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Insulated lunch bag for kids

05 Oct, 2017
I didnt realize that this kids lunch bag was as big as it looked.  I think I may be using this lunch because of the insulated, large interior. I love the hot pink and bright colors.  read more »

Ayliss Graceful Women One Piece Floral

05 Oct, 2017
This is a beauiful one piece floral bathing suit. I love the style choice of colors on the white.  I am thrilled that I made this purchase. I would love to buy  and see some other products f... read more »

Tree of Life Healing

05 Oct, 2017
This tree of life necklace and bracelet is very colorful and I love the way this Top Plaza 7 Chakra Gemstone Tree of Life Necklace wraps firmly around your neck.These tree of life pendants are very po... read more »

EyHome Weekly Pill Organizer

05 Oct, 2017
I really liked the way this pill organizer was made to be very compact and it does not take up much room at all.  The only problem I had with this pill organizer was that I personally have big pi... read more »

ACEVIVI Makeup Brushes

05 Oct, 2017
These brushes are great. I have already used them and they are very soft and make-up goes on smooth instead of blotchy like some other brushes.  The brushes also seem to clean easily without losi... read more »

Moon Watch

03 Oct, 2017
I was very excited to get this watch, but when I received it I was surprised at how cheap it looked.  I am not saying the watch wasnt as the seller described, but I thought the watch would be mor... read more »

Wolf Hoodie

02 Oct, 2017
This wolf hoodie is gorgous and the silky light material makes the hoodie able to be wore in different types of weather. I bought this hoodie for a present  for someone but now I am thinking that... read more »

Zoweetek Solar Lights

02 Oct, 2017
You can never have enough solar lights but I have to say this was so bright and the compact size makes it easy to put it in more spaces but I am thinking sending this to our friends in Purito Rico. I... read more »

Party Decorations Balloons

26 Sep, 2017
I was impressed with the bright, bold and colorful balloons. The balloons are great Octoberfest colors or Office parties. I love the large size of these balloons and the durability. I am very happy th... read more »

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

26 Sep, 2017
I was looking forward to trying one of these stainless steel water bottle. I loved it and the only complaint I had was that it did keep cold or hot drinks very long.  I need all my cups to stay c... read more »

Pealrich Love Heart

23 Sep, 2017
This is a beautiful neckace and the Heart Pendant was colorful and just sparkled.  The Heart was larger than I had expected and I plan to make this a gift to my daughter, she will love the bright... read more »


23 Sep, 2017
It has always been difficult to find a bathrobe  that my husband would like, let alone wear.  But he really the liked this very light weight cotten robe and we loved the dragons and the colo... read more »


23 Sep, 2017
The makeup was creamy and very long lasting. You dont have to keep appling the eyeshadow and the glitter was not a overkill unless you want it to be by reappling.  I would honestly recommend this... read more »

Baloray Lunch Bag Tote

23 Sep, 2017
I love this lunch tote bag, The bag looks small but I was surprised at the amount of stuff I could fit inside this bag. It keeps everything cold for my shift at work and I have side pocket for my phon... read more »

Zoweetek Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

23 Sep, 2017
Great speaker, I reallyl love the bass sound.   My husband and I love to use the Zoweetek speaker in the shower .  My only complaint is that I would like the speaker to stay charged a little... read more »

Exgreem Neon Accent

23 Sep, 2017
My husband loves them.He put them on the bottom his motorcyle and he can change the colors because of the nice small remote that he can carry around.  I think that I would love to have them on th... read more »

Salad Cutter Bowl

21 Sep, 2017
I really like this Salad Cutter Bowl.  I feel that it is too little for my family but it is a great serving size for 1 or 2 people.  I am dieting and  I am eating more salads for my mea... read more »

Cut Resistant Gloves

21 Sep, 2017
These Cut Resistant Gloves that I bought for my husband ( who ls looking forward to using when he starts hunting this year ).  He is looking forward to not cutting his fingers while processing hi... read more »

Diamond Candy Women's Fashion Sunglasses

21 Sep, 2017
I love the Diamond Candy Fashion Sunglasses.  I didnt think I wuuld like the style and planned to give to my daughter, but I will keep them for myself. These sungllasses are very light and they a... read more »

Moonstone Necklace

19 Sep, 2017
I loved the neckace but I feel the chain really cheap to point of it not making it to a 3rd wearing.  I love the stone but I feel the necklace is listed at a price that is too high. read more »

The Wolf Moon Plugs and Nose Clips

15 Sep, 2017
This item arrived on time and was just as seller described them to be.  My grand daughter was trying them and she said that the nose clips and ear plugs worked great. read more »

S8 Plus Case

15 Sep, 2017

Women's Cotton Sleepwear

13 Sep, 2017
I was thrilled when I opened this package.  This is the kinda of nightgown I love to wear in winter time.  It has long sleeves but because of the material, it doesnt make me to hot to be com... read more »

IPad Pro 10.5 Case

13 Sep, 2017
This is a beautiful leather case that everyone has commented on. This case protects and keeps the IPad from spills.  The strong and tough case also profides the IPad with a very sturdy stand to d... read more »

The Body Brush

12 Sep, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised that the Body Brush was made with what appears to be great durability.  I enjoyed using the Body Brush immensely especially on my backside.  The bristles were both... read more »

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