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Works well

09 Apr, 2021
Love this little guy it works really well and I enjoy using it more than I would bag clips. read more »

Cool rings

09 Apr, 2021
These rings although cheap not the best quality are really cool looking and fun they're not for everyday wear but they are pretty cool when you're trying to jazz up a outfit. read more »

Actually works

29 Mar, 2021
I got these lip plumpers thinking they probably will not work I am very pleasantly surprised although the little bit of tingle when you first put them on it's slightly annoying it's nothing th... read more »

Cute butterflies

29 Mar, 2021
I ordered these patches on a whim. Boy I'm glad I did they are so cute and each so different you could use them on several things or like me put them all over my old distressed jeans that are so c... read more »

Fun but dangerous

29 Mar, 2021
There are a couple little tricks to use in this little helicopter guy one hold it in palm of your hand for at least 20 seconds if you let it go too soon it flies sideways and straight into a wall. But... read more »


29 Mar, 2021
I got this for a friend's birthday he happens to be bald and always wearing a hat. Every Halloween he usually have some kind of funky thing going on on his head so I knew this would be perfect whe... read more »

Fun for a St Patrick's day party!

16 Mar, 2021
This set is absolutely great if you're having a get together or going to a get together on St Patrick's Day the glasses are cute the necklaces are nice but I really love the  bracelets an... read more »

Perfect for a little pizzazz

05 Jan, 2021
I got these or two small potted trees on my deck and boy in my glad I did they're very pretty the lights are bright and even in the winter last for hours on hours. I have a feeling that after wint... read more »

So cute

05 Jan, 2021
I love how cute and fun this little set is it made my party look fancy with such an elaborate cake that was a simple on sale one from the grocery store I recommend anybody trying to give a little pizz... read more »

Ok for some people

05 Jan, 2021
I got these because I absolutely hate masks. I was hoping that they would keep the mask further away from my face and my lipstick but for me they hit my face really weird I have a small nose so I don&... read more »

Does what you expect

03 Nov, 2020
Great little massager not only is it fun and entertaining in the bedroom it really is wonderful for neck and back aches. But I must say as far as the fun stuff goes it is really good at doing its job... read more »

Cats go crazy for silvervine

03 Nov, 2020
I happen to have four cats. Two of them don't like American catnip it really just kind of sniff it and walk away. One day I was lucky to find silvervine if you have a cat I can almost guarantee th... read more »

Fun and gross little bugs

27 Oct, 2020
I got these bugs for Halloween and have them spread all over the house. I even know what they are and they still give me the willies LOL. These are definitely creepy and fun I recommend everybody want... read more »

Realistic and creepy

27 Oct, 2020
I love these little scorpions. They look so real and creepy I got them for a Halloween party and have them spread all over my table and bar area I know they're going to freak a couple people out read more »

Handy dandy little gadget

12 Oct, 2020
My bathtub drain has been running slowly for quite a while and although I put in some drain cleaner here and there it's not something I think about so I don't buy drain cleaner often. Now I do... read more »

Great colors great fun

12 Oct, 2020
I recommend these eyeliners to anyone who loves makeup. I personally love to change up my makeup try new looks and just sometimes have fun. These eyeliners are colorful shiny and such a great variety.... read more »

Great problem solver

12 Oct, 2020
My one bathroom sink would just randomly stink there's no way around it, it stunk. I would have to get bleach, pinesol,denture tabs,or drain cleaner to get rid of the smell. Not anymore I use thes... read more »

Nice looking pet bowl

28 Sep, 2020
This bowl is ok. My problem is that it is plastic and not as heavy as I need. I have 4 kitties that tend to be messy this bowl didn't help me with this problem but a couple times a year I "ki... read more »

Such a fun hat

28 Sep, 2020
This hat is so unbelievably cute. I love wearing silly hats around Christmas time and I really needed something different and I've never seen one quite like this. It's so adorable and comes wi... read more »

Handy item

07 Sep, 2020
As someone who wears glasses everyday I always need to adjust them I'm not kidding when I say I have over 20 pairs of prescription glasses including sunglasses and they need adjusted frequently th... read more »

Great lights

07 Sep, 2020
I love these lights I put them under my bar and I can set the mood in all different kinds of ways these are wonderful and fun to play with.#RankBoosterReview #Hansonled RGB LED Strip Lights read more »

Perfect little light.

06 Sep, 2020
This magic armor UV light is the absolute perfect size to throw in your purse take on a trip and it is a strong little thing. It really is the size of a standard computer mouse and the UV lights are n... read more »

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