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Great for teens room

21 Mar, 2021
My daughter has typical teens room with computers, game consoles and loads items charged via USB this is perfect for her room.Has retractable cable that is good length when fully extended and individu... read more »

Powerful for size

02 Mar, 2021
This is quite a compact torch but has powerful beam.You can change beam from constant to flashing with press of button.Has rechargeable battery and comes with charger and lead for battery, it's di... read more »

Great effects

02 Mar, 2021
My teenage daughter has this exact lamp and light effects to are beautiful especially on night but added bonus is Bluetooth speaker.My elder daughter asked me to look out for one and was delighted whe... read more »

Great bit kit

23 Dec, 2020
Daughter loves this.Has chargers for controllers and fans to keep PS4 cool during marathon gaming sessions and it looks good.Great bit of kit read more »

Great set

12 Dec, 2020
These are just perfect.I wrap my presents in plain packing paper and these are perfect gift tags to add, thick card with cut out hearts and circle for twine.You can leave plain or stamp on decoration,... read more »

Great for starting herb plants

21 Nov, 2020
I'm always try grow herbs for cooking but I'm like kiss of death to plants lol.I tried these and I had my first shoots show yesterday ???? To say I'm happy is understatement don't know... read more »

Great quality

21 Oct, 2020
This set of bowls is great means can put wet and dry food together or dry and water.Bowls are easily removed to wash and they can tilt or lid flat.Base catches any drips.Great quality piece and c... read more »

Love this

15 Oct, 2020
Love this.Bowls are tilted so are easy for my elderly cat to eat from and the can be removed from base to wash easily.Great buy. read more »

Simple to use.Make stunning decorations

01 May, 2020
Simple kit But turn a simple pack of balloons into stunning decoration.Everything you need to make impressive garlands and other decorations.Simple to use with full instructions  read more »


13 Mar, 2020
These lights are smaller than expected but very bright.They attach to wall easily with everything supplied.At first I thought they didn’t work but they only work in dim/no light I placed one on... read more »

Great craft item

16 Dec, 2019
Purchased for 12yr old niece and she loves it.Lots of bits easily enough to make bouquet and lots left over which she is using to make other craft items.Great little set well worth money  read more »

Great for craft

10 Dec, 2019
Purchased for my daughter who loves making jewellery as well as embellished clothes and hair accessories and home decorations.She is very spiritual and just loved these Tibetan style beads.They are qu... read more »

Great torch

24 Nov, 2019
This is great little torch and very powerful beam for size.The operating button is on end of handle it’s a push button and will take you through all beams.It has very bright white beam as well a... read more »

Such fun

24 Nov, 2019
Love this it’s an amazing little gadget for a very reasonable price.Its lights up and hovers with its 2 propellers but best thing about it is you control it by place your hand underneath ball th... read more »


11 Nov, 2019
Iv had a vacuum sealer machine for a while which I use to seal foods to put in freezer.Iv often wondered about cooking this way So was excited to see machine.I used same day I cooked 2 steaks and vege... read more »

Amazing set

09 Nov, 2019
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when ordered these but was so happy and kind of shocked when arrived.They are amazing quality.They come in own fitted case there is very sturdy and strong hand... read more »

Very accurate

05 Nov, 2019
Great little scale very accurate.Im sure would work great in kitchen but I purchased for my reptile keeping I use to weigh cups of feeders and very easy to place cup/box on tar screen back to zero the... read more »

Great set

29 Oct, 2019
Great little set amazing quality.Not for everyday jobs it’s presision set but great for tiny screws on battery compartments, fixing spectacles or mobile phones read more »

Works great

22 Oct, 2019
Me and my daughter went on laminating marathon.I originally purchased for grandaughters pictures to keep them in good condition but we have used for so many other jobs works great.Highly recommend&nbs... read more »

Great to get kids outdoors

16 Oct, 2019
I love these sets got larger set for nephew and he loved it so much.Constantly asking his dad for trips to the woods so he can collect bugs,leaves and bits he finds.I got this as an add on set so his... read more »


12 Oct, 2019
This is no longer available to buy? I knew this wasn’t a large set more a basic model maybe for taking out on visits and that is what I actually purchased for but you expect even a basic model t... read more »

Great for outdoor play

12 Oct, 2019
I ordered the more basic set months ago and it has been loved and played with so much when I saw this set just had to have it.Was given to my nephew and he just loved all the pots and binoculars in fa... read more »

Nice casual top

22 Sep, 2019
I ordered this and it arrived next day.Nice casual but smart loose top.The colour was as expected ( some items can be very far from colour in illustration) The top fitted great another plus as a lot o... read more »

Works great simple set up

22 Sep, 2019
iv given 4stars but may deserve a 5.We recieved this packaged in box labelled with brand name.The fountain comes in 5pieces but there is an instruction booklet telling you how to assemble it and it&rs... read more »

Great like movie in house

19 Sep, 2019
i ordered this for my daughter.She recieved a projector that she was use in bedroom wall ( which worked but she could see drips in paint and unevenness of wall and image was a little funny.I will be h... read more »

Great car does so many tricks

18 Sep, 2019
This little car is amazing.I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t anything this great.I planned to give this car to my 7yr old nephew but my 18yr old daughter claimed it after we... read more »

Great.Husband loves how easy are to use

09 Sep, 2019
These are great.My husband hairline started receding so he takes his hair down to level 1 ( I guess oldies like me would call it a skinhead lol) His previous clippers had stopped working so good.He is... read more »

Lovely hanging, Looks great on wall

15 Aug, 2019
This is a really nice hanging the printing is really clear and the colours are bright.When it arrived it wasn’t as large as looked in image but was/is a good size for wall I’d estimate 3ft... read more »

Great educational but fun toy

10 Aug, 2019
I purchased this for my friends 8yr old son and it has quickly become a favourite toy.It is a great kit for involve the whole family,mum dad and son all exploring in garden and day out at forest.Mum a... read more »

Great very strong blades

02 Aug, 2019
Bought this primarily for coffee beans.I don’t drink coffee often so to ensure freshness I like to grind beans as use.My previous grinder broke and was look for new one.The first things that dra... read more »

Powerful little fan with 3 speeds

26 Jul, 2019
I am quite late writing this review due to family problems wiping it clean from my mind BUT with the recent hot weather it has been in daily use.The fan is remarkably powerful for its size and has 3 s... read more »

So attractive and useful

05 Jun, 2019
i love these boxes I bought them to go on base of daughters double clothes rail to store t shirts underwear ect and they are ideal.I liked them so much that I actually kept 2 for my own socks and unde... read more »

Accurate and simple to use

05 Jun, 2019
I bought this monitor due to fact I have high blood pressure at times due to another condition and also to keep an eye on families health.I do have a monitor that reads from wrist but quite hard to us... read more »

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