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Simple charger

30 Nov, 2018
I was expecting the charger to be portable like my Halo charger. This is a simple wall charger. I don't know if it's woth the price, but it serves its purpose. read more »

Good Quality!

15 Jul, 2018
Nice quality earphones! Its simple design make it look classic. Has different ear pieces to fit. Not a bad product! read more »

One of the BEST products!!!

15 Jul, 2018
WOW! This is one of the BEST products I've purchased!!! I was able to download about 4,000 photos from my phone to transfer it elsewhere and free up my phone!!! I am highly impressed!!!! If I want... read more »

Just ok

15 Jul, 2018
This stand was a little dificult to fit my phone. I followed all the directions and still couldn't get the phone to stand properly. The cover that sits below the phone would not snao close because... read more »

Beautiful Strap!

15 Jul, 2018
This is a gorgeous strap for my Apple watch! It's well made and looks so pretty! Highly recommend! read more »

Decent Brushes

28 Jun, 2018
Brushes are not extremely dense, but will do the job. Pink case is a little on the thin side. Not a bad set overall, but those who already own top brand brushes might be a little disappointed.  read more »

Amazing Air!!!

28 Jun, 2018
This little fan blows a lot of air! I LOVE the fact that it is also battery operated and can be charged using my external charger! I bought this to use during my outside events! It stands on its own o... read more »

Sturdy, does as it says

20 Jun, 2018
This is a well made product. It stands as it should. You can change it's form to adjust as you need it. It's ok around my neck, but it's not as light as I was hoping. Overall, a good produ... read more »

Perfect for DIY!!!

07 Mar, 2018
This is perfect especially if you want to make your own designs! I alread made two and it was very easy to print. Great product!!! read more »

This ruler rules!!!

14 Jan, 2018
I bought this to use with my DIY projects. It's so easy to use. Too bad I did  not check the measurements, though, because it was smaller than I anticipated. Nevertheless, it's going to g... read more »

Amazing diffuser!

05 Jan, 2018
I’m starting to get obsessed with oil diffusers!! This is my second one. The first one I got was much smaller. I can run this in my living room and it fills the room with no problem! read more »

Phone saver!!

02 Jan, 2018
I can’t wait to take this to the beach!!! read more »

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