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I would have loved them

13 Aug, 2019
Sadly and unfortunately, I've checked my orders online and it says that my trashbags have been recieved, but I did not recieve anything.  Most likely someone have stolen my trashbags! ... read more »

Great for sore eyes

13 Aug, 2019
A definately must have especially when your eyes are sore!  It helped my eyes relaxed its muscles.  I would recommend it. read more »

Great for gifts

13 Aug, 2019
These are perfect for my little one.  Great for new borns and great for gifts especially for babyshowers!   read more »

Perfect for Guests

02 Aug, 2019
I'm always having Guests over and a switching my usual straws to these Flamingo Paper Straw is creative!  Not only my guests loves it, I love it as well.  They are so cute! read more »

Everyone Ladie's Kind of Mirror

02 Aug, 2019
I'm in love with this mirror.  I love how there's a touch screen swicth and I love how there's 3 temperature colors.  This mirror is movable and convenient as well as light weigh... read more »

Chin Up Patch works wonderful!

02 Aug, 2019
This is a definatley must try!  I can feel the difference after wearing this chin up patch for 3 days now.  Ofcourse you would wear them at home or at night when sleeping.  read more »

Lovely Bunny Basket

31 Jul, 2019
This bunny basket is absolutely adorable!  I keep my napkins in them so when my grandkids come over, they can see it and grab the napkins to use when needed. read more »

My Baby Loves It

27 Jul, 2019
I love how this white machine sound makes my baby stays calm.  Each time he cries, with any sounds turn on, he will stay calm and sometimes falls asleep.  I would definitely recommend this i... read more »

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