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24 Apr, 2018
This light is so cool! The light is super bright and also is dimable. The end of the wand is touch sensitive: one touch to turn on and off and touch and hold to dim or brighten. The light lasts for a... read more »


24 Apr, 2018
this soap saver works for what it is intended for. It clearly lifts the soap to a higher level so that soaps drain well and keep its shape without being drowned in water and becoming mushy. It is n... read more »


22 Mar, 2018
A simple idea that makes cooking prep easier & faster. We make large batches (several dozen) of hamburger patties at a time to cook & freeze. Whenever we need a quick meal it's easy to def... read more »

Excellent case

22 Mar, 2018
Pros: -Two part case = protected  -Grips on the side helps you hold on to your phone -All holes are cut on precision ; front & back camera, back logo, speakers and home button, easy access... read more »

Nice case

22 Mar, 2018
I think this is very useful because it's a wallet and a case. Sometimes I struggle with holding my wallet and my cellphone at the same time and I think this helps a lot. Recommended. read more »

This is perfect for a child

22 Mar, 2018
It's nice and soft and being it has the velcro I can move it from seat to seat. I have one for both of my kids. The kids lean against when they fall asleep while riding in car. read more »

Great for an adventure

18 Mar, 2018
Update: One exploded in my hand.   I purchased these camping light for my camping trip last night. They are awesome! Low/high/strobe mode is available. It lights my tent pretty well. The he... read more »

It's perfect.

09 Mar, 2018
When I opened this package I was so excited to look inside. Comparing to turntables I have seen and worked with this one would be the best looking. The bottom has a non-slip surface to make sure your... read more »

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