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03 Oct, 2020
Really love using this it's amazing!!  read more »


02 Oct, 2020
This is really nice I love it!  read more »

Love it

20 Aug, 2020
This is great and my son loves it. The stickers and colors on the board are perfect for his learning.  We love it!      read more »

Love it

10 Aug, 2020
I love these decorations there great.  The spiders stick to the web perfectly the scull faces are cute I can't wait to use them this year.       read more »


10 Aug, 2020
This bowl is perfect for my dog.  She's always in such a hurry I have noticed she is much more calm.  This bowl was big also perfect for my husky.      read more »


29 Jul, 2020
They are great and my girls really enjoy them!! They fit perfect on the dolls.  read more »


18 Mar, 2018
  This phone holder is great it took me a little to know how to use it. So basically you stick the little plate on the back of your phone and then put it on the holder. (Best use without a case o... read more »


18 Mar, 2018
I love this flexible phone stand so much! So easy to take videos of stuff without having to hold the camera and so easy to watch my shows at night so happy with this!   @cassies_reviews read more »


01 Mar, 2018
This canopener was great! I had no sharp parts and didn’t get cut.  It was a little hard to use at first but I figured it out.  I would highly recomened  read more »


01 Mar, 2018
This charger was great charged great and I was able to charge a few things at once.  read more »


14 Jan, 2018
This charger works great.  I’m able to charge my iPhone with this and also I can charge An android , witch I use my speaker    I charged them both at the same time also and seamed... read more »


18 Dec, 2017
Very nice tuner  read more »

I love this

18 Dec, 2017
This scale was nice it works great also and looks good in my kitchen. I’m glad I decided to get this :)  read more »


21 Nov, 2017

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