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I am a mother of two children and grandmother of three grandchildren. I've been reviewing just over a year and love reviewing tremendously!
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Handy rain jacket

25 Dec, 2017 This item is a compact, easy to carry rain jacket... read more »

Love this silicone scrubber!

25 Dec, 2017 This item is a silicone scrubber f... read more »

Easy to use!

19 Dec, 2017 If you are looking for a quick change of decor in... read more »

Wonderful item!

18 Dec, 2017 Such a handy, easy solution to the neck pain&... read more »

A mini basketball!

06 Dec, 2017 This ball is such a bright color with a  so... read more »

I'm such a kid at heart!

06 Dec, 2017 These watercolor pens have a soft and flexible tip that make... read more »

I've needed this for a long time!

06 Dec, 2017 Why have I never thought of a bungee system to... read more »

Ready to go raincoat!

06 Dec, 2017   Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry for... read more »

Comfortable Socks!

07 Nov, 2017 This item is a set if 5 pairs of socks. The socks a... read more »

My granddaughter loves these!!

07 Nov, 2017 This item is a set of 5 boyshorts. Each boysho... read more »

Just what I needed!

07 Nov, 2017 This item is a stylish shape-classic-style... read more »

Perfect timing for this to arruce!

07 Nov, 2017 This is a set of three shapeware belts.&n... read more »

Reminds me of jewelry my Mother had!

07 Nov, 2017 This item is a beautiful retro and attractive... read more »

Cute bracelet!!

07 Nov, 2017 This item is a gorgeous charm bracelet!  Thi... read more »

I have wanted a set like this for my crafts!

07 Nov, 2017 This item is a powerful & dur... read more »

Cute Envelopes!

07 Nov, 2017  This this item is a set of of 4 gift... read more »

Granddaughter loves this!

07 Nov, 2017 This item 8s a gymnastic leotard that is gre... read more »

Compact spice grinder

07 Nov, 2017 This item is a compact spice grinder. If you really... read more »

I love these flexible lids!

07 Nov, 2017 This item is a set of silicone covers for bowls... read more »

Perfect for my son!

27 Oct, 2017 This is a set if three barbeque mat... read more »

A very different highlighter set

27 Oct, 2017 This a set if highlighters advertised as Bibl... read more »

A flexible clothesline meets my needs

27 Oct, 2017 This item is a portable indoor/outdoor... read more »

Another good charging cord

27 Oct, 2017 This utem is a set of lime green charging and tr... read more »

Left feet feeling wonderful!

27 Oct, 2017 This item is a 30 minute treatment process for your dry,... read more »

Great for gel nail systems!

26 Oct, 2017 This item is a curing lamp for different nail po... read more »

Livd2this tweezer set!

26 Oct, 2017 This item is a tweezer set including t... read more »

Cute necklace

26 Oct, 2017 this item is a double chain necklace.  ... read more »

Worked Great!!

26 Oct, 2017 This is a set of one 23.6 inch flexible grabb... read more »

Tough cable for my phonez2

26 Oct, 2017 This item is a USB Type C Cable to USB 3.0. It... read more »

Great for jewelry making with my granddaughter!!

26 Oct, 2017   This item is a spool of 0.5 mm c... read more »


09 Oct, 2017 This is a set of high definition... read more »

Makes zippering up back zippers so easy!

09 Oct, 2017 This item is a tool which assists you in zippering u... read more »

Great way to carry your phone with ease!!

08 Oct, 2017 This item is a small purse capable of carr... read more »

Rolo chain -polished stainess steel

08 Oct, 2017 This item is a 24 inch 2MM polished stainless s... read more »

Great phone charger cables!

08 Oct, 2017 This item is a set of 2 braided charging cords... read more »

Perfect for my cast iron frying pan!

08 Oct, 2017 This item is a silicone handle for use with... read more »

What a great massage feeling!

08 Oct, 2017 This cellulite brush is specially designed to... read more »

Terrific foot peel treatment

08 Oct, 2017  Regardless of the fact that the callus on your feet a... read more »

A luxery loofah back scrubber

08 Oct, 2017   This item is a teakwood backscrubb... read more »

Love this silicone muffin pan!

08 Oct, 2017 This item is silicone muffin pan made of 100% foo... read more »

Cute pajamas!

21 Sep, 2017   This item is a long sleeved purple ca... read more »

Harder than you would think!

21 Sep, 2017 This item is a wooden puzzle that turns p... read more »

Great hooks at a great peice!

20 Sep, 2017 This item is a set of 10 stainless steel "S" sh... read more »

Wonderful color selection set!

19 Sep, 2017 This is a set of ten assorted conce... read more »

Meat tenderizing made easy!

19 Sep, 2017 This item is a meat tenderizer that has... read more »

Such a cute way to wear your oils!

11 Sep, 2017 This item is a double wrap bracelet f... read more »

Granddaughter loves this!

04 Sep, 2017 This float board by VERISA  is a kids and adults swimming kickboard/swim pool float/floating hand boa... read more »

Cute alternative band for my fitness tracker

31 Aug, 2017 This cute band makes a great alternative to the normal boring fitness tracker bands. Features include: High-quality genui... read more »

Perfect Fit!

31 Aug, 2017 This dual layer, heavy duty, protective silicone plastic case cover for Samsung Galaxy On5  in Blue ansolutely is a p... read more »

Perfect shaver for me!

31 Aug, 2017 This all-in-one specialty shaver deals with all possible intricate shaving possibilities for me inc... read more »

Nice phone cover!

19 Aug, 2017 This iPhone 6 plus phone case by LoHi fits my iPhobe perfectly! Every button works perfectly with this case on just... read more »

Great organizing system!

16 Aug, 2017 This is a set of plastic spice jar clips by VILA that can be used as the 4 strips they ship as or individually snapped apart... read more »

Bath Bombs at their best!

16 Aug, 2017 A gift boxed set of six vegan bath bombs by ANGELFLIPPED is a wonderful potential gift fir someone - including yourself!&... read more »

Super Cute!!

16 Aug, 2017 This super cute Moana costume by ROMASA made my granddaughter's day! The elements included in the Moana costume set make this... read more »

Comfortable Sleep Tee Shirt

16 Aug, 2017 This sleep shirt by ENJOYNIGHT is a comfortable sleep shirt! I look for my sleeping attire to double as comfortable around t... read more »

Silicone Food Savers are a Winner For Me!

05 Aug, 2017
  ML.PRODUCTS has a winner with this set of reusable silicone food savers/protectors/food caps for jars, cans, food storage, or cover for cut fruit and vegetables. This set of four comes... read more »

Very Impressed with this Kitchen Tool Set!

05 Aug, 2017
  This SCS ETC 12pc kitchen tool set is by far heavier duty and more durable than I expected it to be! This kitchen tool set includes: whisk, bottle opener, egg separator, melon baller&nb... read more »

Beautiful Salt Lamp!

05 Aug, 2017
  This Haraqi Himalayan salt rock lamp is hand carved natural crystal salt with  a wooden base and includes a dimmer switch and UL-approved bulb. This lamp is gorgeous on and the dimmable... read more »

Micro USB to USB cable

26 Jul, 2017
This item is a 10 foot micro USB to USB cable in black. The cable is thicker and more durable than most cables that I have. Built to last with 20 gauge power wires for fast charging and 28 gauge... read more »

Garden Force Pruner

26 Jul, 2017
SK5 high carbon Japanese titanium coated steel blades highlight this classic garden handheld pruner. The handles are forged with high quality aluminum specifically desugned for ease-of-use, comfort an... read more »

HDMI Splitter Switch

26 Jul, 2017
This HDMI splitter switch by Summstar is a most needed item on my single HDMI port TV.  This HDMI Splitter Switch has 3 In 1 out ports and high speed pigtail cable supporting 1080P, 3D, HD A... read more »

Love these crochet hooks!

26 Jul, 2017
I love to crochet and finding crochet hooks that feel right in your hand while crocheting can sometimes be difficult.  But this set of crochet hooks by Gofoby meets my needs perfectly! This cr... read more »

A wonderful creative craft!

26 Jul, 2017
You can not go wrong with this Schoone DIY Clay craft set. This is a colourful polymer clay oven bake model clay. There are 24 vivid colors of this clay in this set as well as  sculptin... read more »

Wireless Charger Meets the Test!

26 Jul, 2017
I absolutely love wireless charging technology! This wireless charging pad meets my needs perfectly! Wireless charging starts the moment you place down any Qi-enabled device or device equipped with... read more »

For those hard to copy angles!

13 Jul, 2017
This measuring tool is such a great measuring device for all those odd and unique shapes that you are attempting to duplicate! Think about measuring out tiles in odd angle measurements and shapes - th... read more »

What a neat kitchen accessory!

13 Jul, 2017
Sometimes I am truly amazed at how what appears to be a simple, no-brainer item can make my life so much simpler! Well, this food chopper tool has done just that! This is such a simple, easy tool that... read more »

Great phone charger cables!

13 Jul, 2017   This item arrived on time and in perfect condition.  Please see the above product link.&n... read more »

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