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06 Aug, 2018
I waited for these cases forever... about 3 weeks. They are ok, tested with paper first, they work. Wanted to take them to water park. at least these are cheaper then those sold in the park, and I lik... read more »


18 Jul, 2018
Easy to use, simple construction. Want to try it for sugar paste. A good price for this quality. I liked it. Saves money on salon. read more »

Like it

16 Jul, 2018
I use the cosmetics made in Israel, I trust it. It is cheaper but not worse than the one that is sold in stores, maybe better. And I liked this cream read more »

Love it!

16 Jul, 2018
I loved this little thing! It is very cute, nice to touch. It works well, it is made well. I like the design. read more »

Like it

07 Jul, 2018
The towel is good, does the job. The package is good! You can put the wet towel and all other stuff in the beg will stay dry, nice! read more »

Stylish and functional

12 Jun, 2018
This lamp looks nice and it has good functionality. I like that it works only when your hands  are inside. This automatic feature is very helpful. I think this lamp is worth its price. read more »

Exceeded my expectations

01 Jun, 2018
This tripod exceeded my expectations. First I thought it would be below the average because of the price but that was a nice surprise! Highly recommended! It is a good deal! #RankBoosterReview ... read more »

Like it

01 Jun, 2018
Good charger, I like the design. And the price is fair. Recommended! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #HBorna read more »

Good price

01 Jun, 2018
Very helpful device for a photographer with a fair price. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #WAAO read more »

I like the design

01 Jun, 2018
All you need to know about this drive: it works and it is stylish! Love-love!  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Havanda read more »

Good but...

01 Jun, 2018
The ruler is fine but the first picture is confusing: it does not have the level actually, and it is disappointing. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #ideske read more »

Love this alarm clock!

01 Jun, 2018
I love this alarm clock! It looks so nice and futuristic!  It has this metal stand, so it stand still on the surface. I had another one previously and it just rolled from the night stand. #... read more »

Good quality

01 Jun, 2018
This stand is compact and a good quality. It is nice and I like it! It is not always convenien to use the ipad cover, so this is a good decision #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #MOACC read more »

Very nice!

27 May, 2018
I liked this alarm clock! I like its design, looks futuristic :) And it is very easy to use. The instruction is very easy! The sounds are nice. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Vodool read more »

Love it!

27 May, 2018
The balm feels and smells very natural. I like the ingredients. The balm does not leave the unpleasant coat on the lips, it just soaks in the lips and they feel perfect. #RankBoosterReview #Sp... read more »

Very good!

27 May, 2018
Very good! Good quality of filters and a perfect case - the filters are protected well. Love it! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #pangshi read more »

Good quality but not user friendly

25 May, 2018
These reflectors do the job, they are good quality, but I would prefer five different reflectors but not 5 in 1. Actually you are buying only one reflector, becuse you can use only one at a time. And... read more »

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