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Looks great

27 Oct, 2018
Comes on a roll with the remote (where you can change colours). There's four strips that are connected (saves trying to do awkward corners). The connectors are a little fiddly when sticking the st... read more »

Beautiful warm glow

27 Oct, 2018
Not a believer this lamp will do anything apart from providing ambiance, but that it does! Lovely warm light. Easy to assemble, just screw the bulb provided into the socket, and insert into the lam... read more »


24 Oct, 2018
Super cute cosy/bed socks.   Size was a good fit for size 6.  Really nice and fluffy.  read more »

Nice gloves, but beware of size

20 Oct, 2018
The gloves are ace - stylish, not too thick or thin, and the touch screen patch works wonders... But they're small in size. I would consider this (L) a Medium... slightly too big the female han... read more »

Lots more room than expected

20 Oct, 2018
I tried to figure out the dimentions, and was plesantly surprised with how much room there is. There's also 8 mesh pockets on the sides, and 4 pockets with velcro flap. Velcro on the bottom, so... read more »

Nice curly wig

17 Oct, 2018
The synthetic hair looks really nice and natural (sorry, not the greatest pics, it's hard to take pic of something completely black) - curls fall nicely. Comes with free wig cap. read more »

Lovely scarf

14 Oct, 2018
Nice chunky knit, great lenght. Looks dark grey from a distance, up close you'll see the speckled pattern. read more »

Beware of small size

10 Oct, 2018
They were actually bought due to their small size... not available in small, but as people found the M tiny, chanced it on that - and yes - the medium size is a perfect small (good for those with smal... read more »


06 Oct, 2018
This is simply brilliant. Hahaha. Great fun jumper. Quite thin (compared to knitted Chistmas jumpers), will be perfect for Christmas parties. Vibrant and fun print (and slimming! Shown on size 40 w... read more »

Slightly large in size, great print

04 Oct, 2018
Love this jumpsuit - great fun! It is however not very fitted (for female)... size S was good fit for size 10 on thighs and the lenght is great (showed in one pic without shoes/legwarmers). Nice stret... read more »

Great for indoors

02 Oct, 2018
True to size. Super lightweight. Comfy, good fit. Sole much better than expected - feel great walking in. Cannot comment for outside use, only used on treadmill. As a bonus the shoes look really cu... read more »

Lovely hat, but hard to get wrinkles out

29 Sep, 2018
Nothing wrong with the hat... the hat looks lovely - the issue is how it's been packaged - it comes scrunched up in a bag, meaning it's near impossible to get the folds and wrinkles out. Le... read more »

Weird fabric, but will do wonders for the figure

25 Sep, 2018
Let's get the bad out of the way first - the fabric is WEIRD (close up on the product images shows the texture)... like a sofa from the 70ies... But apart from the really strange fabric - this... read more »

Easy to use

14 Oct, 2017
 I love these sort of lights, and this is my second USB one... although have to admit I got it plugged into a USB mains socket. :) Very easy to operate, and the strip remembers what setting yo... read more »

Plenty of bling!

10 Oct, 2017
This'll be loads of fun for little youngsters. Box comes with a box (needs to be assembled, stickers for doing so provided), a "mirror", a small purse and a whole heap of stickers to... read more »

Works well

01 Oct, 2017
It's great - works just as accurately as any other kitchen thermometer I got. This one is a little more technical than most of them, with all it's different settings, but it's easy to s... read more »


19 Sep, 2017
Nice and warm - without being too thick. They do look tiny though! But they're really stretchy, and perfect for missus' size 6 feet. Comes on little hangers, none of those plastic string... read more »

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