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Great quality bluetooth

08 May, 2018
The battery life is amazing. I drive 2 hours each way to and from work and all my friends say they can hear me much clearer than my car's handsfree unit. read more »

Exceptional Camera

03 May, 2018
Love this camera. Was easy to setup and picture is perfect. I use it to watch anyone going behind my house and I love the easy app that allows me to move the camera around. Recommend for any security... read more »

My sister loves this nightgown

20 Apr, 2018
Got this as a gift for my sister and she loves it. She said it's very soft and she is happy with the quality of the item. read more »

Great kit

20 Apr, 2018
Gave this to my dad and he was very happy to receive it. Happy with gift and quality of items. read more »

You can never have too many screen shields

20 Apr, 2018
These shields protected my phone when I dropped it. Happy with item! read more »

Great backpack

20 Apr, 2018
love the color on this item because it helps people locate me. Holds my water when I get thirsty also. Good quality item. read more »

Nice Dog Mat

20 Apr, 2018
Use this for my dogs food and water area and it helps with the cleanup process. Holds water and food bits that don't make it into his mouth. Happy with item. read more »

Nice Mount

20 Apr, 2018
I use this in my bathroom to hold my ipad and Iphone and it works perfectly. Holds strong. Happy with item. read more »

Great Air Compressor

20 Apr, 2018
Happy with item. Use it to inflate my bicycle tires as well as my car tires. Very good quality item. read more »

Great quality kids clothes

20 Apr, 2018
Got these for my nephew and he looks great in them. Happy with item and quality. read more »

My nephew loves this toy

20 Apr, 2018
He was so happy to receive this gift for his bday. Plays with it all the time. Happy with item. read more »

Gf likes them

20 Apr, 2018
Sent these to my gf and she thinks they are super sexy and loves them. Reccomend! read more »

Very Happy

20 Apr, 2018
Happy with these shades. The style is up to todays style and I love how lightweight they are. Recommend! read more »

Fantastic Set of Accessories

18 Apr, 2018
Very happy with this kit. A must have kit of accessories for my IRobot Roomba. I replaced the brush that spins and works perfectly. Very happy read more »

Super comfy nice sleepwear

16 Apr, 2018
Got this for my sister and she is very happy with it. Soft and durable fabric. read more »

Great Gift Idea

16 Apr, 2018
Got these for my nieces and nephew and they really love playing with them. So many kinds that they don't get bored. Lovely gift idea! read more »

My niece loves this outfit

16 Apr, 2018
She is a die hard Moana fan and she loved it when I gave her this as a gift. She can even wear it for Halloween. Very Happy! read more »

Great way to stop finger JAMS!

16 Apr, 2018
Easy to install and love the fact that it prevents the little ones or even the big ones from jamming their fingers. Every house needs these! read more »

Sharp and gets the job done!

16 Apr, 2018
I love these cutters. I use it to cut anything that sciccors can't reach. Great quality and stays sharp! read more »

So comfortable!

16 Apr, 2018
Love the fact that it comes with a handy tool kit. The gel seat makes my rides so much comfortable. I can ride much longer without any pain. Love it read more »

Sexy Pair of Sunglasses

16 Apr, 2018
Quality is impressive and love the fact that they are light weight and come with nice case and wipe cloth. Got for my guy friend and he loves them. read more »

Love these sunglasses!

16 Apr, 2018
Looks like $200 glasses. Got these as gifts for my friends and she said it made things so clear to see and they love the light weight of them. Happy with item. read more »

Very sexy and she loves it

16 Apr, 2018
I got this for my special lady friend and she loves them. Said they are sexy and very good quality. When she is happy I am happy. I recommend! read more »

My niece loves these clothes for her Barbie

16 Apr, 2018
She loves the quality of the clothes and how she dresses up her Barbie doll with them. read more »

Love these keychains

16 Apr, 2018
Great quality and my wife also loves them. Easy to remove the other keys and so far I am very impressed with the quality. read more »

Wow She Loves it!

16 Apr, 2018
Got this for a special woman friend and she loves it. Multiple modes and she thanked me for the purchase for her. I recommend! read more »

Excellent Screen Protector

16 Apr, 2018
Got these for my friend and he dropped his phone and the screen did not crack. Very strong and I recommend it! read more »

Great Screen Saver Protection

16 Apr, 2018
I put this on very easily on my phone and it saved me several times already when I dropped my phone. Worth every penny! Love it! read more »

Comfy Pillow

16 Apr, 2018
I got these for my nieces when they sleep and their head falls and hurts their neck usually. Now it's comfy on this and their necks don't hurt. Very happy with item and quality. read more »

The lady loves them

16 Apr, 2018
I got these for a special lady friend of mine and she loves it. Likes the shiny parts and the sexy parts. I recommend! read more »

Great easy to use Dash Cam

16 Apr, 2018
Setup was easy and great piece of mind knowing I am recording what's happening while I am driving. Great price! read more »

Excellent furniture pads

16 Apr, 2018
Very happy with his item. Put it under my furniture and not they glide when I need to move them. Love it! read more »

Nephew Loves this Fireman kit

16 Apr, 2018
He loves the accessors and he plays with them for hours. Could not be happier with my purchase. read more »

My nephew loves this shirt

16 Apr, 2018
He loves the elephant logo and how soft the shirt and pants are. I recommend! read more »

Love these sunglasses!

16 Apr, 2018
Great quality and great extra pair to have in my car. Everyone likes the clarity they see from them also and excellent UV protection. read more »

Excellent charging cables!

16 Apr, 2018
Love the quality on these cables. Strong and charges my phones fast. Couldn't be happier! read more »

Loooove these glasses

16 Apr, 2018
Very stylish and I am very happy with the way they look and how light they are! Recommend! read more »

Great way to learn Italian

16 Apr, 2018
Love these flash cards. Kids play with them to learn Italian and it's fun for them. read more »

Great Belly Dancing Wear

16 Apr, 2018
My nieces love wearing this and shaking it around. Great exercise for them also :) I recommend read more »

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