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hello, my name is jackie and i am new to this website but i am not new to the world of reviewing! i've been participating in the survey and review world for about a decade now. i've mostly relied on sites such as bzzagent, influenster, smiley360, swagbucks, and other survey sites i've been active on. i understand that seeing a new profile can be disheartening and doesn't exactly instill a strong sense of confidence in me or my reviewing capacity and i completely understand. it's because of those reasons i wanted to personally provide a brief explaination of the reasoning behind the new profile and to provide you with hopefully a little bit of confidence. more about me, i'm a 32 year old, married, stay at home mom of 6 beautiful children ranging in ages from 2 all the way to 12. i work at home as a home based nail tech which gives me the opportunity and blessing to be able to support my family both financially and by physically allowing me to be there. another crazy thing about my household is that we have 11 cats, 2 german shepherds and 3 chihuahuas so you can definitely say there is never a dull, boring moment in my household.
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Great small assortment of cute vinyl stickers.

11 Sep, 2021
This is a nice, small packaged of assorted vinyl stickers. Each and every sticker contains bright beautiful colors and a pleasant graphic. There's a wide variety in here ranging from animals, phra... read more »

Very useful surge protector tower with the added bonus of wireless charger!

29 Jun, 2021
I bought a different model of these a few weeks ago for my husband and every since it's arrived and I've posted about it I've received all types of inquiries from people who are interested... read more »

Great product to improve posture, flexibility and relieve chronic back pain!

09 Jun, 2021
I thought this would be a useful product for both my husband and I to use. He was involved in a motor vehicle accident where he sufferer a lot of physical injuries to his body, especially his neck and... read more »

I highly recommend for busy spaces or multi device rooms...

09 Jun, 2021
I've been eyeballing these for awhile now and have wanted to get one for my husband's office. In his office, he has his computer set up along with the printer, two additional monitors, and a t... read more »

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