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Pretty good quality

07 Jan, 2021
Its perfect, its a pretty good quality.Its very pretty. I love it read more »

perfect fit

21 Dec, 2020
They fit perfect under mask and makes it so i can breathe so much better with the mask on. I will never wear a mask again without this insert. Awesome product.  read more »

so cute

21 Nov, 2020
I love it, absolutley awesome, this makes a great gift and perfect for this hiloday season read more »


24 Oct, 2020
A great gadget and it looks awesome on my husbands motorcycle, Works great and he loves it!! read more »


21 Jul, 2020
it is beautiful, comes in a great gift giving box. the box and chain scream quality and class. i love it! read more »

A great night out bag.

30 Apr, 2020
This clutch is really pretty, its great for nights out and parties or weddings. It is a good size and can fit a good amount of stuff that is needed to take with you when going out. It is good idea as... read more »

pretty but hard to tell its an owl

30 Apr, 2020
This jewelry holder is very pretty, i got this as a gift for my mom , she says its very hard to tell its an owl. Other than that its a good size to put on counter and hold a few pieces of jewelry. My... read more »

perfect gift

16 Mar, 2020
This looks awesome, it is a perfect gift. It comes in a nice box and perfect for gift giving. its great!! read more »


06 Jan, 2020
works pretty good with my windows 10 computer. easy to use disc and usb.  read more »

Its perfect

12 Dec, 2019
I bought this for a gift and i really like it. Its easy to get on and off of wrist and it looks good. very happy read more »

very cute

07 Dec, 2019
This tie is pretty cute, I like the music it plays, the material of the tie is not the beast but its a great little gift for someone for the holidays. read more »


07 Dec, 2019
This is a great lunch bag, its pretty and is a perfect size to take a packed lunch to work or school. Its good for adults and chilfren. Very fashion friendly. Sturdy material and zipper. I really like... read more »

It nice and big

07 Dec, 2019
Its really cool looking and a big size, the marker doesnt stay on very well. The colors blled together and kind of rub off read more »

Great little toy

01 Dec, 2019
The kids love this toy, it amazes them and keeps them entertained for awhile. So easy to use and play with. Great read more »

really nice

28 Nov, 2019
This ring is very nice, i like that the desin is not over done, its subtle and its perfect for me. Im giving this to my husband as a gift and i think he will really love it. The material of ring looks... read more »

so cute

28 Nov, 2019
These socks fit very well and they are stretchy and comfortable, The pictures and designs are really well done and look amazing, they are a great conversation piece for when i go to my moms and have t... read more »

didnt receive product

28 Nov, 2019
my order was refunded due to shipping issues, this is the email i got............... Hi Michelle,Unfortunately, a problem occurred during shipping and we had to cancel your delivery. The package is... read more »

great set

24 Nov, 2019
i bought this for my daughter and she said its works perfect fro her brows. She said each tool id very useful and the case it comes in is sturdy and nice to keep in purse.  read more »

Great set

23 Nov, 2019
I love this set ,the box it comes in and the set of four makes a great gift for birthdays or the holidays. I got these for my teen daughter and she loves them so much, she said the colors are awesome.... read more »

Great price

23 Nov, 2019
This set of six hypoallergenic earrings are priced great for a gift and Arrive as beautiful as the picture shows, Im so happy i bought these and I will be buying more for someone else for a holiday gi... read more »

Septic safe

22 Nov, 2019
I love that these are septic safe because when i showed my husband thats the first thing he asked. Super easy to use and it does not clog up sink or interfere with it draining. The packaging is great... read more »

easy to use

20 Nov, 2019
This is the perfect hieght and is easy to use. A great tool to have if you have dogs and a yard to cleAN read more »

very cool

18 Nov, 2019
very cool toy, makes a great gift. my nephew loves it. very fun for him to play with read more »

Great gift idea

13 Nov, 2019
I got this for my husband for christmas and its awesome, the light is super bright and quality made, the multi tool is great and sturdy and strong, The set is awesome and makes a great gift for the ma... read more »

Strong and perfectly aligned

13 Nov, 2019
These are some quality tweezers, perfect for getting every little hard to get hair out or your eye brows. The different tweezers make sure you can have the tool to use for all the beauty needs, cool c... read more »

Super Sweet set

13 Nov, 2019
Wow this is a great tool set for all the smaller things that need to be fixed. I got this for my husband because he is always fixing things and he loves it, he said it has everything he needs plus som... read more »


13 Nov, 2019
Im so happy i got these, they aseem to charge my phone faster than regular charger, They are a good length so i dont have to sit scrunched up to use phone while on old 2 ft charging cord, I have more... read more »

Lights up perfect

12 Nov, 2019
This little tree is so cute, the tree has the lights in a perfect alignment, making it look like a real tree. The battery pack has enough cord length to be hidden, This tree is perfect addition to my... read more »

Absolutley cute

12 Nov, 2019
I bought this for my teen daughter and she wears a size large usually so i purchased the xlarge and it fits awesome. Its reall cute on her and it is just beautiful. Very nice design and elastic in the... read more »

So cute

10 Nov, 2019
I reall like this tree, i love that you can use a usb or batteries to light it up. I also like that the batteries go inside the tree instead of on the outside. It is really cute and makes my decoratio... read more »

So bright

10 Nov, 2019
This is the most powerful and brightest solar powered light i have ever used. Wow, It lights up a huge area in the front of my house. No more darkness for my house. I plan on getting more for my back... read more »

super cute

10 Nov, 2019
I bought this for my sisters kids and it is so cute, Its a great gift for one or more kids. They can all play with it at the same time. The water markers are easy to use. The kids love it.  read more »

So cute

08 Nov, 2019
This is absolutley cute, My sister had a baby and I sent to her and she loves it, she called me and said it was perfect , good material and fits awesome read more »


08 Nov, 2019
I bought this for my mother for christmas and it arrived beautiful, Its perfect in every way. i love it read more »

Fits and works perfect

05 Nov, 2019
This airpods case is small and compact and fits airpods, perfectly. I like the black style and is fashionable for teens or adults.  read more »

sturdy and many uses

05 Nov, 2019
These rings are sturdy and strongly close and open. They can be used for crafts or your binders. Good size and work great read more »


28 Oct, 2019
I love that this package comes with 12 different straps and that they come in 3 different sizes for different uses. These straps are really strong, i was really surprised that they are this strong. Th... read more »

works fast

25 Oct, 2019
These patches are amazing, i put some on before i went to bed and when i woke up the redness was gone, and the pimple was almost gone. I am so happy i found these. I love that the patches come in a st... read more »

Perfect power

25 Oct, 2019
This device is awesome, The data tranfer between devices is super fast. The fast charging is even better. I am so happy i no longer have to sit and wait for such a long time for my devices to charge o... read more »

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