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Works great

17 Nov, 2020
I have never really used any eyelash curlers before and wanted to try it out. I'm glad I got this one because I am in love with it already. My daughter loves it to. I definitely recommend this cur... read more »

Cuts great

09 Nov, 2020
This works great on my son and husbands hair. It cuts easy and even. I recommend especially if you have males living with you. Great product for a great price. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored i... read more »

set great for couples to match

04 Sep, 2020
I got this for my son and his girlfriend. They both loved it. They are a nice thing for couples to have to connect with eachother with a set that goes together. I recommend these and they are at a gre... read more »

Easy to aet up and great for organizing

29 Aug, 2020
I got these to organize my magazine's and also to put my printer paper in and whatever else that needs organized. And these worked out perfectly. They were also very easy to set up. I definitely r... read more »

So many different items

29 Aug, 2020
This has so many pieces. There's 12600 pieces in all in this set. It has rubber bands, charms and more. You can make so many different things with this set. It's definitely worth the money, wh... read more »

Holds insence in good

29 Aug, 2020
I really love this insence holder. It holds the insence in really good and is so pretty. The brass color blends in well with my room. I recommend these insence holders and at a great price.  ... read more »

Cuts good

29 Aug, 2020
This is the 2nd pair of clippers of this brand that ive ordered. These work great, just like the first pair. And the color and deaigns on them, make them even better. I recommend these Clippers. ... read more »

Shaves smooth and is east to hold and easy to maneuver

18 Aug, 2020
  I liked the design that is on the clippers, which made me more interested in purchasing it. I've never seen any other clippers with designs on them like that and it really caught my eye whe... read more »

stopped working

10 Aug, 2020
I am really disappointed in this solar pump. I used it in my mini pond and when it did work at first, it wasn't working right, because it would spit out a little water but very little. And then af... read more »

works good

10 Aug, 2020
This worked pretty good.And it is just as it said, painless hair removal. I used it on my eyebrows and underarms so far and they did good without any pain or discomfort. It is also a really good thing... read more »

a good variety of different stickers

10 Aug, 2020
I purchased these for my daughter for her laptop and her binder. She really likes all of the different designs. And they stay on and hold on really good.  i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored... read more »

so soft

10 Aug, 2020
I like these no show socks because of course, they are no show, but another reason is because of how soft they are and when I am wearing them, it feels like nothing is even on my feet. They also stay... read more »

really pretty

10 Aug, 2020
This is really cute. I purchased it just for the looks. I thought it was way too cute to use as a coffee spoon, so i decided to hang it on my wall. I have gotten so many compliments on it when people... read more »

has a good grip

10 Aug, 2020
I purchased this for my Mother in Laws steps and her ramp outside of her house. It worked out great and was surprised how effective it was. And it's even better that it glows in the dark, making i... read more »

made with good n thick material

10 Aug, 2020
I purchased these for my son because he really needed a belt. Me and him both loved the design with the city names on them. And there is 2 in the pack, 1 black and 1 yellow. So you definately get your... read more »

Really comes in handy

10 Aug, 2020
I got this to put on my counter for when im cooking or whatever else, I have a little trash can right there to throw my stuff away. That way I don't have to keep going back and forth to my main tr... read more »

Great highlighters

10 Aug, 2020
I haven't used any highlighters before, but had been wanting to. So this is the first highlighters that I have ever used. I was really satisfied with how it looked. I will be purchasing more in th... read more »

really pretty colors and goes on smoothly.

10 Aug, 2020
I like this eyeshadow a good bit. It goes on smoothly and stays on your eyes for a good while. And all of the colors are really pretty and show up really good.  . #RankBoosterReview ii. #Spons... read more »

Help makes files and folders alot more organized and easier to see.

21 Jul, 2020
These made my foldera so much more organized. You can see real clear without having to pull them out. I recommend these, especially for someone with alot of files. It makes then so much more orga... read more »

Great for parties

16 Jul, 2020
I got these for a friend who was having an anniversary party for her and her husband. They worked out awesome.   i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #viralix #sallyfashion https... read more »

You can take this with you anywhere

16 Jul, 2020
I really liked this because I can just sit it down beside of my bed and use for a lamp at night and if I need do go to another room, I can just bring this light along so I can see through the house at... read more »

Can be used for different things

16 Jul, 2020
I got these for scrapbooking. I used it for the border and it turned out nice. It can also be used for weddings,etc.   i.#RankBoosterReviewii.#Sponsorediii. #viralx #VGOODALL  ... read more »

Great for DIY displaying and jello

16 Jul, 2020
I got these to use for soap molds. They are made of good n thick silicone and isn't all flimsy n thin like some of thw other brand molds that are out there. They worked great for my soaps. #Big... read more »

Great for DIY projects

16 Jul, 2020
These are great for crafts. I like doing different DIY projects and these have alot in the pack to use for different projects. There are so many things that you can use these on. i. #RankBoosterRev... read more »

Card earring holders

29 Jun, 2020
I have alot of earrings and i also make them to sale to other people so these really come in handy. I have used so many of these to hang on muy earring display and they work out great. it is also such... read more »

Hangers/holders for different things such as toothbrush, razors, etc

29 Jun, 2020
I use these for my toothbrushes and they have been working awesome so far. It helps keeps them more organized and out of the way. I recommend these because they for sure come in handy. https://www.... read more »

Floss threaders for flossing when you have braces

29 Jun, 2020
Both of my sons have braces and these are a must for them to be able to floss. I am so glad that i found and purchased these. Other ones were so much more expensive with less amount than these. These... read more »

18 small burlap drawstring sacks great for any occasion/party

29 Jun, 2020
These bags are so adorable and are great for so many different occasions. I used them for a friends birthday party and they worked perfectly. Everyone loved them and wondered were i purchased them. So... read more »

shockproof case for samsung s10

29 Jun, 2020
I got this for my sons phone. I was really impressed with how heavy duty that it actually turned out to be. It is as heavy duty as it can get.It is a really great case and i definately recommend it.&n... read more »

Orange and black plaid table runner

29 Jun, 2020
I got this for a table that I have in the living room. It worked out great and the colors match my theme. It is made well and has nice color to it. I recommend this. read more »

Tiger eyes bracelet

29 Jun, 2020
I absolutely love this bracelet. It is made well and has great design and color. I recommend this. It is at a great price also. read more »

swim trunks with design

29 Jun, 2020
I got these for my daughter and she loves them. They fit just right and are stitched and made very well. The design is really nice on it to. I recommend these. read more »

2 piece puzzle keychain for couples

29 Jun, 2020
I got these for me and my husband. We both wear ours on our other keychains. It's something cute and reminds you of your love for eachother.I recommend these and at a great price. https://... read more »

reversible leather belts

29 Jun, 2020
 I got this for my son. It is very well made and comfortable. What he and i both really like is you can turn it around to a different color if you want to make a little change from time to time.... read more »

Toothbrush caps

29 Jun, 2020
I really needed caps for all of the toothbrushes in our household. These worked great and you can bring them along anywhere you need to bring your toothbrush. It;s also a really good value for the mon... read more »

whole puncher shapes

29 Jun, 2020
These are great. They work really well and the shapes makes them even better. I definately recommend these. read more »

Makes face feel soft and clean

01 May, 2020
i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #(OPENUYE) I was really looking forward to getting this. And i certainly was not disappointed. It made my face bfeel so clean and soft. I definately recomm... read more »

Cute shoes but size is way off, too small

01 May, 2020
I was looking forward to these shoes, but when i recieved them they were way too small. I was so disappointed. But other than that they seem like a good pair of shoes. If you order, just order 2 sizes... read more »

Great for portable clothesline

01 May, 2020
I love this because you can take it anywhere and hang it just about anywhere. It's clamps hold the clothes tight. I recommend this for sure. i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #(AIKESIWA... read more »

Great lamp

03 Apr, 2020
I really like this lamp. It works great and looks so nice in my living room. I definetely recommend it. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #(AMUMO) read more »

The necklace for SON doesn't look as good as it does in the pic

10 Mar, 2020
I purchased this necklace for my son. When i recieved it and was giving it to him, i noticed the end where you put the clasp through, was too small of a hole to put the clasp through. I had to find an... read more »

Makes a great organizer for garden tools/ etc

04 Mar, 2020
I really needed one of these so i am glad i came across this one. It worked great to put in my shed for my shovel, rake, etc. It looks alot better using this organizer because they was just all piled... read more »

( Blue) Disposable Bib clip review- Works great

19 Jan, 2020
I got this for my niece because she has a little boy and i figured i would get this to try it out. She really liked it and i do too. What i liked the most is that you can clip it to make the bib go ab... read more »

Fits as expected and so soft n comfortable

14 Jan, 2020
I have a pair of pants with this pattern and have been looking for a top to go with them. I already had a top but it didn't fit good at all. So I was super excited when I saw this top. It fits gre... read more »

Works great

14 Jan, 2020
I got this to try out using makeup. I had never used one before. This actually worked out pretty good. The makeup went on smoothly with no problems. Its easy to clean when done. Its a little hard to f... read more »

SkyAudio earbuds with microphone and call controller compatible with IPhone ,Android

16 Dec, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. Skyaudio   I got these for my daughter because... read more »

Womens hair trimmer- works great

15 Nov, 2019
This actually surprised me because may all other brands I've tried didn't work like they were suppose to. I got this for my daughter, but I ended up with it. I have to say that it worked great... read more »

Pots and pans organizer.

15 Nov, 2019
I have been wanting one of these because I needed something to help organize my pots and pans. This came with very clear step by step instructions. Butt it's easy to do even without the instructio... read more »

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