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I'm Louis Smith, Founder and CEO of SPYNXX, that publishes content around the music and technology industry. We're expanding our website by including reviews of products that would succeed with our readers and ever-growing audience.
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Review: Fresion Universal Backpack w/ External USB Charging + Rain Cover

18 Oct, 2018
Before the backpack even arrived at our office, I was already much excited to test it out to the fullest. In which I did, since I've received it back in January and it's basically the end of t... read more »

Review: WengTech Apple iPad Screen Protector

18 Oct, 2018
About a year ago, I purchased the Apple iPad 5th Generation in Space Grey. It's now the second iPad that I've owned since I've purchased my first one -- the Apple iPad 3rd Generation. With... read more »

Review: Cookan Car Headrest Tablet Mount for Smartphones + Tablets

30 Sep, 2018
As a father with a 1-year-old, this is a life savior for any and all car rides that I decide to tag him along with. I simply strap in my iPad and connect it to the hotspot, select YouTube Kids and be... read more »

Review: eyeO2 Screen Protecter for iPhone 7/8 Plus

30 Sep, 2018
Since I've purchased my iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, I've protected it from the natural elements as best as I could. Whether it was standard screen protectors or a full-body case with a screen... read more »

Review: Better Your Driving + Sweeten Your Outfit All at Once

08 Feb, 2018
The saying: 'It’s sunny in Philadelphia,’ also applies to the (almost) always sunny state of Texas. And even when it’s gloomy outdoors, you will still look great while wearing th... read more »

Review: The 'Not-Too-Bad' $30 Headphones + Deals

05 Feb, 2018
For many months, I steered clear of wireless headphones since I purchased my last pair back in the Summer. They cost around $20 from a local retailer that sold nearly everything you could imagine &mda... read more »


31 Jan, 2018
As gorgeous as the iPhone X is, it’s very prone to danger like nobody’s business. So, we decided to suit it up with this minimalistic case. All in all, it’s a match made in heaven wi... read more »

A Cozy Valentine's Day Gift for Anyone

26 Jan, 2018
It’s been about a year since I moved from Michigan to Texas, and the weather conditions are completely different. Which is why this beanie fits so very well (literally). Personally, I find myse... read more »

The Ultimate (and Affordable) Accessory for the iPhone X

24 Jan, 2018
Last year, Apple announced and released their latest handset — the iPhone X. It’s a work of art and should be for the $1,000 price tag. To ensure that it remains a work of art, we decided... read more »

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