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Hello my name is Kacey Postill. I'm a Biologist, Anthropologist, Teacher & Social Media Marketer. I am the owner of Frugal Friends NO RULES which is a savings group combined with a charitable organizations who's goal is to help our members save as much money as possible as well as introduce them them to new and exciting products that exist or are just hitting the market.
I LOVE being given the opportunity to test, review and promote new products especially when these products are of high quality. I thank you for giving me and my 11k followers the chance to try your products at highly discounted prices.
My 3 main streams of promotion are the group mentioned above and my product review instagram pages @2meerakoles & @frugalfriendsnorules. I also use twitter & pininterest however do not have as big of following on those accounts.
If your a seller with a high quality product that needs exposure and promotion I would be honoured to share your products with my followers. Please feel free to contact me via my social networks or via email [email protected]
Thank you.


Kacey Postill B Sc M.T
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Precision Perfection!!

03 Dec, 2018
Really impressed with the Gocheer Airbrush Set Double Action Airbrush Gun as I have purchased three different sets now all of which I was severely let down by as they were not complete sets they were... read more »


03 Dec, 2018
So impressed with everything about the GGMM D6 Portable Speaker for the echo dot 2nd generation from the packaging to the product itself is absolute perfection. I have several Echos including 2 echo d... read more »

Parenting WIN!!!

28 Oct, 2018
I purchased this set as I've been trying to find the set that my twins were originally gifted. I've purchased four different versions of this set and although it's not as nice as the set I... read more »

Sound Perfector

29 Jan, 2018
The Mugig DI box takes unbalanced sound and converts it into a low balanced XLR signal for Direct Input to a mixer. The Mugig DI box, routes your signal directly to a mixer or prof... read more »

Sound Perfection

29 Jan, 2018
The Mugig Distortion Pedal is very effective in creating a variety of tones effects. From deep tones to strong sounds. I love how you can adjust volume, tone frequency and distortion to obt... read more »

Pleasure Pleaser

29 Jan, 2018
The Zemalia 3D Oral Male Masturbator is one of the nicest ones I've seen. The silicone is so soft it feels like silk and the attention to detail is incredible!!! The teeth are a really cool design... read more »

Parrot Paradise

10 Jan, 2018
Purchased these rope perches for my 2 pineapple conures. I'm very impressed by the quality and added touches like a bell on one end. They are a lot longer then I had expected which is great becaus... read more »

Purifying Perfection

10 Jan, 2018
I purchased this water treatment to compare it's effective next to the obe I currently use which is about triple the price. To my surprise upon checking the ph, alkaloids etc the results were the... read more »

Black Magic

10 Jan, 2018
Check out this STUNNING little number that just showed up at my door!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS & the detail is remarkable. This is definitely a timeless style. What I love about this design the most... read more »

Magnificent Moss

10 Jan, 2018
These are definitely the most unique and adorable product I have ever ordered off Amazon. I really wasn't sure what to expect from this product but in all honesty my expectations were low. Well wa... read more »

Luminious Luxurious Lighting

08 Jan, 2018
This is my 5th time purchasing these lights not bc of poor quality but bc they are so BEAUTIFUL and I keep finding new areas in my home I wish to enhance with these lights. They are a delicate beauty... read more »

Perfect Window Feeder

05 Jan, 2018
I love how easy this bird feeder was to install and the fact it's clear so you can easily sit and watch/identify all the different species of birds. I would highly recommend this product if your l... read more »

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