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Earbuds that live up to their job

16 Jan, 2021
I used these on my run as I lost my last pair and needed a replacement.  They are super easy to insert and stay charged the whole time, as I run long runs.  I never had to adjust them and th... read more »

Amazing Drill for the price

15 Jan, 2021
This drill stays charged for long periods of time and use.  It has helped me hang multiple curtain rods in my place, along with pictures and shelving for my walls.  The bits are easily chang... read more »

Breathable Face Shield

15 Jan, 2021
I bought these for Dual purposes.  On my outdoor runs in the winter and when we go skiing.  Today it was snowing quite hard for my run, so I decided to try this out.  I often have to ta... read more »

Great Support

15 Jan, 2021
I got this in the mail the other day and love it!  I wore it on my run today and it was perfect for the support I needed.  The back has been sewn well so the separate strings will not just p... read more »

Great waterproof case for a pinch

30 Jul, 2018
Recieved 2 cases for a very cheap price (imo).  They are like extra large hard plastic baggies.  The top has a great seal to keep water from leaking in.  I did not submerge my phone in... read more »

Great Sprinkler

30 Jul, 2018
Needed an extra sprinkler for my lawn as I try to kill the weeds and lay grass seed.  This has a great range, plus the connections to change the type of sprinkler are easy to trade in and out.&nb... read more »

Great Bracelet for fashion accessory

30 Jul, 2018
Love this bracelet to pop on for a special occasion to wear out!  Very pretty and not too bold.  It is not adjustable, as it only clasps in one location, so make sure that it will fit your w... read more »

Great chew toys

30 Jul, 2018
I foster dogs until they find they forever home and was looking for something cost effective that would last.  These toys are great!  I just recently had puppies here and they loved all of t... read more »

Great lens kit for far away focus

30 Jul, 2018
Got this for work to help with video shoots and to be able to set up my device from further away.  It works great!  I cannot get it to focus in clearly with close up objects, but when I need... read more »

Great product for soothing under eyes

30 Jul, 2018
This roller works great to help with puffy under eyes.  It's a cold metal ball so it helps almost instantly once you start rolling it on.  I had a hard time getting the roller ball to mo... read more »

cool glasses with nice case

05 Jun, 2018
I got these for my son in hopes that he'll use them for fishing.  They have great hinges on the sides of the glasses to expand for larger head widths.  That being said, my sons head is t... read more »

Snug fitting socks

05 Jun, 2018
Socks fit snug and keep my feet warm.  They are not so think that they make it a problem for my regular shoes though.  Used them camping/hiking the other weekend.  Not a fan of bright y... read more »

Outdoor Jacket keeps you warm and dry

05 Jun, 2018
I love this jacket.  It's perfect for bad weather.  We went camping and I recieved this the day before we left.  Clear skies were supposed to happen all weekend, but the downpour st... read more »

black light makes glow in the dark shine bright

01 Jun, 2018
My son loves this flashlight!  We went camping for memorial day and brought this along with us.  He was wearing a glow in the dark shirt and decided to shine the flashlight on it.  His... read more »

Great in-ear speaker

01 Jun, 2018
After I was able to charge this I connected it to my iPhone bluetooth and it works great.  I have to take quite a few calls while driving or around the house while moving from one room to another... read more »

Lashes with ease

20 May, 2018
I do love the fact that these lashes are magnetic.  I was disappointed that they didn't come with a little instruction guide or a link to type in to watch a how-to video.  The top lash a... read more »

Comfortable, bright chair

20 May, 2018
I bought this chair for my sons room.  He's been asking for a different chair for his desk for a while now.  It took me about 20 minutes to assemble it from start to finish, which was pr... read more »

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