you are interested in getting some social media posts done do not hesitate to ask!
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Cute and fun to watch the cat play with these little toys

15 Oct, 2019
When I received this in the mail today I gave (2) of these toys to my cousin who also lives next door he has the brother cat and I have the sister. So I gave him some toys today I gave him a red and o... read more »

Nice weighted heater dose not tip over easy

15 Oct, 2019
I just received this heater in the mail today and after only a few minutes my bedroom was already heating up. I like the weight of this heater it has a nice weight to it which makes it harder to knock... read more »

Currently using this on my desk in the living room.

12 Oct, 2019
I normally prefer  the type of mount that attaches to the dash but I like where the vent mounts sit. But with these cold wisconsin winters having the phone on the vent is not always the best opti... read more »

Great for my back evenn sitting against the wall on the bed. 100% great back pillow!

20 Sep, 2019
So far this is a great pillow for my lower back. I'm over weight so I have a lower back pain  ever now and then and this firm shaped pillow really feels nice on the lower back.   h... read more »

Super Cute Stickers.

11 Sep, 2019
There are so many great stickers in this package. I found some for my scrapbooking and some for my planner. All in all a worth while purchase. I love collecting stickers from online and even instore f... read more »

Purchased these for my Laptop and Binders.

03 Sep, 2019
I have a very borring white binder that needed some cool girly stickers and whenI found these I jumped at the chance to get them. I love cute stickers. By looking at these stickers I already know ther... read more »

Great for grab and go bag!

03 Sep, 2019
I have a small caddy that I keep a manicure set into for the fingers and toes so I decided to find a simple and easy to use little trimmer razor just in case I needed a quick clean up. And this dose t... read more »

Amazing color great buy.

15 Aug, 2019
As you can see this is a auto vinyl. But not just any auto vinyl I purchased it in color "Rose Purple" in the picture its the color on the top left next to the silver color.I loved the brite... read more »

Awesome for in a car or even use to mount on other solid round items.

06 Aug, 2019
I will be using this to mount to my exercise bike the "Recumbent Bike" I own is a bit older and loud so I don't really use it much at all. So I have been looking for a way to mount my fi... read more »

Bigger then expected and very pretty. Great for couponing and shopping list.

06 Aug, 2019
I purchased this thinking it was going to be just big enough to fit some coupons into it and a few receipts. But low and be hold it actually will fit better for my printed coupons then just the cut ou... read more »

Broken when received. This is a very old product to review.

06 Aug, 2019
I received this broken over a year ago maybe even longer it was not worth replacing. I contacted the seller when I first got it and it was broken. And was told to just re-purchase it. So I left it go.... read more »

Super cute great for organizing coupons

02 Aug, 2019
I plan to use the envelopes to organize my coupons and also plan to use the papers as dry erase shopping lists. I plan to laminate a few of these pretty papers and use them in a smaller binder for not... read more »

Quick to put together and fun to play with!

31 Jul, 2019
Okay I didn't even have it together 2 minutes I took it out of my master bedroom sat it on the kitchen floor where I put it for my year and a half cat to play with. I called her over to it and she... read more »

Great feel for a shirt and amazing design if your into DBZ! (Dragon Ball Z)

31 Jul, 2019
Okay I still call it DBZ I know so 90's but then again I was born late 80's in 88 to be exact. I fell hard when I fell in love with anime as a child I would come home and sit in-front of the T... read more »

Kiitty Cat loved the collection of fun toys!

22 Jul, 2019
My cat is about a yar and a half old and is a very playful cat when its cool but hates to play when its hot. So I decided to buy her a few goodies for when the weather cools off a bit. I bought her th... read more »

Nice flexible head and great body!

11 Jul, 2019
I ordered this for other uses then just a good time. I liked the flexible head and neck area great for those hard to deal with areas, I also really liked the color "Pink" it is one of my fav... read more »

Good size but bad design of tabs

09 Jul, 2019
This would have been a nice porduct for storing a few odds and ends but with very small and thin tabs for locking the tabs where broken on 3 of the 4 bins before even packaged. I found 1 tab inside th... read more »

Voice recorder great for taking notes or making voice copies of recipes

06 Jun, 2019
I got this so that I can make shopping lists easier rather then needing to use my cellphone everytime. This way I can take notes while walking or even shopping without needing to hang up on my cellpho... read more »

Super easy to use and very light weight laptop X-Stand!

25 May, 2019
This stand was in a small box no bigger then many flash lights I have purchased in the past. The box was no bigger then a box that toothpaste comes in. I open the flap and I took out the stand and adj... read more »

Easy to put together kite with great material!

10 May, 2019
I purchased this kite for myself in the last few days and just received it today. I have already put it together and so far so good. I like the material that it is made of this stuff is a bit thicker... read more »

Boxing Reflex Ball Set Great For Beginner to Advanced!

09 May, 2019
Boxing reflex ball sets can be used for more than just boxing reflex training. This can also be used for men and women looking for some help with hand-eye coordination. I personally got mine because I... read more »

Perfect Color For a Womens Makeup Bag!

10 Apr, 2019
I ordered these because I needed a new pair of slanted tweezers and I liked the pink color and I also like how sturdy these are as well. I like that they are also easy to keep in my makeup case since... read more »

Great for control and a good times!

05 Apr, 2019
I received this the other day in the mail and there was enough charge to turn the wand on. I moticed the sound was very quiet and the hole in the handle is actually big enough to place your finger int... read more »

Poor quality earbuds. Never buying these kind again.

05 Apr, 2019
I purchased these the other day and just received them yesterday and I already know I don't like these. The sound is just really bad and not good at all.   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07... read more »

My brother picked out these earbuds the other day. Will not let him pick something again.

05 Apr, 2019
The other day I was on the internet looking for some earbuds and my brother said he needed a new pair or two also so I left him pick these out and never will I let him pick again. The quality of these... read more »

Great for Yoga and floor siitting!

04 Apr, 2019
I am a larger women that likes to sit on the floor with the laptop desk when I am busy working on large projects and with being a larger woman its harder on the back so this belt comes in handy with s... read more »

Great fit for in a purse! Or in a back pack.

29 Mar, 2019
I really like the weight and size of this Power Bank. read more »

Nice Style Bedside Lamp/Bluetooth Speaker. With Pretty Colors.

25 Mar, 2019
I received my "SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker" in the mailbox yesterday but didn't check the mail till about an hour ago. Not thinking I got any deliveries on Sunday this week. So I... read more »

Totally geek worthy flying saucer shaped bluetooth speaker night light!

28 Feb, 2019
Okay I'm totally geeking out right now this thing is so cool looking. I really like the fact that there is a little metal hook on the bottom so that you can actually hang it that way it could real... read more »

Looking for a good time look no farther then your night stand

27 Feb, 2019
When it comes to having a bit of fun normally you need a partner but not always. When it comes to having a good time in bed for a female down there it requires a lot of work sometimes depending on the... read more »

Perfect for small bedrooms and laptops

27 Feb, 2019
Today I received my bluetooth speaker light and when I removed it from the box I was a bit curious if there was any kind of charge in the light so I simply tapped the power button and in a voice I hea... read more »

Great for storing desk accessories!

15 Feb, 2019
I plan to do a little diy with these bins and plan to store themm on my desk and use them to hold desk accessories. Push pins, paper clips, even some crayons and such as well there long enough for it... read more »

Great Screwdriver Set For Repair Kit! By FLOUREON

13 Jan, 2019
FLOUREON Screw Driver repair Kit comes with a screw driver as well as bits and pieces all completing a set of 33 in the kit. Its called a repair kit because the screw driver bits can it small screw... read more »

Great lighting for behind backdrops!

25 Dec, 2018
These lights are great for backgrounds for photography. I plan to be setting up my background and the lights in the next few days. since these do not run on battery power you don't need to worr... read more »

Great For Underbed Storage Or Closet Storage!

11 Dec, 2018
With the size of these storage bags, you can fit a lot of stuff in these bags. The size being (39.4 x 19.7x 5.9 in) you don't need to worry much about finding a place to store your extra blankets... read more »

great addition to any room in the house.

08 Dec, 2018
Essential Oil Diffuser   https://www.amazon.com/Aromatherapy-Essential-Fragrance-Ultrasonic-Humidifier/dp/B07H7G98PC   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #ALIKE #ALIKE-TECH read more »

Great fitting fitness watch with call and message features.

04 Dec, 2018
Today I had gotten my Fitness Pedometer Watch in the mail. It is called a "Chianruey Fitness Tracker" it was a little tricky to remove the band to charge it. It was simple to charge though.... read more »

Nice Addition To My Cellphone Mounts But For A Tablet!!!

04 Dec, 2018
It's hard to get a tablet mount to actually mount to the desk or in an automobile but this one does the trick. normally you find cellphone holders all the time all over the place but to find an ac... read more »

Great idea for fun room lighting!

04 Dec, 2018
Recently I had received a set of two colored EL wires light kits the colors are (Blue) and (Green). I purchased these lights to write a message on my bedroom wall. I hope these workout as well as I pl... read more »

Great Feel And Nice Size for Beginners. 7" Dildo.

29 Nov, 2018
Okay, let's start with the good and then we will go from there. First off when I received this it was in a bubble wrap style white plastic envelope. And you could tell it was in a square box. But... read more »

Body Messager With Great Size And Speed. Total WWWWIIINNNN!!!

26 Nov, 2018
Today I received a body wand personal messager it is a bit bigger then I was expecting. It has a nice long body and a very flexible head. I really also like the color of purple. The color is a nice... read more »

Fun skectching set!!! This is my first ever sketch set.

20 Nov, 2018
Nice setup for a beginner or even someone more advanced with sketching. I got this set because it seemed like a nice set to start with. This set comes with 8 premium graphite pencils (8B,6B,4B,2B,HB,F... read more »

Great little 3 piece set for Exfoliating!

20 Nov, 2018
I am a plus size women and its difficult to keep up with the shaving of the underarms and the legs so this little beauty comes in hand after the shave to keep me from inching after a fresh shave. I... read more »

These are really fun skull masks that stretch like crazy!

20 Nov, 2018
I got a pair of stretch skull masks that stretch like crazy. There almost like leggins material and very stretchy leggings at that. I kept one mask for myself and gave the other to my cousin Zachary.... read more »

Pretty Cool Flame Effect Light Bulb!

13 Nov, 2018
Okay once I seen these being shown off on youtube I knew I just needed to get one for myself. And the one I got is freaking awesome. With this light all you need to do is screw it into a light fixture... read more »

Xbox One Power Brick

06 Nov, 2018
I purchased this Xbox One Power brick do to the fact that my cousins power supply went out on him several weeks ago and he needed to borrow his sisters for a while. So I purchased a back up for him. W... read more »

Amazing Use For Cellphone Stickys And Tablet Stickys

06 Nov, 2018
These are really handy for my cellphones and tablet these are really sticky on the bottoms so they have a great hold plus since there multi purpose I can use these to also help hold my clipboard and b... read more »

Pretty makeup kit.

06 Nov, 2018
This makeup kit was something I was waiting to open with my cousin Caitllin because we were going to have a girls night and just sit around playing with the different makeup that came with this set. B... read more »

Goose Neck Style Phone holder And Selfie Ring Light In One!

06 Nov, 2018
I just received this the other day and have already used it a few times. I like the fact that its light weight and since it is light weight it makes it easier to clip on to more delicate things. I eve... read more »

Loving this red hand blender...

03 Nov, 2018
I'm totally in love with the color of this red hand blender.   Video to show you more.     https://www.amazon.com/Immersion-Blender-Powerful-Include-Chopper/dp/B07H2B... read more »

Amazzzzing Cosplay Elf Ears.

03 Nov, 2018
Video to show unpackaging of the elf ears.   These are a set of 4 pairs of elf ears the tips and the longer ones as well.   https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C2LKF6S/ref=oh_au... read more »

Awesome LED TV Backlighting Kit

29 Oct, 2018
These are a great set of LED TV backlights. I like that you don't have to cut and waste the LEDs since they just unplug and plug back in. There is no cutting needed. I also like the fact that thes... read more »

These Halloween Pillow Cases Have Great Material And Have Awesome Designs.

29 Oct, 2018
When I opened the package for these pillow cases I was suprised with there material and there nicely done zipper. The zipper is almost hidden which is a fact that I really enjoy. I dislike pillow case... read more »

This worked fine for my cousin TV.

21 Oct, 2018
My cousin was having trouble atching football in our area so he needed a indoor TV antenna so no he can watch his football.   He likes it since it also came with the amplifier.  ... read more »

Cookie press with multiple tips and disks.

16 Oct, 2018
I have not used this cookie press yet I'm going to be using it for chrismas cookies. I do know I like the tips as much mabe more then the disks. I like the way I can make them thin like a pretzil... read more »

Very pretty with the led color changing lights.

05 Oct, 2018
I just received this today and my older brother is going to be using this while being live on meetme a live video singles app. He gose live a lot so he said this would be really awesome for being on l... read more »

Cheap but good tripod for cellphones.

16 Sep, 2018
Today I had received my tripod cellphone holder. It came with a selfie button. A selfie button is like a car alarm button but for your cellphone. When you hit the button it helps you take selfie shots... read more »

Nice little mp3 player. Has 8GB built in storage space plus also excepts microsd card in side card slot.

07 Sep, 2018
This is perfect for anyone that wants to try and keep all there mp3 files together in one place but dose not want to run there phone dead all the time playing music on there cell phone.   T... read more »

I really like how easy these mouse traps are to set.

05 Sep, 2018
These are a pack of 4 mouse traps. And there much easier to set then the older styled ones. With these all you need to do is place cheese or peanut butter inside a small hole in the trap and then once... read more »

great for at home pedicures

07 Aug, 2018
I just received this on sunday and am really enjoying this I use this before I put on my shoes I like how soft it makes my feet. I have used this just once so far but am really liking it.  ... read more »

Nice lavalier mic and nice length.

07 Aug, 2018
I had just recieved this yesterday and am already loving it. I like the qulity of the sound. And I really like the length of the wire. the length of the wire is very important so that I can reach my i... read more »

Awesome Flash Drive!!! Iphone adapter end as well built on the flash drive.

28 Jul, 2018
So far this is my second iphone flash drive I like that fact that you can use them on anything with a iphone port like even a ipad. I'm using one for videos and one for music. That way I can keep... read more »

This was a great addition to my backyard!!!

27 Jul, 2018
I am installing this near my back doors hanging bird bath dish. This will be such a great addition once I get it setup and turned on. I have tested it out and it works great. I really enjoy my solar f... read more »

This works great for my iphone 6 plus!!!

18 Jul, 2018
I had purchased a used iphone 6 plus from my cousin not all that long ago a few months actually. And the photos and videos I have been taking have been using up a lot of space on my phone so I decided... read more »

Simple and Pretty Solar Water Fountain For any Easy Project!

18 Jul, 2018
This has been on my mind for a while now. I have been wanting to update my bath yard for a while ever since my aunt started her ponds in her front yard. And now I have a simple way to add a pretty sol... read more »

Helpful and handy when needing to cut up some lettuce

03 Jul, 2018
I use this about once a week to slice up my head of lettuce really nice and thin for my breakfast wraps and lunch wraps. I prefer my lettuce thinly sliced and this dose a great job at that. Simple to... read more »

These Are Amazong Battery Operated Scented Candles! I love the smell of these!

28 May, 2018
These are amazing just freaking amazing. There scented and there battery operated. I love these since I don't need to light them I don't need to worry about burning my house down to have a few... read more »

Nice Tripod Cellphone Mount For The Price!

28 May, 2018
When I received this in the mail I was expecting something a bit shorter. But when I opened the packaging I really liked what I seen. It will fit my android and my iphone 6 plus as well as my action c... read more »

I purchased this for the bottom side of my desk!

23 May, 2018
The other day I had received my LED strip lights from amazon.com and I decided to move my desk from my master bedroom to my smallest bedroom in the front of my mobile home. So I finished clearing out... read more »

So far I really enjoy this watch. Simple to setup and easy to follow. And the heart rate monitor seems accurate.

03 May, 2018
Today I had received my Gulaki smart watch. Once I opened it I quickly removed it from the band it was in and plugged it into my USB port on my laptop to charge it. I went in to take a bath and now... read more »

This is my first ever action cam. I really liked how many pieces are in this set.

26 Apr, 2018
Just yesterday I had received my first ever action cam. when I opened up the case I seen all the little pieces stored in nice little slots inside the foam. And all I could think was "Wow this is... read more »

Great watch I can listen to music and still answer calls all on the same watch pretty nice. And I really like the white.

26 Apr, 2018
I would really like to review this watch with a 5-star rating but I really can't. The only problem I did have with it though was a big deal breaker which was the style of clasp. The clasp is pr... read more »

Perfect camera for 360 videos and pictures and good size for small purses or bags.

12 Apr, 2018
Okay, the first thing about this camera that I noticed was the size of the camera. I personally liked the size the fact that the camera its self is not all the big and once connected to the camera doe... read more »

Cool idea for someone that sleeps on there back. Or great for long car rides.

20 Mar, 2018
I received my mount yesterday and my sister saw me open it along with a friend. They asked me what the hell is that thing. I told them its a cell phone mount for hanging around your neck. They both ki... read more »

Pretty Paints and Nice Set. But Box for the Bulk of the Set Was not so Nice. Weak Box. And Weak Tape.

09 Mar, 2018
Great paint set for the price. Normally at local craft stores and even the local Walmart, you're looking over $5.00 for just the canvas, not including anything else. When I saw all that was inc... read more »

Call Answering, Mp3 Player and pedomoeter all in 1. Awesome watch and greate price. A win-win.

09 Mar, 2018
When I bought this watch here is what I expected. I expected to open the box for the "Smart Watch for Android - (z09 gold)" and then charge it and then set it up. But nope my older sister... read more »

Great for Freezing Juice for Mixed Drinks. Screw Drivers and Even Fruit Punch for Wisky.

05 Mar, 2018
I just received these today and I am already freezing some juice for mixed drinks as I write this post. I will even be looking for some mixed drink ideas from youtube for some inspertion. Drunken Insp... read more »

New back yard accessorie! I will use this in my garden area.

27 Feb, 2018
I will be adding this to my backyard this spring. I don't know exactly wht I will be doing with it yet though.   I was thinking about getting a few pieces of bamboo from my local craft... read more »

Great for offices and even Home Gyms. Or any where you need a extra hand to hold your CellPhone or Tablet.

27 Feb, 2018
This is the second style of Gooseneck cell phone mount I have purchased. Both set up the same but this one only has one section that opens making it a bit easier to get your phone or tablet into. When... read more »

Nice and Bright Lunch Bag.

12 Feb, 2018
I purchased this lunch bag because I thought it would be a nice little bag to use from time to time. I Also liked the color of it. I did not know it was going to be such a nice bright orange color. Pl... read more »

Great gloves. Perfect fit and nice color choices.

23 Jan, 2018
When I recieved these gloves my siister told me she liked the gloves and was about to steal them from me. LOL I told her go ahead after all she lives with me. I also told her if she wanted she could j... read more »

Cellphone tablet mount with Interesting design and simple to setup.

23 Jan, 2018
When I received my mount I did not know how to open the clamp at first. It tooko me about 3 minutes to find a place near my laptop stand to mount and attach the tablet/cellphone mount which was very s... read more »

Perfect length for my microphone.

05 Jan, 2018
I had ordered this because the current cable I had for my Microphone was not long enough to run from the microphone to the back side of my desk for my youtube set up. I have an Arm style microphone se... read more »

Really cute idea for outdoor crafts.

01 Jan, 2018
I purchased this as a cemetery outdoor craft for my family cemetery. I know I like the way it looks now but since its a screw on the lid I know I can change up the jars every once and a while which ma... read more »

Small and cute. Simple to use and charge. And I do like my pink.

21 Dec, 2017
Okay first of all this item is the pink one as the title stats but the thing that is really nice about this is it is rechargeable. Not battery powered where you need to keep replacing batteries. And a... read more »

Super cute and really soft.

10 Dec, 2017
I just received this just a few days ago. I think it was Friday actually. When I got it I thought it was going to be a blanket shaped like a mermaid's tail not actually something you can put your... read more »

Awesome Mic no phantom power needed.

29 Nov, 2017
First of all, let's start from the beginning. I ordered this mic because I was looking for something that I did not need phantom power for and yet something that would connect to my Windows 8.1 La... read more »

Awesome shirt clip mic.

26 Nov, 2017
I decided to purchase this because I'm going to be making youtube videos quite often in 2018. And I wanted to have a mic that was out of the way and hidden when I do my product review videos and p... read more »

Hot color tweezer set. With a nice sturdy case.

26 Nov, 2017
I bought these on a whim I did not know how well they would work for me all I knew was I did not want to keep buying the cheap dollar tree ones and I did not want to pay the price walmart was asking f... read more »

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