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Will re-post when have item

08 Nov, 2021
I can not give this a fair review as this product is very late getting to me, had been hoping to at least have it by my birthday which is was due to arrive before it November 2nd, but as of today the... read more »

small but cute pouch with small water bottle

27 Oct, 2021
The price of 22.99 is an okay price, the pouch that holds the small hot water bottle is very cute. Please note that it is made for smaller figures. I personally cant use it to wrap around me completel... read more »

great deal

18 Jul, 2021
For the price of $9.99 for four clamps, that is $2.50 each which is a good price. It is comparable to a dollar store one, but these can be delivered to your doorr. I bought them as a backup for my bac... read more »

Great product

22 Jun, 2021
This works well, it hooks well, I bought for my backpack purse just in case something breaks. For $7 its not a bad price for 4 pieces, I am glad to have bought these as a precaution in case something&... read more »

Great belt

17 Jun, 2021
Good belt, the sizing does seem to be correct which is great cause when buying things on Amazon I have found its hard to get the right sizings. At $16 it's a pretty good value, I do hope that they... read more »

Good product, inflates items nicely

10 Jun, 2021
This comes with multiple nozzles to attach, you can inflate multiple things, or even remove air from things, like vacuum type clothes bags. It is wireless and can be recharged wuth the wire that comes... read more »

Great fun

31 May, 2021
These are great fun, they hold a nice amount of water and they really spew it far. This is not like a super soaker where you pump then spray kind of thing, with this one your pump is the spray. It goe... read more »

cute children binoculars

25 May, 2021
These are very cute and seem to be made very well to handle a child dropping them. Made of thick plastic. However, when a kid (or even adult to check it) uses it, it is very blurry, almost like if you... read more »

great price for a gaming mouse that works well

19 May, 2021
For $16 this is a great deal on a wired gaming mouse, it has the multiple buttons you would use while gaming, it cycles through colors which looks very pretty, You can make it just stay red, I couldnt... read more »

great sounds. works great

08 May, 2021
There are so many sounds whether you want nature sounds like birds, running water, waves, thunderstorms, or fan noises or even white noices there are multiple sounds of each. You can have it shut up a... read more »

Doesnt have full capacity

05 May, 2021
I found that I had to editt this review sadly. I started putting more files on since I wanted to test it further and it starts to corrupt the files, It seems that I got around 60gb that may . work, bu... read more »

Too bulky

21 Apr, 2021
I tried this on my smaller dog that barks to try and train him but it is so big that it makes it hard for him to lay down in certain positions. Also when it was so big I had to cut some of the length... read more »

Super bright

17 Apr, 2021
This flashlight is super bright, it lights my whole (smaller) backyard up. The batteries are huge and rechargable. You get the charger for them, but they dont really fit properly, you cant havent them... read more »

These work great

05 Apr, 2021
This was a great product, at $15 it is easy to use and fur doesnt need much coaxing to come of the brush when you extend the bristles. It has beads on the end of each bristle tip so it doesnt scratch... read more »

Great flashlight, annoying to toggle modes

30 Mar, 2021
This is a great flashlight that has a really bright beam. To switch between modes you have to turn it on and off with the button on the bottom. There is 4 modes, a really bright mode, a normal bright... read more »

Bought to use for easter

27 Mar, 2021
I have never made a pie before, so I bought this to use as a guide to help me when rolling out the dough. So it hasnt been used yet but looking it over it has lots of information on it which will help... read more »

Nice price for a good product

27 Mar, 2021
There is a lot of privacy film to be able to allow you to feel comfortable to use this. to be honest this much would almost half enough to do a big living room window (not that is something people usu... read more »

Good price, works good

20 Mar, 2021
I think for $28 this is a pretty good deal. the cord goes to the side of the outlet so you can use it on the top or bottom outlet and still be able to use the other outlet. It comes with 6 outlets to... read more »

Very thiun material

20 Mar, 2021
When I ordered these, they looked thicker on the website which would mean it coule absorb a little better. These are very thin  stretch-able material which will help air get at your skin better.... read more »

Cute designs

12 Mar, 2021
For $10, its not a bad price, each one is a different but cute design. They come empty but can be filled easily with or without a fiter. They are the same size as some of the sanitizers you can get fr... read more »

Works great

01 Mar, 2021
This was quite an interesting experience using this, I have never used one before, and with the app showing you what is coming out while you are doing the treatment was an expeience. I am glad I bough... read more »

good product

01 Mar, 2021
The 12 ball bungee cords were very helpful while using this product as well as having some left over for something else. The tarp is definately see through but not as much as it could have been which... read more »

Very sturdy rope

01 Mar, 2021
This is a great rope, I will say I didnt try it in water cause atm its too cold to let dry outside and i didnt want a wet long rope laying around. It is a nice bright orange which will allow you to se... read more »

Easier to put in nose

31 Jan, 2021
These fake nose rings have a round edge on one side so that when you are placing on your nose that goes in one side and it looks like a normal nose ring piercing from the outside without having a shar... read more »

Great shape but too loose

20 Jan, 2021
These look great but are really hard to be able to tighten up on the ear. So they are too loose and fall off my ears. They dont seem to tarnish which is great.   Even though they are loose... read more »

Looks great

13 Jan, 2021
It is a bit too small for me, but it looks great, and with it being $18 for a full bathing suit, its a good price OIt is nice and soft and doesnt seem to be flimsy. glad I checked it out.Hopefully the... read more »

Looks good

04 Jan, 2021
These are in good condition, unused. They come inside a baggy which is inside of a nice pouch. Personally I think the pouch should be way way smaller cause it is far too big for the few nose rings you... read more »

Works great

12 Dec, 2020
Works great, you can connect this up to your computer through the usb and be able to play/watch movies and cds. I havent tried to burn anything but it should have that feature as well. I am really gla... read more »

Great belt multiple uses

11 Dec, 2020
This looks like it is a great belt, it will fit most if not all body sizes from small to quite large. I like how it comes with the metal hoop so that if it is not jeans you are using it with you can s... read more »

beatiful small necklace

20 Nov, 2020
This was really cute, it fits nicely. It doesnt not choke the neck of an adult (at least it didnt with my and I have a pretty big neck). It allows lots of movement without restrictions. Glad to hav... read more »

Great looking product

18 Nov, 2020
It is quite tiny, a little bigger than a nickel but still is a very pretty design that I think most woman would love. It has an ok length where it is bigger than a choker on an adult thankfully, but i... read more »

Warm but not too warm

13 Nov, 2020
I charged this up though it did have some charge in it. The light goes green when the pillow is fully charged. It is quite comfortable if you are one to fall asleep in a sitting type position. &nbs... read more »

Awesome shapes

09 Nov, 2020
Adjustable necklace you can place on baby or yourself, 4 different fun shapes to use for them to enjoy. I bought this to check it out and give as gifts and it was very nice to be able to do so. I thin... read more »

Great amount of lights

08 Nov, 2020
I bought this and didnt notice that it didnt come with the plug in so thats my bad. it came with everything that it said it would so I am still happy with it, just need to get an adapter now XD. It ha... read more »

Perfect Gift idea

06 Nov, 2020
I bought this as a Christmas gift so unsure if they work as of yet, But there is so much that surely some will work and for the price of the kit it is worth it to have all the sizes you may need shoul... read more »

Pretty necklace

12 Oct, 2020
    Choker size on adults but still fits. Cute design. This one was my favorite out of the designs cause I love purple and blue things. Very glad to have been able to get this necklace... read more »

Good product

26 Sep, 2020
Very little smell to it but what is there is a pleasent smell. its easy to apply. It is supposed to be good for a multitude of things which I hope works, and will be testing out. The price is qu... read more »

Nice amount of charge, has flashlight

11 Sep, 2020
  Glad I bought this item, it charges my multiple phones nicely and even has a flashlight that works well. It does have a weight to it so not something you would want in a front pocket. It... read more »

Awesome earphones

10 Sep, 2020
    Great sound experiece, I use them with my newest computer, it automatically links to it when you remove one or both from case, the sound is great quality in my own personal opi... read more »

Great kit

08 Sep, 2020
    This is a great kit for any level. It has a lot of things you can use as a beginner just starting out, and its also good for those advanced felters for replacements. There is multi... read more »

Great light up Purge Mask

05 Sep, 2020
    Great mask from the movie The Purge. Lights up in 3 different modes. One mode is steady, second is flashing slowly, thrid is flashing fast. Works on 2 AA batteries. So far doesnt s... read more »

Looks nice, works well

02 Sep, 2020
Got these late in the day and used my phone flashlight to power them up a little and so far are holding a nice charge for what little time I shined a light on them.     As you c... read more »

Works great

31 Aug, 2020
    So I used this on multiple things one of them being my keyboard which has been quite dusty for a while now and wiping it down doesn't ever work as well as you would think.... read more »

excellent quality

26 Aug, 2020
  This was a nice long necklace with different sized silicon beads. This is long enough around your neck that your baby would have no issues using them for their teething needs.   I... read more »

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