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Bring on the offers! Haha. Just kidding! Unless you want to, I’m not complaining. Hahaha.
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Need this

16 Dec, 2018
I have been needing one of these for a while. My husband and I sweat a lot when we cuddle. Haha. It’s winter, though, so it’s super cold now, but this will help out a lot still! Happy... read more »

Haven’t used

14 Dec, 2018
I haven’t used it yet, and I always forget to. Haha. It is definitely a great buy! Don’t want to hurt yourself in the kitchen! Haha! Glad I got it. :) read more »


14 Dec, 2018
I love Christmas lights, and to get a steal on some is amazing! I see online and in stores, they are super expensive! I am going to be using these to decorate on Monday when my husband gets back from... read more »

Going to give it a try

14 Dec, 2018
I just ordered the sleep mask, and this is my first ever purchase of one, so I am going to give it a try to see if I like them. Never used one, but maybe I’ll like it! Since it’ll keep any... read more »

Awesome color!

12 Dec, 2018
I have not used them yet because I don’t grill much, but when I do, I will definitely use them! They look like really great quality! I’m glad I got these! I have to use a community grill,... read more »


12 Dec, 2018
I love how it has so many settings! It’s going to make everything so much easier! :) Can’t wait to see how it works when my husband uses it. Haha.  read more »

Yet to use

12 Dec, 2018
i have not tried it yet because I don’t really make cake. Haha. I just really wanted to have something that looks like it makes things so much easier! Haha. I’m sure I will be happy with i... read more »

Helps so much!

12 Dec, 2018
Ever since I got into a horrible situation, I am definitely using this to keep my dog in place! This is definitely going to make car rides so much easier and safer!! read more »

I love these!

12 Dec, 2018
Automatic hand soap dispensers are so amazing! You don’t have to worry about pressing down to get soap anymore! It’s just nice to have, too! Makes me feel fancy! Haha. Definrielt a great p... read more »

Really fun to make!

12 Dec, 2018
It’s a nice small tray, but I really love it! They look so awesome every time! I love making them! I have an ice maker, yet, I still use this over it. Haha! It just is super fun! read more »


09 Dec, 2018
This is so adorable, and I love that I found it in time for Christmas for a really good deal!! :) Happy with this item, and will be wearing it for the holidays with the rest of my other Christmas bean... read more »

Super cute!

08 Dec, 2018
I am not a high waist clothes kind of person, but it is super cute!!!! I really love it! I got this for a good deal, too! I really wanted it, and I am glad I got it! It is winter, so I will have to wa... read more »

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