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Happy Halloween

23 Oct, 2019
This is a nice felt Halloween banner. It spans the length of our sliding doors. You have to thread it on the included ribbon. I see from the picture, I did this incorrectly, but otherwise it looked li... read more »

Keep your pants on!

09 Jun, 2019
  I got a 2 pack of magnetic belts for my skinny twins. I got a black and a navy, which is great so they can tell which one is theirs. My kids just turned 8 and one is smaller than the other.... read more »

Just what I needed

27 Apr, 2019
I've had the Piyo DVDs sitting around forever.  I finally decided it was time to start using them, but I didn't have the exercise disks to use with one of the DVDs.  These looked lik... read more »


12 Apr, 2019
I got compliments about this bracelet the first day I wore it. It is really cute. It is a single band that wraps around your wrist several times and snaps in the back. The flower is very pretty. More... read more »

So cute

15 Feb, 2019
This is a really nice shirt.  It fit well and was true to size.  I usually wear between a large and extra large.  The material is a little thin, but not see through.  It is nice an... read more »


01 Feb, 2019
I've been batch cooking lately, which means using all my kitchen goodies. Most of my spatulas are 2 piece, so gunk gets up under the top. I wanted these to avoid that. They are a little flexy on t... read more »


22 Nov, 2018
I get super hot working out. This towel helps to cool me down. Works just as described. read more »

Just what I needed

23 Oct, 2018
I have a fire safes, but I wanted a fireproof bag for paperwork I'm using and don't want to have to dig for. This is just what I needed. It takes up no space, but fits plenty. It is slightly o... read more »


23 Oct, 2018
Continuing the Halloween celebration, we tried out these cute pjs. They are a size 6-7 on my seven year old. I would say they are generously sized. They are a looser fit than most PJs we get. They was... read more »

Bok Bok

23 Oct, 2018
  Doesn't everyone need a chicken mask? Just me? This adult mask is well made. It looks awesome. I did feel a little claustrophobic in it, despite it having great eye holes and nose holes.... read more »


23 Oct, 2018
Halloween  is one of my son's favorite holidays, so we've been doing lots of decorating this year. This spooky spider web is a perfect fit ( dust is a free added effect ) It comes with a... read more »


22 Oct, 2018
These adorable bibs are so practical! The pocket catches messes and they rinse right off. Perfect for toddlers. I was worried about the clasps, but they hold well. read more »


03 Oct, 2018
My son is way into Halloween. I got this lace table topper to go over our Halloween tablecloth. He also found it can be used as a vampire cape. Bonus! It is a nice quality and I love the spiders and s... read more »


17 Sep, 2018
These cute miniearasers come packed 7 in a little egg. They are tiny, so better for little toys than actual erasers, although you can use them to erase. The packaging is adorable, but hard to open. Th... read more »

Shine Bright

08 Sep, 2018
I never knew that blacklights came in a flashlight. I have a big clynky one that plugs in. This one is so handy to have. Easy to hunt down pet messes and brighten up the glow stars I have on my kids&#... read more »

Laundry Bags

06 Aug, 2018
Laundry! It's a never ending battle. I currently have three of these mesh washing bags full of unmatched socks. So do I match the sock? Nope I buy more bags!! This set was nice. It came with2 smal... read more »


28 Jul, 2018
This summer has been exceptionally hot. I still want to work out though. These cooling towels help me get my workout in without burning up. Bonus, they come in these cute cans with directions on them.... read more »

Stuck on You

10 Jun, 2018
Love these huge packs of stickers! So many fun designs. Just know that all are NOT child friendly. There is a good assortment and no duplicates. So far they have all stuck well and been water resistan... read more »

Safety First

10 Jun, 2018
I got these extra-small sized knee, elbow and hand pads for my son for all his skating, biking, and scootering. I went with the extra-small size because some others he has ran big. They fit awesome an... read more »


10 Jun, 2018
This is awesome.  I always end up doing arts & crafts and stuff for my kids' school and need to cut paper.  I have a cricut, but I often need to cut a straight edge on bigger paper.&... read more »

Catnip Filled

27 May, 2018
This is my lazy little kitty. He rarely plays, prefering to lounge his days away. I could tell these fish actually had catnip in them because he made a few attempts at playing with them and every so o... read more »

Beary Cute

27 May, 2018
I feel like I am always digging through my bag looking for something. I end up carrying a ton of stuff. This ministapler takes up hardly any room and looks adorable. The best part is it always works w... read more »

Great for Kids

27 May, 2018
  My kids have been begging for a globe. This one fits the bill, plus can serve as a nightlight which displays constellations. It displays the globe when not lit. Once you plug it in,it shows... read more »

Workout Gear

19 May, 2018
I've been working out more and needed some more outfits. This tank is great for working out at home. The fabric is lightweight and stays cool. The sweat dries quickly. I wear a large or XL in most... read more »


19 May, 2018
I  love cats! These jammies are super cute. It comes with shorts and a shirt. Perfect for summer. I am between a Large and XL. I got these in a XL and they were too small. The shirt fits fine, a... read more »

Easy to Transport

14 May, 2018
So I frequently am out and about with my kids and need someplace to sit on the ground. I have a large portable blanket, but it is really bulky and takes up a ton of room. This pocket blanket is so com... read more »


14 May, 2018
I got this for my kids not knowing exactly how it worked. They LOVE it. It glides above the floor. Takes 4 AA batteries that I thought would run out quickly, but have held up. They ask to play it... read more »


05 May, 2018
These mats from tenquest keep food fresh by circulating air and drawing away moisture. Cut to fit, you get 4 generous sized sheets. They can be washed and reused. Makes for a great liner, even if you... read more »

Let the Sun Shine In

18 Apr, 2018
I have a hard time waking up, but light can help. Enter the sunrise alarm, which lets you wake to both sound and light. The alarm was easy to set up(my husband couldn't figure it out, but I didn&#... read more »

star light, star bright

04 Apr, 2018
My kids love glow in the dark stars. We slowly are covering their entire ceiling! This pack of 200 will help us get it done. They are small stars in three colors, blue, yellow, and pink. They get a pr... read more »


30 Mar, 2018
I got this running belt to keep my lock key with me when working out. I got a size large, which was the right size for me at a size 12. It can fit my cell phone, although its a tight fit and it looks... read more »


30 Mar, 2018
So after I got a new phone I only had one charger, which quite frankly was not enough. After trying and failing to carry it with me I got two more. Better, but I still needed more, so I got this two p... read more »

Works Great

24 Mar, 2018
So its no secret you should cover your webcam when not in use. I had mine covered up with a band aid. It was cost effective, but not very convenient. The price point of these made it an easy purchase.... read more »

Fast Charge

20 Mar, 2018
  I needed another phone charger, since the guy at walmart led me astray with a recommendation that didn't work for my phone. I decided to go for one I could use in the car. This one comes... read more »

Lightweight and keeps you cool

14 Mar, 2018
I've been doing a new workout at the gym and I end up drenched. It isn't pretty at all. I got this to try and combat the problem. It is a nice bright green color and long like a scarf. The fab... read more »

Easy to use

09 Mar, 2018
Crazy hair day, spirit day, halloween...I'm always scrounging up costumes and accessories. I got these to have on hand in a pinch. The first time I tried them, I didn't realize your hair shoul... read more »


09 Mar, 2018
I loved my Owill kitty pens, so this purchase was a no brainer for me. Adorable, as always, but the best part is they write awesome. My husband even chooses them because he likes the way they write. I... read more »

Keeps drinks hot for hours

09 Mar, 2018
I had an awesome travel mug. I loved it, but then I dropped it and the bottom broke. I was going to just rebuy it, but then I saw this one. This had the tea tray and the screw on lid I was looking for... read more »


24 Feb, 2018
My son has ripped through two pairs of velcro shoes this year. We had these tie shoes in the closet, but he refuses to learn how to tie them. These coolnice laces saved me from having to buy yet anoth... read more »


10 Feb, 2018
My kids have been begging me for a fishing game. I finally caved and got them this one. So far they love it. They ripped into it before I got into the room. We never found the directions and I am not... read more »

Insta Photo Booth

10 Feb, 2018
My kids love playing dress up and taking selfies. They were so excited when these photo booth props arrived. I was excited that there are so many different accessories and the kit can be used long aft... read more »


08 Feb, 2018
These pens are so cute.  The little cats all have different expressions on their faces.  But the best part is I love the way they write.  They are somewhat of a felt tip pen.  They... read more »

Nice Quality

30 Jan, 2018
My husband and I do a lot of cooking. And as vegetarians we do a ton of chopping. It was time for some new cutting boards, so I grabbed a three pack of Raj cutting boards. I got them last week and hav... read more »

Great Addition to my Ozark Trail Cup!

30 Jan, 2018
My husband is currently on crutches, so he has issues carrying stuff. I got this Toptheway handle to help him carry around his coffee(well carry around is a stretch, he can get it to the table). The h... read more »

great fit

30 Jan, 2018
I recently got this super cute cowl neck shirt from Inorin. I love when I order stuff and it actually fits!! This is an XL. I usually am in between a L or XL, but I am tall so I tend to size up. This... read more »


14 Jan, 2018
  I have an outlet at work where I need to plugin my microwave, minifridge, and printer. In order to have enough space I needed something. This surge protector has been perfect. It fits on the... read more »


14 Jan, 2018
  So hands down the number one thing that gets lost in my house are the kitchen scissors. To ease the angst I picked up these cusibox kitchen scissors. The pull apart feature is awesome for cl... read more »


14 Jan, 2018
Now that both my husband and I have phones that can wirelessly charge, we've purchased a couple of chargers like this JH-LI quick charger. They make it so much easier to just set down your phone t... read more »


02 Jan, 2018
I don't eat eggs often- so I don't need a rack just for them. This sits up higher than the steamer rack that comes with the instantpot and fits in the pot perfectly. I will mostly be using it... read more »

Fit Great

02 Jan, 2018
So, I do try and workout regularly and I wanted some new pants for the gym. I am tall and a lot of times leggings run too short. When I saw the picture of these they looked long and I was pleasantly s... read more »

Nice Quality and Super Cute

26 Dec, 2017
We love santa hats and were thrilled to ad the Christmas tree hat to our collection. The santa hat was an added bonus, because we recently lost one. These fit both kids and adults. They are really nic... read more »

Love it

21 Dec, 2017
You know how they tell you to just get rid of stuff you don't need? You know how everytime you finally get rid of something you immediately need it?  Such is the tale of my salad spinner. I h... read more »


20 Dec, 2017
I've bought a lot of bluetooth speakers lately, because I want to listen to music in most rooms in my house. However none of them compare to this mugig. You guys, this is actually a planter!! Like... read more »

Lights Aglow

17 Dec, 2017
Tis the season ...for me to rummage through the back of my understairs closet for Christmas stuff. There is no light back there and it is a pain in the butt. Enter the camping light from #firstbu... read more »


15 Dec, 2017
When I first saw this kind of tape come out I knew we would need some, because #legos are awesome. This comes with two colors/ 6.5 feet(1 meter each roll). It works great with legos, but lit... read more »


12 Dec, 2017
I never have time to go shopping for clothes,so I was happy to have found this read more »


10 Dec, 2017
Tis the season...for lots of gift wrapping! I had a huge toy to wrap up for my son. I didn't want to waste a whole roll of wrapping paper on it and none of my gift bags were big enough. This sucke... read more »

Great Gift

05 Dec, 2017
I never know what to get for my husband's stocking. When I saw these I knew they would be perfect and they didn't disappoint. It's a set of six that come in a cute little box. The records... read more »


03 Dec, 2017
This is a geat pack of slap bracelets. Perfect for birthday party favors. Nice variety of designs. My kids really liked the Christmas ones. A few designs have a strip of a different print on the edge,... read more »

Perfect for beginners

02 Dec, 2017
My kids started taking violin this year in school. They get cereal box violins to practice with at home. I took violin when I was young and I wanted them to have more than a box. At the same time I di... read more »

Love these

01 Dec, 2017
I'm always searching for stuff I can put in my kids birthday goodie bags(and yes I am starting super early read more »

Keep your credit cards safe

27 Nov, 2017
After getting my credit card number stolen a couple times, I now make sure I have them in a RFID blocking case. My favorite wallet doesnt include that feature , so I always use an add on. I had the li... read more »


27 Nov, 2017
This speaker is so much fun. It has a clock and alarm, plus plays music via Bluetooth and works as a light. It is super easy to set up and use. Initially I thought the sound was a bit tinny, but I adj... read more »

Nice Quality

27 Nov, 2017
My kids like to skateboard, scooter, and bike ride. They aren't always the most careful, so I like to make sure they are wearing safety gear. I was pleasantly surprised by this set from eNilecor.... read more »


24 Nov, 2017
I love these lights. It saves so much time over hanging Christmas lights. These have an even bigger bonus of being able to exchange the images, so it can be used for all seasons. Simple to set up, you... read more »

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