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Very handy

16 Jun, 2019
Loved it. I used it to video my nephew in baseball. read more »


13 Apr, 2019
I have two golden retrievers that I have to keep contained to my yard and I had a set of collars that's somehow became loose and they were able to shred to pieces. I love these more bc they are le... read more »

Love the different lights

18 Feb, 2019
This diffuser makes my house smell amazing and is very convenient for a night light with the different LCD lights. read more »

Very convenient

11 Feb, 2019
I got this to keep an eye on my kids while I'm cutting grass or doing chores in other parts of the house and it works perfect. Really clear picture! Great quality! read more »

I must be doing something wrong

11 Feb, 2019
I dont know if I am doing something wrong but it didnt seem to phase my dog at all. She still ran crazy. read more »

Did the job

15 Dec, 2018
We needed to extend the wifi to my sister in laws next door and it worked perfect. read more »


20 Nov, 2018
We were having a problem with my dogs running off and not coming home. This fixed the problem! I also love that I can have both dogs on the same remote! read more »


13 Aug, 2018
My kids love to play and draw on this. It keeps them entertained! read more »


13 Aug, 2018
This necklace is so pretty online but in person,it is gorgeous!  read more »

Perfect camera for kids

06 Aug, 2018
My kids love this camera and it really holds up to two twins fighting over it! Im gonna have to get a second one! read more »

Flash drive

25 Jul, 2018
Couldnt be more pleased with the durability and space this flash drive offers! I was able to save everything from my iphone right onto this flash drive! read more »

Worth every penny!!

25 Jul, 2018
These headphones are great quality, sound, and very fashionable. My fiance loves them. He even used them while he mowed grass this morning! read more »


25 Jul, 2018
This leash is amazing quality, brilliant colors, and very durable! It works perfect for my 70lb golden retriever and perfect length so he doesnt get too far and out of my control! read more »

Memory card reader

23 Jul, 2018
This is nice because I was able to back up everything on my iphone onto a memory card simply through this memory card reader that connects to my iphone. read more »


23 Jul, 2018
I connected these headphones to my iphone 7 plus and they have great sound quality. They are perfect replacements for my headphones that originally came with my phone. read more »

Always needing headphones

23 Jul, 2018
My fiance is constantly losing his headphones to his iphone so I ordered him these headphones to use. He is very satisfied with the sound quality.  read more »

Perfect flash drive

23 Jul, 2018
This flash drive is everything I needed it for. It has plenty of storage room. I was able to back up my whole iphone simply through an app and this flash drive. It is also very compact but very durabl... read more »

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