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Very good

05 Oct, 2020
I have been looking at buying a diamond painting kit for a couple of months now. This is the first one I have purchased and tried, so I have nothing to compare it too.  My first impressions we... read more »

Brilliant. Very comfortable

05 Oct, 2020
I have just recently been trying to wear false eyelashes. None of the others I have tried seemed to work very well (falling off. Irritating. Didnt look right etc) These ones though are something else.... read more »

Fantastic mirror lights

05 Oct, 2020
I'v seen pictures of these type of lights online and thought they looked good so i decided to pick some up. The lights are pretty bright and have multiple colors warm, regular and cool white. T... read more »

Good little bag sealer

28 Sep, 2020
I was eager to receive this bag sealer. It is very small which makes storing it so much easier than other larger versions. Also a fantastic price. It takes 2 batteries. It seals bags such as sandwi... read more »

Good quality

26 Sep, 2020
I bought these washi tapes to makes cards, and for making some christmas gifts. You get 20 rolls, numerous sizes and patterns.  They are of superb quality, and very pretty patterns #RankBooster... read more »

Very bright bicycle lights

26 Sep, 2020
I am very impressed with these bike lights. I used them last night on my bike whilst I was out with the dog.  They shine up very bright, with plenty of different modes. I was even more impressed... read more »

Wireless controller

26 Sep, 2020
I have been using this wireless controller on my nintendo switch for a couple of days now. I must say I am very impressed.  Connects easily via bluetooth. I have been playing numerous different... read more »

Great organisation

26 Sep, 2020
I received these cable holder clips a couple of days ago, and have been trying them out.  I love that they come in a variety of sizes.  They are easy to stick on, and they keep the wires r... read more »

Good quality

26 Sep, 2020
I received this pool float a couple of days ago. Unfortunately I haven't been able to try it in the pool due to the weather, however I have inflated it, and sat my 1 year old daughter in it inside... read more »

Good controller

22 Sep, 2020
I bought this controller as a spare for my daughter, for when her friends come round and they want to play on a game together on her ps4.  It connects easily and works well with the ps4 system... read more »

They do a great job

22 Sep, 2020
These clippers got delivered this afternoon, and I was so eager to use them that I have given my partner a hair cut with them already.  Inside the box was the wireless clippers, 2 double ... read more »

Lovely material

18 Sep, 2020
This hoodie has quickly become one of my daughters favourites. The feel of the material is lovely, like an almost silky feel. It is not too thick yet not too thin. It's easy to wear underneat... read more »

So relaxing

18 Sep, 2020
02 Sep, 2020 I absolutely love this sound machine. It has a great selection of different sounds. Has a timer. The volume goes up loud and the sound quality stays clear. The headphone socket is a bo... read more »

Brilliant fast power bank

17 Sep, 2020
This power bank gives you everything you need to stay charged on the go.  This power bank is very light weight and compact, but packs a powerful punch. The charging time is brilliant, super fa... read more »

I love this hoodie

14 Sep, 2020
I love this hoodie. It is my new favourite item of clothing.  The material is lovely. Very silky soft. Not too thick, not too thin. The colours are vibrant too.  The sizing is a perfec... read more »


12 Sep, 2020
I bought these hooks to go in the hallways to hang coats and bags etc.  They are very stylish looking. Very easy to put up  and they seem really strong and sturdy. These hooks were just w... read more »

Very gòod

12 Sep, 2020
These are very good set of tweezers. They are super sharp, and very good for getting out even the smallest of hairs. They meet in the middle very well, so they dont snap the hair you're trying to... read more »

Great for make up application

10 Sep, 2020
These lights are fab. I have stuck them around my mirror on my dressing table. Brilliant at illuminating the face. I find it much easier to apply my make up now.  I love how there are 10 diffe... read more »

Brilliant pens

10 Sep, 2020
These pens have 2 ends, one end is a fine liner, the other end is a thick colouring pen with a long pointy end.  There is a nice variety of different colours, and they are beautiful. These wor... read more »

Very good

06 Sep, 2020
This is an excellent portable charger. It charges my phone fast. The charge in it lasts a long time. Also its lightweight and small  read more »

Good speaker

04 Sep, 2020
Good speaker. I like that you can still hear every thing around you. Great for in the garden. I dont recommend it for podcasts as it crackles a bit in between speaking. However it is excellent for pla... read more »

Good controller

04 Sep, 2020
Good controller. Does exactly what it should. Very easy to set up and use. My daughter is pleased she now has a second controller so friends can play too  read more »


03 Sep, 2020
Lovely light. Very simple to use. Great to use when putting on make up, or taking photographs / videos etc read more »


02 Sep, 2020
I absolutely love this sound machine. It comes with a great selection of different sounds. Has a timer. The volume goes up loud and the sound quality stays clear. The headphone socket is a bonus. Also... read more »


11 Aug, 2020
Plain and simple design, Nice and soft. Does the job read more »


10 Aug, 2020
These are very practical. The light really helps to see what you are doing. Easy to use read more »


09 Jul, 2020
This is a fantastic air pump. Rechargeable and powerful. This will blow the air bed up in no time at all. Very pleased read more »


29 Jun, 2020
Good toilet brush. Much more hygenic than normal ones. I like that you can mount it on the wall, but it just slides off the bracket for ease of cleaning  read more »

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