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First off, I am 39 years young. I love reading, computer and video gaming, table top gaming, my pets, my family and friends, a hot cup of tea, hiking, traveling, and an assortment of odd hobbies. My hobbies include: leather working, wood working, clay sculpting, painting, gardening, sewing, quilting, writing, drawing, canning and preserving food, swimming, and fishing. I have a Green cheek conure, a Parrotlet, a Brittany, an English mastiff, a cat, and 4 chickens. I am married and have 3 teenage boys. I always seem to have an assortment of aches and pains (aging I guess) and love to try new ways and things to help alleviate those problems. I work full time and try to make the most of life outside of work. I have been a member of Amazon since 2002 and have just found out about the great opportunity to review products. I look forward to helping you and your company to grow. Together we can make something great!!
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Great for small spot

26 Apr, 2018
Im picked up this tiny treasure to use on my dryer. It is the perfect size to dispose of the dryer lint as I clean out the dryer vent and screen. It is sturdy and the lid swings easily. As you can see... read more »

Soft, smooth, clean skin

09 Apr, 2018
This face sherbert is a one step wonder. It removes all traces of make up and leaves my skin squeaky clean, but not over dry. It has a soft slightly sweet scent that is not overpowering. You just take... read more »

Handy kitchen tool

03 Apr, 2018
These colanders are the perfect size to wash fruits veggies, and even to strain 8 oz of pasta. They are lightweight and dishwasher safe. I like the fact that they fold up and nest together so that the... read more »

Big shower upgrade

03 Apr, 2018
These shower curtains are a big improvement over the usual PVC liners you find out there. They are soft and dry quickly after a shower. Than can be used as a curtain by themselves; or like a liner. Th... read more »

Nice size diffuser

21 Mar, 2018
I am overall pretty pleased with the look and functionality of this aromatherapy diffuser. It has a lot of neat features and the color pattern on the top is beautiful and subtle. You can set if for co... read more »

Perfect table size

21 Mar, 2018
Let me start this off by saying I get teased by my family for being a salt and pepper snob. I have been using grinders for several years now and I enjoy watching people figure out how to use them. Not... read more »

Gorgeous knife

21 Mar, 2018
This is a very sharp, very beautiful, well balanced knife. The handle design is gorgeous and curved to fit great in the hand. The blade cuts through both meat and veggies like butter. It is very well... read more »

Soft as a baby's bottom

15 Mar, 2018
This set of bamboo wash cloths is gorgeous. I love the soft dove grey color. They are super soft and very absorbant. I bought these to use for face washing and am so far very pleased. They are non abr... read more »

Bad A$$ grilling accessory

15 Mar, 2018
This is the most awesome set of grilling gloves I have ever seen!! I love the skull and crossbones design. They are a made of very high quality silicone and slide on and off super easy. I tried these... read more »

Good value; good selection

06 Mar, 2018
This is a great starter set for those just getting into oil painting. You get a great 25 piece brush set; that has just about everything you need. You also get 24 tubes of oil paints in a wide array o... read more »

Good joint support

28 Feb, 2018
My dogs love the taste of this tablet. I have a Brittany and an English Mastiff and they both gobble these up like candy. They are a good size for both of my dogs; even though one is 35 lbs and the ot... read more »

Where have you been all my life?

28 Feb, 2018
I love, love, LOVE this mocrowave cover. My last cover was a pain in the butt to use beacuse you had to take it in and out of the mocrowave when not using it. This one has the great feature of being m... read more »

Great tasting tea

28 Feb, 2018
The first thing I noticed when opening the tea pouch was how fresh and sweet it smelled. All of the ingredients were fresh looking ; it really is a beautiful tea blend. I love the silicone and metal t... read more »

Great value

21 Feb, 2018
I am impressed with the quality of this drawing and sketching set. I love that it is in a case that is easy to travel with and it has all of the necessary tools included. It comes with pencils, charco... read more »

Great travel companion

21 Feb, 2018
This is a handy pouch for travel. It holds passport, airline tickets, all my necessary cards and ID; even some emergency medications. It can be worn as either a belt pouch, a neck bag, a crossbody bag... read more »

Pefect purse size pill holder

11 Feb, 2018
I needed a purse sized travel pill holder for my afternon medications. I have a larger holder at home for my morning and evening medicines, but needed something more portable. This is just the right s... read more »

Easy to store; multipurpose

09 Feb, 2018
This set of funnels is great! I love how easily they fold up to store. They come in a set of four with two different sizes so there is always a clean one around when you need it. I like the fact that... read more »

Light up my life

06 Feb, 2018
This is a very heavy duty, bright flashlight. I love the fact that it is rechargeable. It also comes with a battery adapter so that you can use regular batteries if necessary. The super bright LED lig... read more »

Gaming family

30 Jan, 2018
My family is full of gamers; 5 computer gaming geeks to be exact. We go through gaming mice at a crazy rate. I am always looking for a good mouse in the hand that responds well and is not crazy expens... read more »

Just what I needed

30 Jan, 2018
This is a nice set of rechargeable Bluetooth headphones. They fit very well in the ear and come complete with 3 sizes of ear buds and 2 sizes of ear clips for running/jogging. They charge quickly and... read more »

Warm winter gloves

24 Jan, 2018
My teenage son needed a new pair of warm winter gloves this year. This pair is perfect! They are thick and warm, and water resistant to keep his hands dry and protected from the elements. He loves the... read more »

Okay for light duty whisking

24 Jan, 2018
This set of whisks are okay for light duty whisking only. They are very flexible and bend very easy. I bought them to use in a set of ceramic cookware that I own, as I can't use a metal whisk for... read more »

Love the slinky feel

20 Jan, 2018
I was surprised when I received this cord. Instead of a fabric or plastic outside, it is actually made with a metal and feels very durable. I have had problems in the past with cords getting nicked or... read more »

Quick lighting

17 Jan, 2018
I bought these to use outside at Christmas time. I ended up winding them around my mailbox so that they would get enough sun. They were very pretty, but even with full sun they only lasted 4 - 4 1/2 h... read more »

Handy to have around

17 Jan, 2018
I really like the small, ergonomic size of these powerbanks. They charge quickly and help keep my phone and devices up and running on the go. The flashlight is an extra added bonus; especially in my c... read more »

Love these

17 Sep, 2017
This is my second box of these bath bombs. They are my favorite!! The scents are perfect; very relaxing. They have a good amount of bath salts and oils that make your bath experience a real treat. The... read more »


17 Sep, 2017
This is perfect for what I intended. I wanted a mandala tapestry to hang in my guest room/yoga room to help with the ambience. This piece is beautiful! The color is well saturated, the pattern is cris... read more »

Great for outdoor activities

17 Sep, 2017
This is a great speaker to take on walks and bike rides. I like that it is water resistant and has a lanyard for easy carrying. It connects effortlessly via bluetooth and has great sound qualitty. It... read more »


12 Sep, 2017
This is a neat item for travel or everyday use. It has 6 divided slots and one big slot on the back. It closes well and is secure. It comes in a nice bag that has a zippered pocket on the back. I like... read more »

Don't bother

12 Sep, 2017
This is crap! It is flimsy and was falling apart upon arrival. One of the hooks broke when I tried to screw it in; and that was with normal pressure and by hand. They don't even screw in all the w... read more »

A good idea

12 Sep, 2017
My dogs still aren't sure how they feel about this, but are slowly warming up to it. I like the idea of filtered water that stays fresh all day. It is easy to fill and clean and comes with 2 extra... read more »


12 Sep, 2017
I was very impressed with the colorful selection of threads with this set. It is supposed to be for embroidery, but I got it to use for general sewing. They are made of strong thread in a wide array o... read more »

Bladder woes be gone

12 Sep, 2017
This is a neat set of graduated kegal weights. They slide in easy and allow you to work the muscles progressively to improve bladder control and sexual satisfaction. They are made of durable materials... read more »

Proof that my *&%$ don't stink

12 Sep, 2017
This is just as good as the pricier Poo-pourri. It is easy to use and small enough to slip in my purse on the go. You just shake, spray, and do your business. It leaves a nice citrusy scent and stops... read more »

I love aromatherapy

12 Sep, 2017
I bought this to go in my guest room and it is perfect! It hold 300 ml of water and lasts all night long on full on. I like that it has several options such as full on, 30 seconds on, 2 hr timer, and... read more »

Great for crafts

12 Sep, 2017
This was a great size jute twine in a great quantity. The cord is well wrapped and it spools off easy. I had planned on using it for my parrots (ie: making toys, etc) but it IS oiled jute twine which... read more »

Just like Command hooks

12 Sep, 2017
These are exactly what they advertise to be; command hooks without the command price. They stick easily; hold a decent amount of weight, and then remove cleanly. It was nice to actually get a 4 pack o... read more »

Great disposable option

12 Sep, 2017
These are a nice quick fix for cake and cookie decorating. They hold approximately 2 cups of frosting with ease and hold up to the pressures of decorating. They are somewhat thin, but that is not an i... read more »

Just what I needed

12 Sep, 2017
I am going on a cruise to Alaska next year and was looking for a bag that was lightweight and portable to pack in my luggage to use while hiking. This is very light and made of a strong fabric. I love... read more »


12 Sep, 2017
These are okay but not as sturdy as I would like. The tops come off pretty easy; which makes them nice to clean but doubtfull that they will not leak during travel. I have not had a chnace to use thes... read more »

Great buy!

12 Sep, 2017
I am overall pleased with these socks. I bought them for my 15 year old son to wear with his converse shoes. They are soft and fit perfect. He currently wears a size 9 shoe; so these will fit for a wh... read more »

Didn't work

17 Aug, 2017
First off these came packaged well and fit beautifully. I loved the citrusy smell! I decided to sit out side on a nice muggy night and it all seemed to work at first. Within 5 minutes I was swamped by... read more »

Great at first, but....

16 Aug, 2017
I was so excited when I received these. They looked great and were super easy to install. The package was a bit beat up but I was willing to over look that for a good product. I hung these up and imme... read more »

Smaller than expected

12 Aug, 2017
This set was much smaller that I expected it to be. I have taken a picture next to a deck of cards for size comparison. I was hoping to give this as a gift, but it only came in a fabric bag as opposed... read more »

Great project

07 Aug, 2017
I bought this as a gift for my dinosaur loving 4 year old nephew. He loved putting it together and decorating it. It was easy to punch out and easy for him to put it together with a little parental he... read more »

Decadent spa experience

07 Aug, 2017
These bablies come packed in a super cute gift bag. As soon as I opened the shipping box I could smell the bath bombs. They are the perfect size for a soak at the end of a long day. I tried the green... read more »

Husband Helper

04 Aug, 2017
After buying one for a friend I knew I needed to get one for my husband. He is big into woodworking and house repairs. This is a neat tool that will help him find and create angles as necessary. I do... read more »

A light in the dark

04 Aug, 2017
This is just what I needed! I like to use my lap top in the living room at night, but others in my family are watching movies, etc. The lights are usually out and I cannot see the keyboard to type. Th... read more »

Handy in the kitchen

02 Aug, 2017
This is a neat set of graters. They fit well in my hand and I like that you can put them together on a loop to keep them all in one place. They are well made and the blades are sharp. I like the selec... read more »

Ready for Eclipse of '17

02 Aug, 2017
This set is an awesome value. There are 5 in my family, and 5 pairs of glasses. We are getting ready for the total eclipse of 2017 and these are just what we needed. I tried them out by looking at the... read more »

Great organizer for my clutter

30 Jul, 2017
This little gem was just what I needed to contain my bathroom clutter. My husband complains all the time about how much crap I have spread out on the counters. This holds it all in one convenient plac... read more »

Twisty fun for all ages

27 Jul, 2017
I got these as a for my puzzle loving oldest child (he is almost 20). He loves anything that is a challenge. These puzzles are neat and unique as they can be connected together and twisted into multip... read more »

Useful tool

24 Jul, 2017
I bought this as a gift for a handyman friend. He has had his eye on a tool like this for a while. I love the fact that it comes in a carrying case to protect it. It slides easily and locks in to plac... read more »

Colorful rug

23 Jul, 2017
THis is a cute and colorful boho themed rug. The colors are rich and vibrant.My only complaint is that it needs to be a bit more plush. It is very thin and I do not think it will hold up to heavy traf... read more »

Super soft

23 Jul, 2017
I bought this as a gift. It is very soft and has a great pattern. I like how the knitting makes it appear as if it has scales. The color is a vibrant mix of turquoise and purple. It fits me nicely (I... read more »

Does it's job

23 Jul, 2017
These soap dishes work exactly as advertised. They keep my soap easily accesible and my bathtub clean. I use several different bar soaps so the two pack allows me to keep two bars out in rotation. I l... read more »


23 Jul, 2017
I actually bought this for my parrotlet to use. She had a larger swing; but this one is perfect! She enjoys hanging out and swinging during the day. I would be concerned about how it would hold up out... read more »

The little earbud that could

23 Jul, 2017
I love the Lobkin earbud. It is small, light, portable and easily concealable. It fits nicely in my ear and I love that it can be worn with and without the included soft ear cups. It connects easily v... read more »

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