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I am a Mom, Grandma and a Dog Mom and live in the beautiful state of Utah. I have been involved with reviewing products and companies for many years and enjoy being able to help others with their decisions to purchase products by doing my best to give an accurate, fair and honest review of any products I try. I greatly appreciate the chance to review your products and will continue to do my best to help.
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Really Cute Top!! Love the look!

20 Jan, 2021
I LOVE this top!  I really like the look of the cold-shoulder and the stretchy, soft material is awesome! I got this in black but will probably get others in the different colors since I really l... read more »

LOVE this Pill Organizer!!

20 Jan, 2021
I was really excited to get this pill organizer case and it is, by far, the best looking pill organizer I've seen.  Both the actual case as well as the inner organizer are top... read more »

Works Great!! LOVE it!!

20 Jan, 2021
Absolutely love this automatic soap dispenser.  It works great with regular liquid handsoap and dispenses just the right amount without leaking or making any mess.  Especially in times of tr... read more »

Lashes Definitely Stay On but Eyeliner is almost impossible to remove!

20 Jan, 2021
I really liked the lashes and the look of them when applied.  The liner is fairly easy to apply and after a couple tries, I was able to get the lashes on.  They stayed on all day, with no pr... read more »

Super Tough - Actually is Nearly Indestructible!!

20 Jan, 2021
I'm always trying to find dog toys that will, actually, stand up to my German Shepherd since it doesn't take much for him to, usually, destruct a toy in no time.  So far, this goat horn h... read more »

12 PAIRS - Super Cute Christmas Earrings!

17 Dec, 2020
I love these earrings!! You get 12 pairs and they all have a Christmas theme and they are so cute!! They are really lightweight so they don't cause any discomfort while wearing them. I'm serio... read more »

LOVE...LOVE...LOVE these Patriotic Earrings!!

12 Dec, 2020
These are my new absolute FAVORITE earrings!!  You get 9 pairs and they all have a patriotic theme and they are so cute!!  Being a very proud American, I love wearing these to show my pride... read more »

Beautiful Top - Love the Fit!!

12 Dec, 2020
I love this top!! It is the super soft cotton material that is stretchy but doesn't lose its fit.  I love the cold-shoulder look and I dressed this up and wore it to a party and received seve... read more »

These are Amazing!! LOVE them!

12 Dec, 2020
I love these wireless headphones and for the price, you absolutely can't beat it!  I got these for, mostly, watching TV and they paired easily with my TV as well as my phone.  I used the... read more »

Magic for my Hair! Love it!

12 Dec, 2020
I am in love with these hair treatments!!  I combine both, using the hydrating mask and the argan oil and I love the results!  I've even had compliments on how shiny my hair is, which is... read more »

Great for Cleaning in Hard to Reach Areas!!

12 Dec, 2020
This Gel Cleaner is pretty great for getting into the hard to reach places, especially in vehicles! It does a great job of getting the dust (dog hair), and the "gunk" that just accumulates o... read more »

Super Stylish Gloves!

24 Nov, 2020
I really love these gloves!  They are very stylish and I especially love the white stitching around the edge which looks nice against the black faux leather.  They are comfortable and keep m... read more »

Great Shampoo/Conditioner Set

18 Nov, 2020
I really like this shampoo/conditioner/hair mask set.  It seems to help keeping my hair from being so dry and I love the hair mask/conditioner.  It doesn't have much of a scent and I kin... read more »

Great Pet Seat Cover

18 Nov, 2020
I love this pet seat cover!!  I love that it can fit over and be secured in the back seat and the amount of hair that is avoided being left on my actual seats is amazing!!  I love how easy i... read more »

Fun Dog Toy/Treat Dispenser

18 Nov, 2020
This is a fun toy for my dog and he loves the treats that he can get, from playing with it.  This toy is also made quite durably, which really helps when you have a large German Shepherd who love... read more »

Nice Eyebrown Pencil/Pen

18 Nov, 2020
I do like this eyebrow tattoo pencil/pen and use it, combined with another pencil for great results.  It does have good staying power and doesn't seem to wear off or smudge, as easily as a lo... read more »

LOVE this Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

18 Nov, 2020
I LOVE this dog bowl and it has done exactly what is intended, which is to slow my dogs eating.  I have a rather large German Shepherd who I recently had to switch over to kibble, after being on... read more »

Dog Food/Treat Toy

18 Nov, 2020
Great toy for my dog and he really likes it.  It has held up pretty well so far, which a lot of toys don't with a large German Shepherd who likes to chew on the toys.  I can put treats i... read more »

Awesome!! Love it!!

01 Jul, 2020
I absolutely love this diffuser/humidifier.  It works great with the scented oils and lasts almost the whole day.  It's easy to use, easy to clean, is portable and looks nice.  I al... read more »

Great Portable Mini Lipsticks

01 Jul, 2020
These little mini lipsticks are perfect to fit easily in a purse or even your pocket.  I love the colors and really love that they didn't dry out my lips as much as other matte lipsticks do.&... read more »

Great Lip Stick Set

01 Jul, 2020
These little mini lipsticks are perfect to fit easily in a purse or even your pocket.  I love the colors and really love that they didn't dry out my lips as much as other matte lipsticks do.&... read more »

Great Pouch with Leash!! Perfect for Hiking!

13 Jul, 2019
This leash & pouch combo is perfect for hiking, walking, jogging, any activity you like to do with your dog.  It's great quality, I love the hands-free and there's plenty of room in t... read more »

Great Leash - Good Quality

13 Jul, 2019
I really like this leash.  I needed a shorter one & this one is perfect.  It's good quality, I like the padded handle, it's strong and sturdy and it was great having the waste di... read more »

Goodone Pet Cooling Mat

02 Jul, 2019
This mat does a pretty good job cooling. I had to coax my dog to lie down on it, at first, but now he seems to really like it.  If it gets really hot, I'll put it in the freezer for a little... read more »

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