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I love to try out and test all sorts of things and give my honest feedback so that others like myself don't have to guess if something is worth their hard earned cash.
I enjoy it and as a stay at home Mom who has always worked until recently it gives me something to keep busy, have fun, and put my opinions out there in the world Haha.
My man thing I hope with this "Blog" is that I am able to help people know if these items are worth their money. I want to help you all figure out if a product is valuable to your life or your family's lives.
Also, after several times of purchasing items that were nothing like they were described as in their listings, I want to help other people avoid the B.S. that is out there in the online shopping world. No one's got time for B.S.! Am I right?!
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It's cute...

11 Mar, 2021
My toddler son enjoys playing with his matchbox cars on this adorable black and white floor rug.  I wouldn't call it a rug though. Nor is it a mat. It is more of a linen type fabric simila... read more »

Adorable top!

16 Dec, 2020
This is an impulse buy I am happy to have made for myself! I am loving how cute this top is on me. The fabric is comfy, soft and it's just so flowy.  I was so excited about the shirt that... read more »

Top notch quality cords!!

12 Nov, 2020
I love these a ton. I've been using them for a bit now and they have served me better than most others I have owned previously.  The reason I no longer own the previous cords is because th... read more »


05 Aug, 2020
My son (2) and daughter (8) both love this toy!  I was impressed that both ages were entertained well by this set! The colors and construction on this set are great.  The colors are eye-cat... read more »

Nice set to have!

29 Jul, 2020
Wonderful for teaching time management skills to my youngest child. They are useful for a visual time out side, and for tasks that take a set amount of time so that kids can see and understand how lon... read more »

Awesome light!

22 Jul, 2020
I will be taking this on all future camping trips as well as carrying it in my everyday bag! I fell in love instantly! The weight of the flashlight is perfect and feels comfortable to hold on my ha... read more »

Good quality pool toys!

26 May, 2020
These pool toys surprised me when they arrived because I'll be honest and say that I wasn't expecting much. I have been disappointed in the past by similar purchases from other brands and sell... read more »

Great suction power!

24 Apr, 2020
This works wonderfully for cleaning up my van after a day out with my kids and my fiancee! It makes cleaning up the crumbs and dirt a breeze! I keep it under my seat in the handy case that it comes wi... read more »


21 Apr, 2020
My kids loved hunting for these! Both kids have a whole collection of stuffed bunnies. They both love them!M daughter calls them her bunny family! Too cute.  All parts to the eggs were present... read more »

Awesome amount of storage space!

27 Mar, 2020
I am in love! This bag is made with great consideration for a woman on the go! The style of the bag is fitting for me and the design suits my life. This 2 in 1 bag set is well made and comes with a... read more »

I love these charging cords!!!

06 Dec, 2019
I needed to find some well made cords of shorter length and I came across this set of four and I was really interested in trying them out, and I have been impressed since I opened the packaging! Th... read more »

Great for home or camping!

01 Dec, 2019
This portable clothesline has been awesome for my family!! We've used it to hang dry clothes after swimming at the lake, we've used it on camping adventures and to hang dry my delicates right... read more »

Cute set

01 Dec, 2019
This is a nice gift for younger kids to have as a starter explorer kit. The bonus accessories that are included with the binoculars range from decent to great quality for children. The compass is my f... read more »

Awesome trunk organizer!

01 Dec, 2019
This thing is wonderful for so many different organizational uses! I have fallen in love with how functional and versatile this organizer is. I've used it for loading groceries in my van, the c... read more »

Plenty of pocket space!

30 Nov, 2019
This bag is comfortable to carry and it's a great color. I was very pleased with it when it arrived. I didn't know what to expect when first ordering this backpack because I have had negative... read more »

Not sure why...

30 Nov, 2019
 ...but I never received this backpack. I don't know why it never arrived. I'll be honest though and say that I didn't follow up and email the seller yet about it because I have been... read more »

More than one use!!

30 Nov, 2019
This product is a great affordable substitute for the popular "squatty potty" stool! It's sturdy enough for adults and children both.  My children have safely used this as a step... read more »

I wish I'd found this bag 4 bags ago! Lol Seriously though!!

14 Nov, 2019
My son turned a year old last month! Pretty exciting stuff, but a year isn't as long as it used to feel like it was, and it's definitely not a long enough time period for a second time around... read more »

Eh... It's ok...

31 Oct, 2019
I've definitely had better alarm clocks in the past. This one is far smaller than I'd imagined it to be for some reason. Which is my own fault for not reading the dimensions before purchase. T... read more »

Great gift for a young girl.

25 Oct, 2019
I'll say upfront that I haven't yet used this light. It is a gift I purchased for my daughter for Christmas. I did open the box to see the quality of the little desk lamp and I liked what I... read more »

My dog loves this!!

25 Oct, 2019
My dog curled up on this the moment he felt the warmth and has been laying on it every moment since the first one. It offers my pup the perfect level of warmth. I have a pup that insists on being unde... read more »

Versatile organizer to hang accessories up neatly for easy access!

20 Oct, 2019
This cap organizer is wonderful for holding much more than just hats! I found it perfect for hanging scarves, belts, small handbags and many other accessories! It is great for hanging all of your favo... read more »

Comfort beyond expectation as always!

11 Oct, 2019
I already own another color option of this exact hoodie but that doesn't stop my excitement about receiving another unbelievably comfy item from the always impressive brand #bloomingjelly I lov... read more »

I love everything Blooming Jelly!

11 Oct, 2019
I was nervous about how much I'd like this shirt at first. When it arrived I thought oh's going to be too short in length:-( I usually wear shorts long enough to wear with leggings. Wh... read more »

Surprisingly awesome item

11 Oct, 2019
This was an impulse purchase for me. I was undecided about the effectiveness when I first purchased this. However upon arrival I quickly saw how well made these were! I instantly knew that they were g... read more »

I now own this in three colors!!!

11 Oct, 2019
I have taken to calling this my adult sippy cup! Haha. It goes wherever I go! I ALWAYS have one of the 3 colored versions of this water bottle on me at all times now that I have them in my life. I hav... read more »

So cute!

30 Sep, 2019
This is a great little lamp. It gives the room a great ambiance. I have been using this light in my bedroom since the day I purchased it and it looks amazing on top of my dresser. I sat it on one end... read more »

I love BLOOMING JELLY's clothes!!

30 Sep, 2019
I am a huge fan of this sweatshirt dress! I have so far never been disappointed by any of the items I have purchased from this brand, including this one. They have once again delivered on a well made,... read more »

OMG! It's like what I imagine it would be to lean back onto a cloud!

22 Sep, 2019
I am in love with this lumbar support cushion! It has totally transformed my driving experience. My van seat on long drives would often leave my back aching so much and it had gotten so bad that even... read more »

Great water bottle!!

22 Sep, 2019
First, I want to say how wonderful and helpful the company is. The person that I contacted with a small issue was very pleasant, quick to resolve my problem and polite.I am impressed with the customer... read more »

My new go to water bottle!

22 Sep, 2019
First, I want to say how wonderful and helpful the company is. The person that I contacted with a small issue was very pleasant, quick to resolve my problem and polite.I am impressed with the customer... read more »

Comfy leggings for girls

22 Sep, 2019
My daughter really likes wearing her leggings! She says they are very comfy and she can easily pair many different shirts and even dresses with these leggings. She also mentioned that the seams are gr... read more »

It works alright

10 Sep, 2019
It comes packaged in a cute plastic case that houses all of the attachments as well as the device handle. It cleanses fairly well. It's mainly the other attachments that I feel are lacking in work... read more »

So cute and comfortable!

10 Sep, 2019
I purchased this for my mother but when it arrived I had to check it out and try it out for myself first bc what kind of daughter would I be if I didn't? right?! Haha. I was so excited while waiti... read more »

Lightweight and portable but doesn't shave hair easily.

10 Sep, 2019
This is an adorable little shaver. It's cute and easy to toss in your purse to have on hand when you are in a pinch and need to touch up areas.  With that said this is not good for a compl... read more »

nice torch

09 Sep, 2019
This works well and it is easy to fill. I found that it is easy to control the flame size which is great. I like that it is easy to light but it comes with a safety feature that ensures my children ca... read more »

Good set of wine tumblers.

09 Sep, 2019
These are well-made cups. They feel nice in hand. The lids seal nicely and they stay put, unlike some other brands I have purchased in the past. They are easy to drink from and your drink won't... read more »

Gentle noise. Not loud. Amazing results. I'll never go back to dryer sheets. EVER!

08 Sep, 2019
These are amazing and I wish I had found them years ago!!  They truly do reduce the time it takes to dry clothes. I couldn't believe it. To be honest I thought the statement was one that w... read more »

High quality brush marker!

08 Sep, 2019
I was incredibly impressed with these watercolor markers. Just wow! I really am blown away by the color options and the quality of the pens. I have owned a few different sets of watercolor brush marke... read more »

Great oversized scarf

08 Sep, 2019
I am very pleased with my new scarf. It is comfy and cozy, just as it should be! It is a lovely design, one that I favor a lot when it comes to scarves and things. I can't wait for the weather to... read more »

Can I just live in this please?

06 Sep, 2019
The material is AMAZINGLY comfortable! OMG this thing is life! I love my new hoodie and wish that I could purchase everything in my style that #bloomingjelly creates. (They have so many cute clothes o... read more »

Really cute!

06 Sep, 2019
I made an adorable sign for my daughter first day back to school with this felt board and she loved it.  I like the game that comes with it and my daughter and I played it for a good 40 minute... read more »

I wish I'd have owned this sooner!!

06 Sep, 2019
In the days since receiving this white noise machine, it has become an essential part of my 10-month-old son's bedtime routine! He quickly drifts off to sleep when the lovely lullaby music plays s... read more »

Great company and amazing pillow!

02 Sep, 2019
I own two pillows made by this company and they are incredible! I can't rave about them enough! I really like that they make the pillows so that you are able to add more foam if you feel you need... read more »

Amazing pillows from this brand!

02 Sep, 2019
I own two pillows made by this company and they are incredible! I can't rave about them enough! I really like that they make the pillows so that you are able to add more foam if you feel you need... read more »

Creates a Calming and Romantic Glow...

02 Sep, 2019
These are very nice LED tealights for creating a calming relaxing environment to unwind in at the end of the day. Alternatively, they are a great way to "set the mood" so to speak. They g... read more »

Whoa! What a Surprise!

02 Sep, 2019
To be honest, I really wasn't expecting anything unique or different here. I've purchased a few beach blankets and they are all pretty much alike. They cover the ground for a few people to plo... read more »

Great addition to any closet!!

30 Aug, 2019
This is well made and fits incredibly well!! It's a really stylish belt and it can be worn in a few different ways making it a versatile accessory to add to your closet! Speaking of its versa... read more »

nice gadget for the kitchen

27 Aug, 2019
I have used this a few times and it does work pretty well. It's also well made and very sturdy. It's awesome that it pops open soda tabs in addition the other functions it offers. It easily po... read more »

Great hat.

27 Aug, 2019
I am happy with my purchase of this hat. I don't like the way I look in many hats but have always liked the slouchy beanie hat style. It's usually hit or miss with the "slouch"... read more »

Great fit!

27 Aug, 2019
I purchased these because I am prone to swelling after a long day on my feet and they have helped me more than I had imagined they would! First off, These are very comfortable! For me, that was one of... read more »

Well made and tough!

24 Aug, 2019
These are great for what they are meant for. They are strong and not easily damaged at all. They are great for strength building and for PT use. I have no complaints about them. A second unexp... read more »

Works fairly well.

24 Aug, 2019
This could be made a lot better. The bristles aren't shaped in a way that works well to get in the crevices of a pet's paw. The bristles are all flat on the ends which makes the cleaning actio... read more »

Fun for an afternoon activity with the kids or a small get together!

24 Aug, 2019
This is so much fun and it's such a great idea! I loved it. It's a great way to entertain a few people and catch up with friends while making sure they have something fun to do. I have ADD, so... read more »

Comfy and cozy fit!

24 Aug, 2019
I am happy with my new hoodie from Blooming Jelly! It is very comfortable. It is a perfect fit for me and looks great on! I love how cozy it is and that it is stylish while serving its purpose of keep... read more »

Great product and good natural relief!

20 Aug, 2019
It doesn't take away the pain entirely but holy wow does it ease it! It is great for use as a natural alternative to ease muscle tension. I personally use it on my neck often. My neck tenses up te... read more »

It's a cute little mini drone.

20 Aug, 2019
It works. So that's good. The controls are okay. I wouldn't say they are the easiest for my 7-year-old who I purchased this for though. Her 13-year-old cousin did a bit better than she did how... read more »

Sexy, flattering, and so d*mn cute!!

20 Aug, 2019
I am IN LOVE! I am very happy with this swimsuit! I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it when I first purchased it because it had been many years since I had last worn a one-piece swimsuit. Th... read more »

Very cute tutu

19 Aug, 2019
Well made tutu for a young girl in love with dress up! It does run a tad small so it won't fit an older child well. It was a bit snug for my daughter who is seven but in a size 8-9. She can wear i... read more »

Wonderful diffuser!

11 Aug, 2019
This essential oil diffuser is wonderful! I love the output of mist that it creates. The scents that you add just fill the room all around you and take over your senses! I own two of these and there i... read more »

A great gift for a little unicorn lover!

06 Aug, 2019
I gifted this to my daughter for her 7th birthday. She loved it from the moment she saw it! The headband part is super adorable. The first time my daughter saw the unicorn she squealed out a delighted... read more »

Many uses!

06 Aug, 2019
I have found myself using these bags for so many things I wouldn't have expected. I have a smaller one in my son's diaper bag that holds his spare clothes. It has been very convenient to keep... read more »


06 Aug, 2019
I am so happy I found these hair ties! They compare with some of the top brands out there. Really, they are even better than some of the brand name hairbands I've tried over the years.  I ha... read more »

How adorable!!!

05 Aug, 2019
These are perfect for the purpose that I bought them for! I enjoy making bath salts, natural masks, scrubs, and natural exfoliating shower goodies for myself as well as gifts for friends and fami... read more »

I haven't been able to use it yet.

05 Aug, 2019
I received this item and opened it right away. It hadn't been outside for even two minutes. When I opened it I attempted to turn it on, nothing happened. I opened the battery compartment and found... read more »

It's cute once it's on!

05 Aug, 2019
When my new jumpsuit first arrived I opened it and removed it from the packaging right away because I was excited to see what it looked like and how the fabric felt. At first, I wasn't impressed w... read more »

So soft...

02 Aug, 2019
I received these today. Immediately I opened them and checked out the quality of the materials and I was happy before I even tried them out!  On one side the fabric is soft and velvety fluffy... read more »

Nice belt

29 Jul, 2019
My new belt fits great! I love it so much. It is well made and the grommets are well attached. I have had many belts that felt cheap and that fell apart and peeled apart and had metal falling out of t... read more »

Great bag! Slightly awkward in shape/size IMO...

29 Jul, 2019
The awkwardness of the shape is a personal preference thing. I wish that it were about 1-2 inches wider to better fit some of the items I use the bag to hold. Other than that small factor... I just... read more »


29 Jul, 2019
I adore this swimsuit! It fit great. I was very happy with how flattering I felt it was for my body shape! I have thick thighs and a thick bottom and I hate for my butt too hang out of the bottom of a... read more »

It's nice once you have it inflated properly....

29 Jul, 2019
However, it isn't as easy to inflate as it looks and says it should be.  Though once I had the float inflated I threw it in the pool and climbed on and I felt like I was weigh... read more »

I like the amount of storage provided for my crafting necessities.

27 Jul, 2019
This along with a larger craft "tool box" are all I need to be able to carry my essential supplies along with me wherever I wish to take them! I love the option of being able to remove the t... read more »

Great affordable bags for families on a budget but who still want quality.

27 Jul, 2019
Okay, so no these aren't the best bags you'll ever find and they aren't the strongest, biggest, best smelling, etc, etc.  However, for the price point and the amount you receive...... read more »

I want 4 more pairs I love these so much!! lol

27 Jul, 2019
Seriously, THE BEST FABRIC EVER! I love how comfortable these are. OMG. I wasn't expecting to feel like my butt was wrapped up in a cloud and like my skin was in heaven or some over the top crazy... read more »

Sadly not what I was expecting...

27 Jul, 2019
The fabric isn't what you would expect it to be...or at least it wasn't what I thought. The fit wasn't flattering on me or my friend that I let try it out after I decided it wasn't for... read more »

Not bad...

22 Jul, 2019
I can definitely put these to use! Not just for traveling either, but for many purposes outside of their intended use. I currently and one holding my infant sons bath toys and another full of his sock... read more »

I wanted to love this...

22 Jul, 2019
UPDATE!! I was able to receive a second one of these and I have had much better success with it. I have had no troubles with it working since it arrived. I think it's possible the previous... read more »

Easy to set up and use.

16 Jul, 2019
I really like this little tracking device! It's cute as can be and super freaking useful! I am the type of person who will set something down and two seconds later forget where the heck I put it a... read more »

Good value and are great for camping in the woods but there are better quality options out there.

15 Jul, 2019
These definitely do as they are meant to do. I would recommend them for people who are going camping with a large group or with many young girls or women. They are great to have on hand for fe... read more »

Great for my daughters gymnastics class!!

14 Jul, 2019
My daughter loves her new water bottle so much! I love it as well because of how durable it is and it's large size!  She loves the bracelet bands that come on the bottle and commented on h... read more »

Incredible alternative to paper plates!!

13 Jul, 2019
Incredibly well made and impressively durable plates! These are sturdy, almost as a sturdy as styrofoam, yet a million times better for the environment. These plates will hold both hot and c... read more »

I am happy with this sun shelter! I have already enjoyed multiple adventures with my children while using this product.

28 Jun, 2019
I love this sun shelter! It really is easy to get set up for use. It took me about 8 minutes with my 6-month-old strapped to me in his carrier to get it out, up and secured from blowing away if t... read more »

Too complicated to figure out...

28 Jun, 2019
For me this wasn't a good purchase. I have no idea if it even works Because as hard as I tried I couldn't get it to do anything it was supposed to do. It looks nice but for me personally, that... read more »

My new little friend!! Great purchase!

28 Jun, 2019
I recently had the opportunity to try out my new rechargeable cordless screwdriver and I have to say...I'm in love!! It made the multiple DIY jobs I had to perform so much faster than they would h... read more »


25 Jun, 2019
I am still in shock at the high quality of this drone! I can't believe how awesome it is! It took me a little while to get it all figured out with the setup and everything but after I got it all f... read more »

I'm not gonna lie...

12 Jun, 2019
I purchased this for my 7-month-old son! I thought it would make the perfect mini pool for this summer for him to play around in the water and learn how to make a splash! I was right! It is just the r... read more »

In LOVE with this as much if not more than I was with the Black one.

06 Jun, 2019
I love this bag so much! So do so many others that have seen it! I have had 3 men ask me where I got this bag from because they wanted one too. Mind you I am a woman who is carrying this crossbody bag... read more »

I LOVE the material this is made from!!

06 Jun, 2019
This top is incredibly soft! I was surprised at the wonderful quality! Very pleasantly surprised!  This shirt looks great paired with a comfortable pair of blue jeans and Skinny jeans. I think... read more »

So cute!

31 May, 2019
These were a big hit at my daughters birthday party! Almost all of them transferred on to the children's skin easily. There were a few that did not do so well even with continuing to hold wat... read more »

The bag that is made for everyone.

30 May, 2019
I love this bag so much! So do so many others that have seen it! I have had 3 men ask me where I got this bag from because they wanted one too. Mind you I am a woman who is carrying this crossbody bag... read more »

I love this! I have both the small and large versions....

24 May, 2019
Both speakers are wonderful! The main difference between the two is the size and there is a slight difference in sound. I am extremely happy with both, however. I'd definitely buy them both aga... read more »

Never received order, never given updated tracking info, was given refund by the seller.

24 May, 2019
My 3-star review is solely for the honesty of the seller in letting me know that my order was likely lost in transit. Therefore the seller agreed to return my payment for this item and it was ref... read more »

Highly Recommended!!

24 May, 2019
I am obsessed with this pair of shades! I always keep them nearby! I usually rotate between 3 to 4 pair of sunglasses depending on what matches my outfit best. This pair matches with many differe... read more »

Made fairly well but the top is unflattering.

24 May, 2019
I don't have an awkward shape and my curves are luckily in all of the right places, yet this swimsuit sadly made me look as if I was misshapen and disproportionate. It wasn't the most flatteri... read more »

I love it when I am wrong and my worries are proven to have been pointless!

12 May, 2019
I will be honest here and admit that I had no idea what to expect when I first placed my order for this Aitere brand Fireproof Safe Document Bag. I really did not believe it would be very impress... read more »

Great little portable handwashing/face washing basin for camping!

04 May, 2019
This is a great addition to my family's camping kit. It's a place where we are able to wash our hands before meals or after playing, We have used it with a wash cloth to clean our faces in the... read more »

My daughter adores her little bunny!

19 Apr, 2019
I gifted this to my 6 yr old little girl with a note included. The note wished her good dreams and said that with her new gift she'd find that she could always have a light in the dark night when... read more »


14 Apr, 2019
I am happy with my purchase of this suit! I purchased 2 bathing suits of a similar style from the same seller and this is 100% my favorite of the two! I love the close fit and how I am able to... read more »


07 Apr, 2019
I purchased this to make a small zip line for my daughter, and I've gotta say that I 100% trust the quality and strength of this rope in supporting her weight of 55 pds and even my weight of... read more »

Cute Swim suit!

07 Apr, 2019
This swimsuit is adorable! The bottoms fit perfectly and in all honesty, were a very flattering fit for my backside! Haha! The top wasn't my favorite and it pulled at my neck a bit but loosen... read more »

These bowls are great to have!

31 Mar, 2019
I have a dog who LOVES to go on car rides, fishing or hiking adventures, and who always joins us on camping trips. These bowls are a wonderful find for us! With there being four of them I now have a b... read more »

These have been great for organizing my stacks of random papers!

24 Mar, 2019
I have cut back on so much paper clutter by purchasing these! I also no longer have to search for documents and forms that I've thrown down some place or another in a hurry, and can never find... read more »

I like this a lot for a child! It works wonderfully. However,

18 Mar, 2019
Had I purchased this for myself to use, would I feel a bit different? Yes, however, not by much.  I'll start with why I think this is great for my daughter, 1. Ease of use. This is very s... read more »

These are pretty awesome...

16 Mar, 2019
Overall I like this light set a lot. I have had a bit of trouble here and there with getting the lights to turn on when I need them to in my dark closet. I have gotten the hang of them a bit more... read more »

It was a nice idea...

16 Mar, 2019
This didn't work well for me. I couldn't get it to cut my hair properly even after following the tips given on the product page. It is disappointing that it doesn't come wit... read more »

I like the feel of the fabric!

15 Mar, 2019
When I first opened the dress I was worried for a moment. It didn't look like it was going to fit well, it seemed a bit bigger than I expected. However, when I tried it on I fell in love with... read more »

Impressive sound for it's size. A great speaker to use bedside.

13 Mar, 2019
The moment I pulled this speaker from the box I was impressed with it. It is very well made. For the amazingly affordable price tag, I couldn't have asked for a better more fun speaker! I enj... read more »

Basic kids telescope. Nothing fancy and easy to figure out.

10 Mar, 2019
I was happy to discover that this telescope was easy to put together. The directions were easy to understand and my 6yr old daughter was able to put it together on her own with my supervision. She onl... read more »

I can use these for many things.

08 Mar, 2019
There are 3 different sizes included in the package. The red ones were in perfect condition and the large blue ones were as well. 3 of the green bags have stitching that is a bit off which left the gr... read more »

This is a wonderful EO Diffuser/Humidifier! I love it!

03 Mar, 2019
This EO diffuser is adorable!! I purchased this device to replace a small, visually unappealing, and very leaky diffuser. I was instantly grateful I'd made the decision to trash that th... read more »

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