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Offers some back relief

20 Sep, 2020
I am tiny so kids sized first me well and gave my back a bit of relief when put on  read more »


20 Sep, 2020
This are so much better than disposable ones.   Soft and decent size for coverage  read more »

Beautiful manicures

12 Sep, 2020
I absolutely love the gel colors and especially live the fact I can do my own nails at home for a fraction of the cost as salons.  My nails look like I went to the salon and spent $40 . read more »


11 Sep, 2020
I didn't know what to expect but I am very impressed with the wax kit. I love that its small and takes up very little space.  Came with a bit of wax to get me started.  Very nice cute an... read more »

Does what is suppose to

09 Sep, 2020
My son has broken so many headsets so he was stoked to get these. And he said they are much more comfortable than others. And he loves that they have adapters for other things  read more »

Comfortable and cute

09 Sep, 2020
Maternity bras who said they were suppose to be? These are definitely cute and super comfortable .. I will wear thru my whole pregnancy  read more »

My gamer kid gave me 2 thumbs up

03 Sep, 2020
These are being used for my gamer kid and he couldn't be more thrilled to have rechargeable batteries for his controllers now.  They seem to work just as good as any other rechargeable and he... read more »

Why did I wait so long

23 Aug, 2020
the best nights sleep in forever.  I noticed the first night I fell asleep faster and the 2nd day I woke up feeling so much more rested.  I am so happy with this  read more »

Just needs some paint and it's perfect

22 Aug, 2020
I love that this keeps our pets bowls from being kicked around on the floor and with a coat of paint it will look super cute in the home  read more »

Perfect craft tool

19 Aug, 2020
I bought this to add to my craft tools.  I love the compactness of the whole set and will be looking for crafts to do using this  read more »

Totally cute

19 Aug, 2020
there are tons and tons of adorable nail accents.  I love butterflies and I love how many dofferent types there are to pick from.  Easy way to add a cute touch to a mani read more »

More than I expected

18 Aug, 2020
I was a bit skeptical and im sure I need practice using these but the concept is cool and I like them for a nice full lash look  read more »

I will buy more

18 Aug, 2020
I love this ! I will admit I didn't think it would work let alone make it look like realistic hair but it does ! Perfect to fill it the more bare areas and shape my brows better  read more »

A bit small for long hair but perfect for beards

16 Aug, 2020
I bought this for myself however my hair is way too long to use it on with getting caught but it makes a perfect beard straightener for my brother. He's asked me before to straighten it so now he... read more »

Pretty good

30 Jul, 2020
everything seemed to be delivered.  I am thrilled to have a sew kit for my machine now .  Works well cant tell ita bot brand name  read more »

Still figuring it out but so far so good

27 Jul, 2020
I am a slow tech learner but so far so good.  I am sure this is a great deal for the price I paid based on what I am learning as I go with using it    read more »

Exactly what I needed

20 Jul, 2020
I have been making masks for 3 months now and have ordered other nose pieces but these were by far the best and easiest to use .  Great buy ! read more »

More than I expected

18 Jul, 2020
I was hesitant on this purchase but I am so happy with it and going to be buying more. These are the perfect summer shoes for walking waterside.  The soles have some grip to them and have a bit o... read more »

Perfect relief

16 Jul, 2020
after months wearing a cloth face mask my ears were raw but these have helped take the wear off if my ears yet give me the ability to wear my mask comfortably  read more »

Great entertainment

15 Jul, 2020
perfect gaming for mom and dad and perfect gaming without the need of internet   bought as intended to use as a travel gaming system but have played 4 hours at home already  read more »

Just what we needed

13 Jul, 2020
Perfect add of color to the switch to make it easier to find and a bit more protected when dropped .  Perfect ! read more »

Exactly what I wanted and needed

13 Jul, 2020
ordered because It was an item I had needed and it works perfectly. Very satisfied with this purchase  read more »

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