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Hello everyone! I love testing new products and saving some money at the same time. I give my honest option on products that I get to test. I love helping other people to make sure that products live up to standard.
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Not too shabby for earbuds.

04 Jan, 2021
I had these for awhile now. I wanted to test them out on how good they are. They do the job. I use them when I need to listen making videos. The bummer thing is they are not really good for calling. S... read more »

Very beautiful earrings!

03 Jan, 2021
I love the color of these earrings. They were so nice and fit really well on my ears. They are not heavy and did not sting, like most other earrings I had. Really loved wearing these and tend to forge... read more »

Not really 16ft...

23 Aug, 2020
I got these lights and let me tell you, it is not 16ft of lights. The wire alone is about 6ft of nothing. But, the lights are the last 10ft of it. There's two light modes. One is just on, the othe... read more »

Soft to use for face masks.

11 Aug, 2020
Been making some face masks and these have been really handy to have. They are soft and do not irrate my ears.  read more »

Great for sectioning off hair.

11 Aug, 2020
I have used these to section off my hair when I am dying my hair. Very great on keeping the hair together. Also, good for wig making to keep the hair away while I am working on stitching hair to the w... read more »

Great sewing machine kit!

11 Aug, 2020
This was a good starter for having in my sewing room. They have different needle sizes in each pack. Cute carrying case which you can take out the small dividers and arrange them however you please. T... read more »

Pretty satisfied this works.

21 Jul, 2020
I wanted to upgrade my lighting for my videos and came across this ring light. What I really liked about this one is that it has a phone holder in the middle. I use to have that in a different stand.... read more »

My niece loves her new drawing kit!

21 Jul, 2020
I gave this to my niece because she loves to draw. This had everything inside. Different pencils for shading. A sketch pad to work on. A carrying case to hold all the items that came with this set. It... read more »

Very beautiful!

21 Jul, 2020
Got this recently because I wanted something to burn my incense sticks. I was so happy on how this was beautifully designed. I thought it was going to be small, but when I got it, I was surprised on h... read more »

Very bright lights!

21 Jul, 2020
I love these lights! In this set, you get two of them. They are very well built. Included batteries and they both worked really well. There are four modes for which turning on the lights. Took aw... read more »

Very small and cute!

16 Jul, 2020
This is a wonderful fan for your desk area. It stands up pretty well. It does have two setting for low and high fanning. The bummer thing is that I was hoping this was a rechargeable battery on these.... read more »

Love my new airbrush set but...

16 Jul, 2020
I got this airbursh kit awhile ago. I finally took it out and test it out. I loved the way the airbrush feels. It took awhile to get use to it though. I never airbrushed before. I liked it how it came... read more »

Very beautiful!

16 Jul, 2020
When I pulled these out of the box, I was very surpised on how beautiful they looked. I wore them for a bit to see how they look and they are fantasic!  read more »

Great way to keep hair out of the way!

16 Jul, 2020
I got this because I wanted to wash my face but my hair is always in the way. I got these cute headbands and they sure do work great! You get 4 different color ones. They are soft and feels very nice.... read more »

Works great!

16 Jul, 2020
I have been using these for several months. These are the first time using the cups. I watched some videos on how to put these in before doing this myself. It was at first very hard to do since the vi... read more »

Very happy with these earrings.

12 Jul, 2020
I have been wearing a set for a couple of days. I do not feel the burning of my ears. They are so clean and pretty. The backing works like a charm! Really like the feel of these. read more »

They were alright, but still sore.

12 Jul, 2020
I have been using these for the last couple of days. They have improved my pain. But, I am still getting the soreness that comes from after standing up for long hours on a retail floor. They do work b... read more »

Worked ok

26 Jun, 2020
It had some bumpers, but I fear that it will hit the glass with something sticking out on the floor. It was a simple design, but need to get a better case in the future.  read more »

Worked but didn't peel all of dead skin.

24 Jun, 2020
I was so excited to try this. I followed the instructions and did washed with warm water after each day. I was sadden that my feet were not soft and left so much dead skin still. I was meh about the p... read more »

Works like a charm!

24 Jun, 2020
I have been using this product for a long while. I can say this works really well. It has 3 USB ports to charge up to 3 devices on the go. There is a solar charger too, but I do not use it much s... read more »

Great for not touching surfaces.

24 Jun, 2020
This little tool is really great! It can hook onto the door so you do not have to touch it. Getting use to it though. The silicone tips are great to use on buttons. That way you do not have to worry a... read more »

Really good nail clippers!

24 Jun, 2020
Got these in the mail. Inside, there were 5 beautiful pieces. The clippers worked really well. They did not chip my nails in the process. The buffer is good for your top of the nails to make them shin... read more »

This light is so wonderful!

24 Jun, 2020
When I got this, the box look very simple and clean. I opened the first flap of the box and had instructions printed in English. Opened another flap and inside was the lamp. When you open the lamp for... read more »

This is not worth it.

23 Jun, 2020
This was way too small to be used in a backdrop. Do not buy at all. I was hoping it would be way bigger. But nope, it was not. read more »

Cute but the wire...

23 Jun, 2020
These are very cute during the Halloween season. Just have to be careful when handling these because they do break easly.  read more »

Amazing light for vidoes.

23 Jun, 2020
I do videos online and when I needed a good source of light, this was it. It has three different light settings and it dims too. Does require to have a USB plug. It does have a slant on standing up, b... read more »

Does the job!

23 Jun, 2020
I got this because I have a little dog. This does come in handly instead of picking them up with a trash bag. So much easier on the back.  read more »

Works good but did not wish it take so many batteries.

23 Jun, 2020
I was so happy to have got new lights. When I open them to see what kind of batteries it was going to be, it took 3 AA's. It has a good controller. I highly recommend to use rechargeable batteries... read more »

Be careful on how to use!

23 Jun, 2020
This works wonderful. You make sure to have feet soaked in for 15 minutues. Better after a shower. But, this is really sharp. I had to be careful because it did cut me a bit a couple of times. Other t... read more »

Works good!

19 Jun, 2020
It took awhile to set it up. When everything was done, now I can find my keys on where they are with the app. It was so easy now to find my keys. read more »

It does get hot very quickly.

19 Jun, 2020
I really like this because of the heat where I live. But the bummer thing is that it does get hot in a short period of time. I suggest to wear a small towel or something to keep it from getting hot on... read more »

Keeps my Switch Lite safe!

19 Jun, 2020
I really enjoyed this! It has slots for the games. Bummer thing I cannot take my plug with me because of no room. It has a good handle to carry it around. The surface is a hard shell that keeps my gam... read more »

This holds up good.

19 Jun, 2020
This took awhile to be placed in my sink. Awhile later, it finally got a good suction on the sink. It has not moved around since then, but hope it stays that way. Keeps the sponges inside and quickly... read more »

Amazing! Does work!

02 Jun, 2020
I had this for a couple of months. I wanted to make sure that it did not break down. So far, it has worked like a charm. It has been great since my car is old and still want to play tunes on my phone.... read more »

Great Charger!

02 Jun, 2020
Used this and works great! Had no problem charging up my phone and charges fast. Great buy! read more »

Works good!

02 Jun, 2020
It was easy to plug into my car and posted the code. Then looked up the code for my car problem. Helps a lot to find out what is wrong with the car. read more »

Holds up pretty well!

22 Apr, 2020
This clothsline is great to have around. I can take this down when I am done with it. Holds up cloths pretty well. Feels really durable. read more »

It was hurting me after an hour.

03 Sep, 2019
I got this in the mail and wanted to wear it right away. It was at first hard to put on because it looks like it was for the left hand. I had it on for maybe an hour and it stated to hurt in between m... read more »

These are amazing to have!

21 Aug, 2019
I do a lot of laundry. These are perfect for putting your delicate items, like bras, socks, and anything that might tear while washing. They come in different sizes and very soft. Highly recommended. read more »

This filter works wonderful!

10 Aug, 2019
Where I live, there is hard water. I wanted to find a filter to clear out all those hard minerals. Ordered this filter and was super happy with the results. It was easy to put together. Always read th... read more »

Got some results.

31 Jul, 2019
Got these and tried them on my feet. Followed the directions and waited it out. Did not peeled that much and did not have the soft feet that I was hoping for. read more »

They are alright.

31 Jul, 2019
Got these two starws. They came in a little plastc container and they each have cleaning tools. The bummer thing is that the straw does bent out of shape. It can fall into your drink. But, if you want... read more »

Very comfy.

31 Jul, 2019
I got this footrest because I am short and want a place to rest my feet while traveling. This footrest is good on the feet. The clips work and support my feet while on the tray table. The only problem... read more »

Feels nice on my skin.

07 Nov, 2018
I ordered this to see what was the buzz about stones rolling on your face. I tried it and it was alright. Still haven’t got rid of a certain wrinkle, but I guess it is suppose to prevent it.&nbs... read more »

Very useful cutting mat!

07 Nov, 2018
I have a very small cutting mat but some of the big projects don’t work for it. When I saw this mat online, I wanted to give it a go since I always wanted a bigger cutting mat. When it came, I w... read more »

Great for travel!

13 Oct, 2018
These are good for travel. For shampoo, conditioner, or whatever liquids you have to carry on the flight. They are soft and safe to carry. Do not have to worry about cracking the container. read more »

Not bad for a wig.

09 Jun, 2018
The wig feels a bit weird. The ribbon is about to fall off and it looks a bit cheap. The wig's accuracy is not there. The bangs are supposed to connect to the bun and I feel the bun is a bit... read more »

Smaller than expected.

09 Jun, 2018
This ruler is somewhat hard to get at first. This took me awhile on what it does and how it measures. But, once I got the hang of it, it was easy to set up angels and squares. You can also take out th... read more »

Wow!! So many light styles!

08 Jun, 2018
I was very pleased with this product. Has many functions on this light system. It comes with a remote with 17 buttons in all. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which are not included in the set.... read more »

Fun toy for everyone!

08 Jun, 2018
This comes in a small black box. The charger and the toy come in this box. Has 10 different speeds/modes. The product info says that it is quiet, but not really. You can hear it very clearly. It is wa... read more »

Works very well!

08 Jun, 2018
This is multifunctional hub/adapter for either computer or Mac. This has 3 USB 3.0 ports, SD card reader, micro SD/TF card reader and one Micro USB external power port. You do not have to install any... read more »

Interesting Foot Pads!

08 Jun, 2018
These are the first time I am using them. I wanted to try these for the longest time and wanted to see if they worked. The first night I used them, I was not really sure about it but I kept going. By... read more »

Very cute headbands!

08 Jun, 2018
I really love the variety on these headbands. They have a cute bow on each of these headbands. The bows are small and have different patterns on them. They can be used on small adult heads. They... read more »

Great set of headbands!

08 Jun, 2018
These headbands had 20 different colors. This pack is so worth it especially if you need a different color headband for your outfit. They fit my head very well. I will be using these for crafting flow... read more »

Very cute collar!

07 Jun, 2018
This collar is great for my night walks with my Daisy, my dog. This really suits her because everyone confuses her gender. This light can be seen from a good distance and now I do not have to worry ca... read more »

Great clothesline to use!

07 Jun, 2018
I wanted to have a clothesline for my place, but due to regulations where I live, you cannot have one. I saw this and wanted to try it out. It is easy to put up but it has to be between two poles or s... read more »

Amazing book light!

07 Jun, 2018
This rechargeable book light set is amazing! It has two lights so you do not have to move your light source to the next page. Also, this is very handy when you need a light source in your desk area. I... read more »

Great planner to have!

19 May, 2018
This planner beautifully designs. The feel of this planner is smooth. The inside of this planner has a monthly, weekly, daily, and notes/ mindmap areas to work on your planning. there are two ribbon p... read more »

Nice reflectors for starter photographers.

19 May, 2018
I have been taking photos for a long time. I have been seeing photographers using these reflectors and wanted to get something affordable and portable. When I saw this product online, I could not pass... read more »

Amazing set of lights!

18 May, 2018
These lights are really great! They have a big solar panel for charging this. There are 8 different modes on this. The solar panel is located in the middle of the strings. There is a stick to attach t... read more »

Great stand for my phone and tablet!

18 May, 2018
I needed something to hold my phone while on the computer. This metal stand works perfectly! The wire can go behind the back and plug into your phone. But, what I wish it had, is a way to keep the plu... read more »

Great charger to have for trips!

18 May, 2018
This charger was really good! My phone charged up really quickly too. I really like the plugs can be folded in and would not worry about getting them bent. This charger is the size of my small hand. T... read more »

These are some pretty lights!

18 May, 2018
I got these lights because I wanted to have my yard light up during the night time. My light bulb outside takes awhile to turn on when you pass the motion sensor. I wanted to find a way to see somehow... read more »

Great gloves for protecting your hands.

18 May, 2018
These gloves are really good to keep you from burning on the grill. This also works while baking and smoking meats. I did not feel any heat coming from these gloves. I had my honey try these glov... read more »

Works great!

28 Apr, 2018
I got this reader because we smoke a lot of meats. We have an old fashion reader and wanted to try a digital one. It works great! This has a bottle opener for your beer too. It works great with an acc... read more »

Great collection of thread.

28 Apr, 2018
I love all the colors of the thread that it provides. Great thread to work with and very easy to sew with. read more »

Does not work at all.

28 Apr, 2018
I saw these headphones and decide to give them a shot. When I received them, I charged them overnight. When I came back to them the next morning, I followed the instructions and would not turn on. I c... read more »

Great way to go braless without worry!

28 Apr, 2018
This was my first time wearing these. I felt these were going to show through the shirt I was planning to wear. After putting them on, they were not hard to stick on. I put the shirt on and you could... read more »

What a great antenna for my HDTV!

28 Apr, 2018
I missed having regular TV channels. I have to go to my mother-in-law's place to watch some TV. When I found out this little gem, I was at first skeptical. It looked like I could break this antenn... read more »

Amazing Picnic Blanket!

27 Apr, 2018
This cute picnic blanket is what I needed for visit to the park or just to have a place to sit. The look and feel of this blanket are amazing! It feels soft to the touch and it can fit 4 people. If th... read more »

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