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Great little ring light

04 Feb, 2021
This is FOR CLOSE-UPS! I knew that when ordering it, but I can see where someone would be disappointed if they were expecting a 10" ring light. This is not that. It's great for function, thou... read more »

So convenient!

04 Feb, 2021
Makes travelling with our dog so easy. Great design. Everything but a toy! read more »

Perfect picnic or Beach day blanket

15 Oct, 2020
This blanket isn't plush, but it is absolutely perfect for taking to your outdoors activities. Spacious, plenty of room for the family. Stores nicely, and cleans up well, too. read more »

Perfect swratband

15 Oct, 2020
I am someone who sweats a lot. These are perfect for hot or humid days when I don't want sweat running down my forehead and into my eyes (which is pretty much daily). Would buy again. read more »

Exactly what I was looking for

02 Oct, 2020
I suffer from a condition called Occipital Neuralgia - which is a nerve disorder of the neck. This massager is the perfect size to carry on my purse work on my neck if I have an attack. At home, in th... read more »

So peaceful

02 Oct, 2020
I have chronic daily migraines, as well as nerve and autoimmune disorders of the head and neck. The eye massage is really nice. I love the Bluetooth feature to listen to my favorite playlist while I r... read more »

It's cool

30 Sep, 2020
Great for showering. Also, for applying lotion, or simply getting to that itch on your back that you can't seem to reach. read more »


07 Jan, 2020
Adjusts to fit into cup holder appropriately. Easy to assemble. Easy to use. read more »

Not long enough

01 Dec, 2019
They are cute, but apparently I have an anomaly large head. 1-2 additional inches longer and they could have been perfect. They are adjustable, they just didn't go long enough for me. read more »

Finally - silence.

19 Nov, 2019
We have a Chihuahua-Weenie who is anxious and barks at lever little sound that happens in or around the house. That, in turn, keys the other dogs up to start barking, too. This device stopped the &quo... read more »

Hands-Free Sounds In The Cook's Without The Hassle of Headphones

19 Nov, 2019
I apparently have a big head, because, while the hat technically works fine, the ears aren't in the most comfortable or natural spot to fully enjoy them. Easy to pair Bluetooth. read more »

Cute. Compact. Complete.

09 Nov, 2019
The manicure and pedicure set is adorable. Quality tools. Several options to help ensure you can keep your nails well maintained. All packaged in a cute and compact carrying case. Highly recommend. read more »

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