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Single mom and all around dork who loves others and cant pose for pictures, that is the best way to explain about me. I'm ever changing and theres nothing normal about me, I like being myself...
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Only 1/3 full

23 Nov, 2020
Upon opening my eyeliner I noticed that there was a clear spot on the bottle, what I also noticed was that this eyeliner and all the others were filled various amounts. None of these were even half fu... read more »

Absolutly stunning

11 Dec, 2019
This is very pretty, almost too pretty to hang anywhere when i have children and animals around. It doesnt feel all delicate when in my hand though, its got some weight to it. The colors work well tog... read more »

nice for the price

07 Nov, 2019
I really only had one major issue with these gloves, the red led on the pikie finger was hot glued down at the base of the finger leaving the light un-uniform on my hand. I fixed it so it looks great... read more »

Good price

16 May, 2019
This Qi charger is a nifty little wireless charger. It charges quickly and works with all my Qi enabled devices. It's small and fits into even my smallest of handbags which helps when I'm... read more »


04 Mar, 2019
These are just what I was looking for.My keys are very heavy and these carabiners can take the wieght easily. The safety lock screwed on right and did it's job so none of my keys were lost. I feel... read more »

Fun toy

04 Mar, 2019
Me and my son had a great time with these, they were easy to use and the instructions simple to understand. I only had one issue, when I went to put in the batteries i noticed one of the screws was a... read more »

Everything worked as it should

03 Feb, 2019
Shipped fast and got to me before expected. Safely packaged and everything seemed to be in working order and all the components were there. I was a little worried when I first turn on the lights becau... read more »

Interesting concept

02 Jan, 2019
I love how these look and enjoy the functionality of them. What looks like one pot holder becomes three seperate pieces. Durable and work well, so far no burns from hot pans. And i like that... read more »

Can be used however you like it

17 Nov, 2018
Great lights, bright and can be shaped to your liking. 8 modes, easy one button function, takes 4  batteries which is the only downside. Multi functional. I want a room full of these now! #S... read more »

Nice color

17 Nov, 2018
Shipped on time, packaged well and had no damages. No scratches or skuffs. Nice rose gold color. Fit phone snugly and didnt fall off. Like it, does the job well. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Androga... read more »

Soft and clean smelling

12 Nov, 2018
Cute as can be, nice color, fabric soft, sown well with no loose threads.  One  slight issue is at the elastic is a bit too tight for an adult. Just a little bit too tight. Not a big deal an... read more »

I loved it

12 Nov, 2018
Such a cute night light! Everything works properly and the instructions were clear. I liked how bright it was because it had vibrant colors but didn't keep me awake. Plus this one does not flash s... read more »

Hydration happiness

06 Nov, 2018
My face looks great and feels great! This serum goes on like a gloss a s almost feels like water across the skin, except it doesn't stop in 5 seconds. You can feel the hydration! #Sponsored #Ra... read more »

Looks classy and gets loud like a rock star

18 Sep, 2018
Wowza, is little mp3 player has some great sound! I'm shocked. Comes with earphones and a charging cable and a manual in a nice This player has easy to understand instructions to help... read more »

Good price

18 Sep, 2018
Great lights. Very brught, easy to use, waterproof. Only thing I'm not a huge fan of us the warm white color. I prefer the cool white and bright white.  #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #ShineMu read more »

Nice compact design

30 Aug, 2018
These fold up very nice, an has little case to store it in. Works well and it easy to use. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #Julovely read more »

Nice lights

19 Aug, 2018
Ok it hovered, not very high but could have been the batteries. Music was annoying and can't be turned off. Takes 4 AA batteties. The lights though were remarkable. My mom likes that her walls wer... read more »

Nice color

15 Aug, 2018
Ships fast, has great color and design. But, well, I found it to be much smaller than I anticipated. Maybe can fit one towel in it but that's it. It's made well and no loose threads aroun... read more »


08 Aug, 2018
Never thought I'd reaply like jewelry before but I love these. Great size and look spectacular. The price is excellent too, I'll by buying more. Stretch band is great. #Sponsored #RankBoo... read more »

Small but so cute

07 Aug, 2018
Smaller than I was expecting/Hoping. Can't fit too many readable words on it. It's so cute you won't mind f it much. Fit my drawing vs and I got to paint the case is so i was happh. F... read more »

Love love love

02 Aug, 2018
Great headlamp, the motion sensor works really well. Easy to use, one button for modes anther for motion switch.Nice and bright. I use rechargeable battieries so it's just like a rechargeable one... read more »

Everything I need

02 Aug, 2018
These precision screwdrivers are great for getting all those little screws out of mystuff. I'm always struggling  to find one small enough and this set really has it all. High quality and gre... read more »

Great addition to my garden

30 Jul, 2018
I'm actually quite shocked at how well the solar panel water pump worked I was expecting Maybe few sprays here and there with no accuracy whatsoever and certainly I did not expect it to be this am... read more »


29 Jul, 2018
Looked nice in case but had no instructions. Also no seal to make sure it was sanatary. Looked like decent quality lashes. Stayed on well. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #LaLaLash read more »

Fits really well

10 Jul, 2018
This money bodysuit is very attractive looking with no stitches being undone and there were no issues with any kind of rips or tears. It was pretty accurate in size though I do not feel like how large... read more »

This blacklight flashlight is awesome

09 Jul, 2018
After getting rid of my previous light my son was devastated so I saw this one and bought it for him. Shipped really quickly and everything on it worked a okay, better than okay according to my son. I... read more »

looks absolutely brilliant

02 Jul, 2018
Just start let's just say absolutely vibrant beautiful color that slightly changed the little bit in the Sun. It fits on the phone well and does not slip off or slide off. I dropped my phone now t... read more »

Completely awesome

16 Jun, 2018
Weren't kidding when they said bright white because these are absolutelybright and beautiful. The sticky stuff works as it's supposed to and it bent for the well around everything. I use... read more »

Very pretty looking

16 Jun, 2018
This little lingerie set was stunning looking. When I pulled it out of its bag I was so excited to put it on. I got the top part of it on amd it loomed great. I'm size small with but I have l... read more »

Awesome look

14 Jun, 2018
This laptop sleeve is so adorable I couldn't believe it. I like that when I got it was easy to open with no fuss. I do not like the crinkly plastic around it though, too noisy. No funky smell... read more »


10 Jun, 2018
Really enjoyed these. Love the carabieners. Easy storage and easy to clean. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #E-SZSELLER read more »

Very simple

10 Jun, 2018
Very easy to use, simple design. Fits on my skinny wrist and holds together well. Not itchy either. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #Orbe read more »

Just enough light

01 Jun, 2018
Your selfie light I don't have enough light. I normally fine getting a picture of myself to be extremely difficult because I always look like a shadow, I don't have to worry about it. It gives... read more »

these are pretty easy to use locks

29 May, 2018
I love a good luck and especially one that will actually work and what I really like about these is they're easy to put your code in. They  seem to be pretty strong and even after m... read more »

Helps me keep my dog by my sog is a cat chaser and can normally get away from me in a flash. This harness stats on her nixe and snug,

23 May, 2018
Helps me keep my dog by my sog is a cat chaser and can normally get away from me in a flash. This harness stays on her booty nice and snug #Sponsored #Menyda #RankBoosterReview  read more »

Very attractive makeup brushes

23 May, 2018
Never really been a fan of Pink in any shade but I really like the metallic on these, not too girly and kind of flashy. I like that. The precious work great they were all in good condition and their b... read more »

Best thing I've gotten in the mail in a long time

23 May, 2018
Was really excited to get this, it shipped fast and came in discreet Packaging. But what I don't get is the name on the side of the box. Why is it named after guy? Other than the wierd name this i... read more »

Worked very well

21 May, 2018
This nozzle works great but the package needed instructions! If i had been new at this i would have bad no clue what to do. It's easy after the first time. Came in very small packaging and I recei... read more »

Basic but great for everyday use

20 May, 2018
While this case has no decorative flourish compared to others it has a beautiful light-blue color that reminds me of the sky. Its interior is microfiber so its soft. The case fits around the phone nic... read more »

Very organized

12 May, 2018
When you first open the package you can see immediately how well everything is put together. The case us seperate from the screen protector and both of mi e were free of damages. True test js getting... read more »

Spins like a dream

08 May, 2018
This fidget spinner is much heavier than the regular ones, the weight is distributed in a way that makes this spin forever. A nice clean spin. Very rare if your used to the plastic ones... read more »

To be quite honest I love colors the clear and pinkish

08 May, 2018
I normally probably wouldnt start off talking about colors of corner guards but im so sick of eggshell white that these are spectacular in comparison. These have a nice thickness to the... read more »

Stronger than any other ones tried

08 May, 2018
Unfortunately I go through a lot of magnetic wristband due to the fact that I like to carry multiple knives flashlights and then of course this one can actually hold my tools too. Its a big long on my... read more »

Can we say bright or can we say way?

08 May, 2018
It's hard to imagine something could have so much power and still be so small, don't get me wrong its not that small is just with the amount of light it puts out you would... read more »


08 May, 2018
Oh my this case is soft. Very soft. The color is a nice baby blue, no design, just solid blue. The case fits like a glove arpund my phone and i feel secure my phone won't break as soon as i drop i... read more »

Plenty of space

07 May, 2018
This double sided wall organizer has so much space and so many compartments that there's nothing I can think of that you can't fit there. I was a little skeptical of any wrapping paper rolls f... read more »

My plants are happier

07 May, 2018
This really seemed to help me solve the problem for one of my favorite plants. I couldn't tell if it was getting enough water or if the water I was giving it was even good for it. It's an exot... read more »

Great money clip!

04 May, 2018
Very nice looking money clip. Stylish yet functional. There's room for eveeything. Not bulky or oversized either. Good stitching and no wierd smells. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #QoeCycth read more »

Good quality

23 Apr, 2018
These French lingo cards are really easy to use they are made out of quality material and come with instructions on how to use them unfortunately for me I do not seem to have any nack for the French l... read more »


21 Apr, 2018
These are so much fun. I like to make shapes and sunlight them up for my boyfriend to see. The remote works and all the batteries were working.They give off a nice warm white glow and it just feels ro... read more »

Very nice paying cards

21 Apr, 2018
The cards are awesome. Greattranslations and it helps to handgun and learn at the same time. I do better that way. Terms are accurate and the cards are made from heavy-duty paper so they are strong.Ve... read more »

Great for podcasting

21 Apr, 2018
Shipfast, came in great condition, still in great condition. Perfect for my friends podcast. Easy to clip on and is durable. Sound goes through it clearly. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #Donner read more »

Worked pretty good

18 Apr, 2018
This was a little harder for me to install but once I got it on it worked well. Hasn't broken yet which is a good thing and surprising thing. No smudges or scratches either. #Sponsored #RankB... read more »

Very nice collar

18 Apr, 2018
Nice collar for my dog, very well made. Nice color and fits just right. Took a long time to receive though. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #Ivisi read more »

Very simple

07 Apr, 2018
Flexible, see through, no flaws. Sounded great to me and when I got it I was pleased it was as described. Fast shipping too #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #Clong read more »

Been needing this forever

07 Apr, 2018
Finally, one that doesn't leak and is also attractive to look at.  Most places your forced to buy the backpack too. Didn't need that, just the bladder. Easy to set up and use and fits jus... read more »

Nice case

03 Apr, 2018
I like this case a lot, is elegant but not too girly. The case fits around the phone well and didn't fall off. So far i haven't broke the phone and its been dropped a handful of times. Good pr... read more »

Where's Great once you can calm your dog down

01 Apr, 2018
These made it where my dog wasn't so terrified of getting her nails cut she really can't stand noise of any of the grinders so decided to go this route instead. She really didn't seem to m... read more »

Made my life easier

01 Apr, 2018
This phone holder saves my hands a lot of pain and it's very easy to move you can adjust the clip part of it to fit around different things. I can connect to my dresser or the stove, a rocking cha... read more »


31 Mar, 2018
Ummm, these are cute but what do I do with them. These are decorations.The price is way too high for me and these have no real use for me except being cute. I like cute. So I bought them. And so I wil... read more »


31 Mar, 2018
Cool lights, very different than my other ones. Bright and cover a lot of ground. I h a hard time installing them but it was my first time doing something like that so it was bound to take time. The o... read more »

It works

24 Mar, 2018
I could not believe it this actually works and it wears maybe even a little too well. Now I get so focused on something that I don't think about anything else. When before I had to focus on everyt... read more »


24 Mar, 2018
Thank goodness for discreet packaging could have been hiding embarrassing. So definitely positive but it was unnoticeable. Boxes easier open and was sealed very well but not so well that it took me ho... read more »

Really nice well-orchestrated design

23 Mar, 2018
Compared to other sports armbands this one seems to be sturdier like it gripz your phone all the way around and is not going to let anything happen to it. If it's around my scrawny arm which is al... read more »

Such a unique and wonderful idea

23 Mar, 2018
Summer is just started and I know this year is going to be a hot one again so I'm going to get to use the popsicle molds probably every single  day. We are a popsicle famy. These are thi... read more »

Smooth even color

23 Mar, 2018
 Case fits my friends phone fine. Goes arpund it at jist the right meausurment. The colors is kind of paleish and not as vibrant as I assumed it would be. So far as the case has been ho... read more »


23 Mar, 2018
Nice look, light, good size. Might be a bit too light for windy weather though. Seems like it will break easy but im not gonna test that out lol. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview  #CarbonLife read more »

Nice turntable but wasn't it supposed to come with other things?

23 Mar, 2018
 I really like the turntable in this pretty awesome and you can lock it into place so it doesn't turn too which is pretty cool when you're icing a cake but you're not expecting t... read more »

Very shiny

20 Mar, 2018
When I first saw this I was kind of afraid to even touch it it was so pretty. I really like the packaging on it too the metal tin it comes in handy, its not only pretty its preventing a... read more »

My family loves it

20 Mar, 2018
Took this to a family get-together to see what my dad who is the grilling champion of our family had to say about it. We all took turns and we all came to the conclusion that it works great. It w... read more »

Works great

20 Mar, 2018
The socket is small and compact and gets the job done! Fast shipping and undamaged product always makes me a happy woman. Fits inside my purse so I have it at hand in case of an emergency. #... read more »

Very bright

20 Mar, 2018
 These lights while small give off very bright light and can illuminate a whole room I like that I can hang them from just about anywhere. Very easy to use, on switch for bright then very br... read more »

Definetly waterproof

20 Mar, 2018
Good thing this is waterproof considering it got dunked into a tub of water by my child. I took it out of the water, dried it off and it worked just fine which is probably good considering t... read more »

Another job well done

20 Mar, 2018
I love these lights, makes the porch in my mom's backyard light up and I can see around me. I don't like the darkness and with this there's no more darkness and I can work t... read more »

Was expecting low quality but instead got one of the best manicure sites I've ever had

19 Mar, 2018
With all the little Tools in this it could take me weeks to try them all out. Each one is as good as the next and both sturdiness and usefulness. The case holds them efficiently and it's very easy... read more »

Best thing to ever happen to my wrists

19 Mar, 2018
Easy to use and and very versatile, you can pretty much put it anywhere. It's screw on/off adjuster makes it where you can open the gap wider/narrow her for easy installation. You can also to... read more »

Strong kickstand

19 Mar, 2018
 This kickstand was easy to connect to my bike. And actually it looks quite large compared to my bike which is awesome cuz I know it is sturdy enough. Now since its brand new its a little rougher... read more »

Works fast

14 Mar, 2018
 I love a duel port charger, I have so many devices! N This one works pretty quick so I can worry less about having to find an outlet when I'm out running errands. Sleek design, fits into... read more »

Great value

14 Mar, 2018
Getting a bag of sauishies inead of individual one saved my wallet. P!us I get them all at once so no shipping issues. Now only the banana an peach e feallky jumbo, the others are a bit smaller. Those... read more »

My family approves

14 Mar, 2018
I've been needing a good digital you're pressure gauge for a while now. This one works well and has come in handy already. My friends always have a car/truck with issues and with this I can ma... read more »

Low price

08 Mar, 2018
4 ports equals no arguing over who gets a charged phone when we are put and about. I love it. I can put in both tablets and my phone then im ready to go. Charges quickly and isnt big and bulky. ... read more »

Compact great for traveling

07 Mar, 2018
This inverter is awesome it is much more compact them my last one making store and get much easier. The design is attractive and fully functional. I kind of wish they had in a different color because... read more »

Fit great on my ears

07 Mar, 2018
These headphones in my ears which is very rare for me and they're quite comfy. I like the style and how easy they are to use. I know I always have to have my headphones wired due to losing them wh... read more »

Fits around my seat well

07 Mar, 2018
This bike seat cushion cover is nice and comfy and fits snugly around the seat. I was lucky enough not to experience any sliding. I like the design of the cushions because it gives me support in all t... read more »

Love the design

06 Mar, 2018
This iPhone 7 case seems pretty durable and affordable. The design is gorgeous and it fits the iPhone 7 very well it's not too loose and it's not too tight. I also like that it shipped very fa... read more »

Like an updated chore chart

06 Mar, 2018
 I didn't know that chore charts had progressed so much until I saw this. A responsibility chart well let's put it this way my kid actually wanted to use it he was excited which of course... read more »

Good quality material

06 Mar, 2018
This is a really good price for what you get. I do have only one issue with the whole thing. It's a little on the bulky side so you have to wear loose clothing which I don't really wear a lot... read more »

Cover up the necessary parts

06 Mar, 2018
Okay I'll just decide these are pretty cool they cover up with their supposed to so I don't have a bunch of straps showing and they stick on pretty well and they do not fall off which is excel... read more »

Spins smoothly and gracefully

03 Mar, 2018
 I could sit and watch these fidget spinners go for hours. They've got a very clean spend so it feels good and between your fingers and it's it spins well over two minutes. I get feeling... read more »


03 Mar, 2018
 This solar shower bag is made out of very thick material which lets me know that it's strong enough to carry the amount of water you're supposed to put in it. There's also no areas f... read more »


02 Mar, 2018
You would think as an adult I would have known better than to have during this on with a light shining directly in my eyes yes, but I didn't and let me tell you this lady is very very brave. I lov... read more »

Easy to inflate

02 Mar, 2018
This neck pillow was easy to inflate and I did not get dizzy trying to blow it up. No holes and holds air with no leaks. Folds into small square and fits into its pouch for storage. #Sponsored #R... read more »

Amazingly bright

02 Mar, 2018
This light uses a micro USB charging cable and has two seperate lights, it's got the one smaller light on the one end and then the other light which is bigger on tbe front and both are very b... read more »

Good quality

02 Mar, 2018
This is a leader is good quality. Now it only came partially assembly so I don't know if it's supposed to be assembled or not but it was pretty easy to do myself. It comes with a little notepa... read more »

Already put together

28 Feb, 2018
Comes preassembled and in a protective package. There was also a pencil with it which came in handy when I forgot mine. I was able too get my work done quickly since I was ablt to take measurements of... read more »

Good price

26 Feb, 2018
These nippers are small but get the job done,  my son likes them for his crafts and I use them for mine too! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Valtcan read more »

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