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Comfortable, cozy fabric and nicely cut design.

05 Apr, 2019
My little one is very happy with these leggings. They are cut very nicely and made of nice fabric which is neither too warm out too cool.  read more »


05 Apr, 2019
When I order sterling silver items,  I always wait with sort of bated breath because I have ordered from other merchants before and gotten weak chains or items that are not actually real silver.... read more »

Strong, sturdy, FUN

05 Apr, 2019
When I opened the box that this ladder came in,  I was so surprised at the size of it that I wondered whether or not the wrong item was sent to me.   It really looked so substantial,&nb... read more »

Very unique, very pretty

05 Apr, 2019
This is a very pretty bag that is really worth more than it costs.   So unique,  and just the right size to hold all of your essentials.   I highly recommend.  read more »

Beautiful around the calendar

05 Apr, 2019
I really love this tree light. It is great for any decor and brings a cheery feeling to any room.   I purchased mine as a gift tip my mother,  who loves it.   I highly recomme... read more »

Colorful smells

05 Apr, 2019
This is a very powerful diffuser.  It fills the room with great smells and has 7 different colors to suit every decor.   Very good quality. I highly recommend.  read more »

Great for both succulents or air plants

05 Apr, 2019
This is a very nice looking plant holder for small plants like succulents or air plants.   It is pretty and looks nice enough to have on a small shelf in the living room or hallway.  &n... read more »

Beauty and brawn in a glass

05 Apr, 2019
These are very cute,  nice looking glasses which are comfortable top hold and contain just the right amount of liquid once it's poured.   They are perfect for evening drinks of an a... read more »

Smooth and comfortable

05 Apr, 2019
I always worry a bit when buying pillow protectors because I've bought them in the past and ended up getting stiff ones that ended up being nothing but uncomfortable.   Not this time!&nb... read more »

No peeling makes eggs so easy

04 Apr, 2019
I really like this set of egg cookers.  No peeling makes these worth a ton.  They are cute, and they will fit into any kitchen with red in it. read more »

I canceled, but my friend has a beautiful one

31 Mar, 2019
I can't write a good review on this one because I canceled my order .  I do think the one that my friend has is beautiful,  and wanted to write that.  I'm getting a little pregn... read more »

Measure your travels or just do a project with your kids

31 Mar, 2019
This map is used best as a project to do with your kids.  It comes in a roll that you can unroll slowly to impress the kids and say oh my, look at what we have here.  Then, you could take ti... read more »

Beautiful and a perfect fit

31 Mar, 2019
This swimsuit is so cute and is a perfect fit.  I was tempted to post a pic but I have a little pregnant tummy starting to grow.    Anyway,  the cost is so reasonable for such good... read more »

So much organization

31 Mar, 2019
I really highly recommend this set of cord organizers.  I love, love,  love the super adhesive on the backs which makes it possible to put the organizers in just the right position.  I... read more »

Zoom zoom zoom!

31 Mar, 2019
This cord is super fast.  It works for both USB and USB-C and is superfast for both charging and data transfers.  It is a super cord, and I highly recommend it.  read more »

Nice at squeezing fresh lemonade

30 Mar, 2019
This little squeezer is fantastic to take right out of the package,  run a bit of water over top of it, and then start squeezing to your heart's content.  There's no electricity need... read more »

Gives organization a prominent role in life

30 Mar, 2019
I really like this calendar set because it fits right on the fridge,  which is the most prominent place in most family's homes.   It gives prominence to scheduling so everyone in th... read more »

Two ports and twice as nice

29 Mar, 2019
This wall plug with two USB ports is twice as nice as any good quality USB to wall plug out there, no matter how many USB ports the other wall plug has.  It's very high, I would say top quali... read more »

These stripes don't add pounds

27 Mar, 2019
Do you remember many times hearing that a woman should never wear horizontal stripes because they put a ton of pounds on?  Many times in my life, that was true.  Not with this beauty. ... read more »

All natural day cream uses collagen and Dead Sea elements to make one look and feel younger

27 Mar, 2019
When I was younger, I used to roll my eyes when my mother used to say I should start early in life to find creams and lotions I could depend on.  A few years later, she was bugging me daily, tell... read more »

Makes me feel beautiful and look beautiful.

27 Mar, 2019
Not many items make me feel so beautiful and look gorgeous at such an affordable price.   This item is made nicely, has wonderful sewing,  is made of durable,  beautiful fabric, an... read more »

Easily washable, perfect for making Greek yogurt, cheeses, and almond milk

27 Mar, 2019
This is the perfect bag for draining out Greek yogurt and cheeses, which I'm very familiar with and have done a hundred times in other bags which were no comparison to this one.  Plus this on... read more »

Great for straining or covering kefir and buttermilk/yogurt

27 Mar, 2019
I have used this cloth for several things, all with great success.  First, I cut pieces to cover the lids of my kefir, buttermilk and sour cream, and yogurt jars.  Then I cut pieces large en... read more »

Fantastic box but glass jar needs heavier packaging.

27 Mar, 2019
if an item arrives broken,  I get in a very bad mood and immediately call Amazon and ask for a refund and an apology. The actual wooden box and beautiful grinder are worth more than what is be... read more »

Mask 1 of 3, fantastic

25 Mar, 2019
I purchased 3 masks from this company, and they are all 3 super wonderful. I'm not going into detail about what each one actually does other than to say that each one makes your skin look and feel... read more »

As good as any great mask.

25 Mar, 2019
I purchased 3 different face washing items from the same company, and I feel the same about all of them, so I'm actually going to Cut and paste this review  Into the other items' reviews... read more »

Not first class, but not bad either

25 Mar, 2019
I have used the in this set a few times to cook, and I think they're best used when you're mixing up different items which need to go in o a recipe rather than cooking in a hot Pan. The r... read more »

A fantastic surprise for your loved one.

25 Mar, 2019
I know this says pajamas, but these can be so much more, starting with a big surprise. I gave these to my loved one, and he just loved it. The problem is he loves it so much, but I bought it... read more »

These are phenomenal

24 Mar, 2019
These folders are so similar,  they can be filed together with no problems.  The colors also make them so different that they won't be confused as far as filing goes.  Inside each f... read more »

Quicker to set up than most other Alexa enabled plugs.

24 Mar, 2019
My house has 14 rooms, and almost every room has every plug full of Alexa-enabled plugs. So, if you can imagine all of those plugs, your realize that I do have quite the bit of experience in sett... read more »

Keeps those critters away

24 Mar, 2019
There couldn't have been any better timing than when I saw these online. The same morning, we had seen a mouse out in of yard. I was scared that some of those family members of that dirty little k... read more »

Happy Dreams :-)

24 Mar, 2019
I've used other face masks in the past and never gotten much help in terms of sleep. With these, that just isn't true anymore. I've been sleeping so well with these on, and I wouldn't... read more »

Cute but arrived broken

24 Mar, 2019
These are just the cutest way for my son to have  fun with music and look good while hes doing it.  Unfortunately, my son's arrived in a non working condition. I do not blame that on the... read more »

Beautiful and functional

24 Mar, 2019
I already had a of coasters before I ordered these. I thought that the ones I have were pretty and didn't expect much at all from these because the price was so low. I was wrong. These are beautif... read more »

Great for people with arthritis.

24 Mar, 2019
This review is coming from someone with arthritis in their fingers. I have used this can opener 8 times since it was delivered, and it has never caused me to have any pain in my hands or fingers. I ve... read more »

Great set of bowls, especially when preparing a difficult meal

20 Mar, 2019
When I ordered these bowls, I actually ordered them for my daughter's use when she is trying to plant plants. She's only 3, so she makes quite the mess when she's trying to make her f... read more »

Feels and looks great with one caveat

16 Mar, 2019
I love the look and feel of this case. The design is cool, and the feel is right.  There's one thing that I  can't figure out a solution to.  I've tried 4 different popsocke... read more »

Sound and light = perfect together

15 Mar, 2019
Thank you so much for including lights and sounds together in one piece. Usually, what happens is that cool lights will be seen or nice sound will be heard, but in this price range,  having... read more »

Great for working out or wearing to dinner

09 Mar, 2019
I really love these #GymSupply yoga pants.  They are so very comfortable and easy to wear anywhere.  I've worn them often for my morning jogs around the park, and I also wear them occasi... read more »

I want to rate this six stars!

09 Mar, 2019
I have been through a dozen or so magnifiers over the last few years, several costing much more than this one, and none have come close to the quality and clear view that this one gives me. For it to... read more »

Keeps contents clean and safe, and saves money

09 Mar, 2019
These bags are wonderful.  They save whatever you tuck inside, and they save you money.  They work as well as name-brand FoodSaver bags but with a much smaller price.  What could be bet... read more »

Cute hangers, but hard to stick.

09 Mar, 2019
I liked the fact that these have a design on them so they don't look out of place hanging, even out in the kitchen or bathroom.  I like the look of the hooks as well... they don't look ch... read more »

Good Times, and I don't mean the sitcom

08 Mar, 2019
This vibrator is fantastic.   It has 9 speeds, and every one of them takes your excitement to a whole new level.  I have always reached a good climax with this one, in every different l... read more »

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