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Mom of 2 boys, animal lover, amateur photographer and home-school teacher. I love travel! I love spending time with my kids, movies, music and we do many arts and crafts. I do sew and do some woodworking and also scrap-booking.

I am interested in reviewing products for our home, flower garden, patio, travel and adventures. Anything that would be craft supplies, woodworking items, plants and seeds, luggage and portable items or camping items are of interest to me.

I accept many offers that are sent to me by sellers so send me a coupon if you want me to do a review for you! I love offers!
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Perfect for travel! Using in my rv!

01 Oct, 2021
The #MEMX #laundry #hamper is excellent for travel. It folds down when not in use and is perfect to collect your #clothing when you're #camping or on #vacation.    I am planning to p... read more »

USLAI Sapphire Clear Case for IPhone 12 Pro Max

03 Sep, 2021
This is a great basic clear case for the new iPhone 12 Pro Max. I like it and wanted one that I could use to put a pop socket on without putting it on my phone. Works great. Came packaged well and in... read more »

Great wrist brace that is affordable

27 Oct, 2020
This #wrist #brace is a great product. I've used on my left and right wrists and was comfortable on both. I have #arthritis is my hands and I have #carpal #tunnel. I am often needing #pain #relief... read more »

Great gift for kids

20 Sep, 2020
I got this as a birthday gift for my son's friend. She likes this type of stuff so I felt like it would be a nice gift.    The game came in as expected and looks great! The game is b... read more »

Saves deer lives and vehicle damage

17 Aug, 2020
Living out in the country, I am constantly watching for deer. I knew these worked because I had them on my car. When my car ended up wrecked, because someone backed into me, I knew my next vehicle had... read more »

Good quality creepy cloth

27 Oct, 2019
Compared to some I picked up at a discount store, this is a much better quality cloth for using at #Halloween. #SEVENS #creepy #cloth is a really good product if you need for a #decoration or #haunted... read more »

Great Wine Tumbler

31 Jul, 2019
The #happycheers #wine #tumbler is a great cup for anyone who drinks wine or even #juice and #tea. It works as a #coffee #mug or #champagne #glass. However you use it, it keeps your drink the perfect... read more »

Great speaker with cool lights

31 Jul, 2019
This is a great little #Ranipobo #wireless #speaker with cool #lights that adds ambiance to the room. I didn’t have any problems with the #bluetooth connection. I used it with my iPhone to liste... read more »

Perfect Sun Shelter Tent

31 Jul, 2019
The #isYoung #beach #sun #shelter #tent is great for a beach day with kids. My friend and I were able to set it up in a few minutes and it gave us shade from the sun while the kids played in the sand.... read more »

Relaxing Massage Wand

31 Jul, 2019
The #Everfun #massager #wand is a great massager. I have compressed vertebrae in my neck and this really helps my neck when I’m hurting. My lower back has problems and it works well to relax my... read more »

Amazing for Cooking and Canning

31 Jul, 2019
These #Poualss #dishwashing #gloves are so amazing for #canning. I can pick up my jars and not get burned. I can tighten lids and move my jars without using different tools. I can wash dishes, cook an... read more »

Great laundry bags for travel

11 Jun, 2019
These WOWLIVE laundry bags are just what I needed for traveling with kids. Their dirty clothes go straight into the “wash me” bags so they can be washed when we are done.   rank... read more »

Very cheaply made bags with horrible zippers

11 Jun, 2019
I was hoping to actually be able to use these. The zippers of the aKing packing cubes are useless and two of them I couldn’t even unzip one time so they went straight to the trash. Don’t w... read more »

Uverbon iPhone 6s Battery Case with Light

05 Apr, 2019
The #Uverbon #iPhone #case with #LED #flashlight feature is my new favorite case. It’s great for trying to see to get int the door and find a keyhole. It’s amazing because of the #add... read more »

Great set of Precision tools

05 Apr, 2019
62 pieces of #precision #tools for working on #electronics and small items. Remove backs from watches to change batteries. Open a phone or tablet. Whatever your need. There’s a tool for it in th... read more »

Awesome Kit for Manicure and Pedicure

04 Apr, 2019
#iBayx #travel #fingernail and #toenail set is just what I was looking for. I wanted it for my everyday carry backpack. It has everything I need in a nice kit. The black leather case is very nice and... read more »

Camera is great but app needs work

21 Mar, 2019
This #video #doorbell is really great. It is easy to install, easily connects to #wifi and connects via the app. My only problem is that it keeps alerting me saying there is activity to review but it... read more »

My son loves this funky straw

30 Jan, 2019
The #Pevor #Funky #straw for #kids #drinking #cup is a neat and fun party straw.  My son thought it was neat and it wasn't hard to use.  I would recommend for birthday parties, summer fu... read more »

Best Fireproof Document Bag I've found

30 Jan, 2019
I am so happy with my #ENGPOW #fireproof #document #bag. It is roomy at 15x11 inches and it holds full size documents, photos and cash.  It is also #water #resistant and it is made well.  I... read more »

Washi Tape for Bullet Journal and Crafts

30 Jan, 2019
I love #washi #tape but was really glad to find this great deal!  I have used a good bit now and can say I'm not going to do 5 stars because some of it won't stick.  It is not great... read more »

App Works Well with Kimfly Key Finders

30 Jan, 2019
I love these key finders from #Kimfly because they work great with the app.  I am using one of the #keyfinder trackers for my keys, one for my purse, one for my son's backpack and one for my... read more »

I love the ice ball maker for keeping drinks cold

30 Jan, 2019
I got this to make the ice balls for use in my Yeti cup.  It keeps drinks cold even longer than with ice cubes.  I love this for its original function in mixed drinks as well.  It works... read more »

Exactly what I needed!

05 Dec, 2018
This #water #bottle with #straw is exactly the #leakproof answer I needed to carry water with me all day. I needed to drink more water and I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t leak or spill. ... read more »

Awesome Gift for Kids

23 Nov, 2018
My son loves to #draw so I had to get him this #Hailey&Elijah #magnetic #drawing #board for Christmas. I got it out and made sure it was perfect and then wrapped it and it is under the tree drivin... read more »

Awesome Incense Holder

03 Nov, 2018
I’m in love with my #Censer #ceramic #incense #holder. It is beautiful and easy to clean and use. I have it on my entertainment center and it is my favorite of all of my incense holders. I highl... read more »

Good Cord for adults but can’t take rough kids

03 Nov, 2018
When my child broke our one hundredth usb cord, I ordered the #Revolt #Duracord thinking it would be the perfect replacement.    Now, Had I just used it myself and not allowed my child... read more »

Good supplement

03 Nov, 2018
The #Matchabiotics #probiotic #Supplement works as it should as far as I can tell. I like that it also has #prebiotics. I am trying to manage #health #conditions and I think this is a good supplement... read more »

Kryom for health benefits

25 Sep, 2018
#Kryom was on my list of things to try because since I was diagnosed with #Lupus, I want to get #healthy to fight the disease that’s causing my immune system to fight my own body! I had read abo... read more »

Awesome Snorkel Mask!!

25 Sep, 2018
I’m so in love with this #Fullface #Snorkel #seaview #madk! It is amazing. It stays clear. No fogging. No leaks. It’s comfortable and it is everything you’d expect from a great mask.... read more »

Great gift for a girl who loves mermaids

25 Sep, 2018
I got this awesome #OKAYSHOP #Mermaid #Blanket for my friend’s daughter for her 6th Birthday. It’s perfect! She is going to love it. It’s great for snuggling up and watching cartoons... read more »

Adorable for Homeschool Girls Gift

20 Sep, 2018
I was looking for a gift for a girl that does homeschool and I had found something but needed an extra something to go with it. That’s when I saw these adorable pencils! They are great for girls... read more »

My son loves these finger puppets!

16 Sep, 2018
These #Careshine #finger #puppets are so awesome for doing story time in our homeschool. My five year old loves them! We can use them to make our stories come alive as we read. I’m very glad I h... read more »

Perfect for car titles, birth certificates, etc.

07 Sep, 2018
I couldn’t decide what to store my important documents in until I found this #fireproof #envelope #safe #bag. It is perfect for car titles and birth certificates. It will fit several documents a... read more »

Really bright and useful!

07 Sep, 2018
I am very impressed with the #PRODELI #LED #solar #light because it is very bright and charged up quickly. I want to get several more. These could have so many uses!  The first one is in my ki... read more »

Perfect for Racing, Sleeping, Travel

01 Sep, 2018
We are always needing ear plugs when we attend loud events. My kids hate loud noise. These #NRR 33 decibels soft #foam #earplugs are exactly what we need to carry with us. This is great for #travel or... read more »

Perfect for swings!

30 Aug, 2018
This #GoZheec #tree #swing #set was exactly what I needed. We live in the country and there are plenty of trees to choose from but we didn’t have a swing. I saw this and knew it would be perfect... read more »

So convenient and attractive!

29 Aug, 2018
I love my #ZCINT magnetic curtain tie backs. They are attractive and functional. It is easy for me to use, and I have arthritis in my hands so I do appreciate the ease of using these. They are an easy... read more »

I love my Lemon Zester

18 Jul, 2018
I've tried to make a move toward healthier living this year.  I've read several articles about #lemon #Zest so I was so excited to find this #Wishpool #stainless steel #Grater and #Zester... read more »

Nice Decals

18 Jul, 2018
I ordered the #Naisidier #Decals for random items I wanted to personalize for my kids.  These were pretty neat.  There are a lot of cool designs included.  These are #vinyl and hold up... read more »

Awesome Chef Knife for Chopping

18 Jul, 2018
As a busy mom who needs to prep meals when the opportunity arises, I always hated when I couldn't get the knife to cut.  That ended when I ordered this #Raskyee #Knife.  It is #sharp and... read more »

Headphones Work Great

18 Jul, 2018
These #Ifecco #Bluetooth #headphones are exactly what I needed!  Why? Because my kids are loud and I need my sanity! Sometimes I want to block out noise and just listen to some music or even watc... read more »

Exactly what I needed

18 Jul, 2018
This #Madetec #solar #fountain #pump for a #birdbath is exactly what I needed for my backyard.  I have a bird feeder and have birds visiting all day so it only made sense to add a bird bath. ... read more »

Ultra bright

27 Jun, 2018
I bought these for my cabinet in my dining room and they are extremely bright. Easy to use and great for all kinds of lighting projects.    #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored read more »

Great For Fibromyalgia or Arthritis and Convenient

27 Jun, 2018
When I saw the #GoWith #magnetic cell phone holder, my arms and hands were hurting from fibromyalgia and arthritis. I thought, well that would help. So I ordered it. It’s been so great because I... read more »

Great Gift Item for any Coffee Lover

19 Jun, 2018
This portable coffee grinder is a great gift for the #coffee lover in your life! It’s attractive and functional.  It’s a great wedding gift or birthday gift. I would use it as a house... read more »

Comfortable and stylish

19 Jun, 2018
#Sports #Headband is great for #yoga, #gardening and other activities. I love it as it is very comfortable. I am happy with my purchase.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  read more »

Versatile LED String Lights for any project

15 Jun, 2018
The #Veryredtek #LED #stringlights are amazingly versatile and can be added to so many projects. It’s a Pinterest addict’s dream lighting.  These lights are so great for so many pr... read more »

Awesome Planner!

29 May, 2018
Now I will need one for 2019! This is a great planner to be productive! I homeschool and use this as a homeschool #Planner.  #Cossac did a great job with this daily agenda.  I love how this... read more »

Great for Parties!

29 May, 2018
This #RGBWP #LED #Disco ball is great for my kid's parties! I love having this for my kid's parties so I can play dance music for them and use the disco ball, which they love.  This is go... read more »

Great Spaghetti Spoon

29 May, 2018
#TAFOND #Stainless Steep Pasta Server is great for spaghetti! I love it!  I threw my plastic one out and replaced it with this.  I love this new #kitchen #Utensil.   #RankBooste... read more »

Got rid of the spiders!

29 May, 2018
This #Ultrasonic Pest Repeller seems to work in my home.  I have spiders everywhere because of the woods near my home.  Since installing these near my doors, I haven't seen any spiders.&... read more »

Great LED Light for Power Outage, Night Light, Closets, Etc.

29 May, 2018
This #OUNIER #LED #Light is the best thing I have found for placing in certain areas to have in case of power failure.  A power outage is scary for my kids and I have to make sure we have light a... read more »

Perfect to view my old files

29 May, 2018
In a time where #FloppyDisk drives are obsolete, I was happy to find this #YAHE USB external drive to use for viewing my old files saved on a floppy disk.  Now I can save my old files and put the... read more »

Perfect for cabinet lighting

29 May, 2018
#Luxjet #LED rope light under cabinet strip light kit is perfect for cabinet lightning.  I haven't installed it yet but did test it and inspect everything.  It is perfect for my cabinet... read more »

My son loves his new dinosaur! Roar!

27 May, 2018
#Realistic #Dinosaur is an awesome addition to my 5 year old son’s dinosaur collection. He loves it because it is realistic and heavy. I love it because it is well made and won’t break or... read more »

Great for privacy! Saved my phone!!!

27 May, 2018
If you want a privacy screen that also protects your iPhone, the  #VIEE privacy screen protector is an amazingly affordable and quality product. I love it! I was showing my friend something on my... read more »

Awesome Fashionable Smart watch connects to iPhone

24 May, 2018
GULAKI Fitness Tracker Watch, Exercise Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Calorie Counter Pedometer IP67 Waterproof Smart Wristband Bracelet Activity Tracker for Android & IOS (Green Watch) https://w... read more »

Gear clips for DIY SHTF day bag or other

19 May, 2018
#Weareal gear clips are exactly what I needed to finish my day bag and also for a travel bag I am sewing myself as a DIY project. They come 12 to a pack so it served both purposes for me.  #Ra... read more »

Water is essential so this is perfect!

19 May, 2018
#WeyTy #water hydration bladder is a great reservoir for a backpack that has the design for it but didn’t include the bladder. That’s what I needed it for and it is exactly what I needed.... read more »

Good no-show socks but hand wash only!

28 Apr, 2018
I didn't realize until opening the package that these socks are hand wash only! That loses a star because even gentle cycle or cold water washing machine compatible would be so much more convenien... read more »

As described, seems to work well

26 Apr, 2018
I am just learning the ins and outs of flower and container gardening. I got this #Sonkir soil tester because I have been overwatering my plants. This seems to be working great. #RankBoosterReview #Sp... read more »

Great learning tool

24 Apr, 2018
I'm happy with these cards as a teaching/learning tool for homeschool. We already love playing cards so this makes a fun way to learn something new.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Spanish... read more »

Impressive Pack of Cards! Perfect for Homeschool and Gaming Families

19 Apr, 2018
These are the best! They are fun! Nice set of playing cards can be used to play Gin Rummy or whatever card game you prefer.  It's also great if you are a homeschooling family because you can... read more »

My kids love this toilet light

18 Apr, 2018
My kids love this toilet light! Rechargeable Toilet Light Motion Activated, LUXJET 8 Colors Changing LED Toilet Seat Night Lights Waterproof Glow Inside Bowl for Washroom Bathroom Water Closet Ar... read more »

Adorable set, perfect for toddlers

14 Apr, 2018
I thought this was so cute! It arrived today and is exactly as described. Very cute summer shirt and shorts perfect for dinosaur loving toddlers.    #Tecrok #RankBoosterReview #Sponsor... read more »

Adhesive wall hooks in cute designs

13 Apr, 2018
I got these cute hangers for my bathroom for when I need a quick place to hang a necklace or a bath sponge. They work great and the beach theme matches my bathroom.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponso... read more »

Exactly as described!

12 Apr, 2018
This is a great screen protector at a great price. It goes on easily and it is very clear and easy to see through with no glare or bubbles. I am giving one as a gift.    #Tembin #RankB... read more »

Nice Fashionable Sunglasses

11 Apr, 2018
These are great! I purchased these #IALUKU #Sunglasses for my son. They are nice looking and offer the protection from uv rays that I wanted. We are both happy. I will be buy I another pair as a gift.... read more »

Can't beat these for price and comfort

07 Apr, 2018
These headphones are really comfortable! I was very impressed with the level of comfort and quality of the materials. They work as expected and I didn't have any problems connecting to my phone. I... read more »

Great flashlight

07 Apr, 2018
This is better made that I expected. I'm excited to add it to my daybag. It has the 4 modes as described and they all work well. I don't intend to look for scorpions with it but unfortunately,... read more »

Comfortable and Stylish Sunglasses

05 Apr, 2018
These sunglasses are so comfortable! I was amazed how light and comfy they felt when I first tried them on! These are amazing #summer #sunglasses to keep the harsh uv rays away! These will be in my be... read more »

Awesome Fashionable Sunglasses

05 Apr, 2018
These are my new favorite sunglasses! I've always loved the tortoise shell look! These are attractive frames and high quality lenses.  They come well packaged and ready to wear. You also g... read more »

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