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A Little About Me...!

I love Gadgets and Tech and Ive started Youtube Review Channel, A Blog, Instagram Profile, Facebook Page and Twitter Social Media Accounts. All under the name GadgetKingReviews around giving real world reviews on affordable, as well as high end gadgets and tech. They are growing slowly, but surly and nothing is instant. Check them out in links below...!

Reviews will be totally unbiased at all times. Please Get In Touch if you are interested, the more videos and reviews completed the more the media channels will grow and faster. If there is one thing I hate is people who review straight out the box, just showing you whats in the box...? with out using the product for its intended purpose. I mean how useful is that to me the potential customer ...? if you only want to know what is in the box and only that, then thats great, but not for me if I want to purchase the product.

I want to know how it works, is it worth the money, will it do what it is meant to do...... etc, etc, etc ....! If I make a video every 3 days or week and put the reviews on all my social media pages and platforms. It can only get better everyday with every video. I know all video editing software and SEO and META DATA and all YouTube best practises. I have been in computer industry for long time and have always wanted to have my own review channels. This is your chance to get the best and cheapest promotion deals ever. Take advantage of this opportunity the videos will be there for ever on YouTube and the other social media review channels it's a win, win.

Please find below all my social media links below. I have been on holiday for few weeks and also a little busy at work my own business, thats why small cap between last video, but Im back now and the videos and articles, reviews etc, will all be getting made again, as you know this does not pay the bills this is more of a hobby for me and I like tech and gadgets

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Not For Every Style Of Case....!

26 Aug, 2018
I think these look excellent on the phone but if you use a tight case with them, like the ones I use when Im using phone as sat nav and stick big piece of metal on back, then it will pu... read more »

Excellent For Listening To Audio Books

26 Aug, 2018
I purchased these a while back as I wanted to listen to audio books while I was Traveling and Working and for obvous reasons did not want to be loggin lots of books around. So I went ahead and purchas... read more »

Excellent Sound & Comfortable Headphones

26 Aug, 2018
These are the first time I used BETRON products and Ive got lots now lol. Also the first time I thought the price and quality was unbelievable and well worth the money, that they are sold fo... read more »

This is AWESOME :)

25 Aug, 2018
So this projector arived today and Ive set it up on one of my camera tripods and I have a plain white wall, don t know if that makes difference. Anyway Ive hooked up apple TV through HDMI and a AUX ca... read more »


24 Aug, 2018
Have had this on my phone for several days now and initial thought perfect for fishing and that I would never have to charge my phone or worry about it dying on me again. Ive had those with the leads... read more »

Excellent Sports Camera

24 Aug, 2018
I loved my first one of these that I wanted another and it's the same model with a little less accessories but it also comes at less cost you can get yours on Amazon at this link  I used o... read more »

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