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i'm a wife and a mother of three. i love adventures and have a deep appreciation for art and culture.
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Too Funny

08 Nov, 2020
I wore this to my office christmas party and it was a big hit. Its made out of a great material so its not itchy and it fit great. read more »

So Funny

08 Nov, 2020
I sent this to my brother as a christmas present and he loved it. Very funny. Great christmas present. read more »

A little small

08 Nov, 2020
I definitly though it was going to be bigger but other then that no complaints. it works great and the temperatures are just right. read more »

I love my headset

08 Nov, 2020
My headset works great and is very durable. It has held up to so much wear and tear from my kids Im really suprised it still works. It feels great on and cancels out the noise great. I use my head set... read more »

These are the best

08 Nov, 2020
These clippers are so quite and work so great. they stay charged for a really long time and i love the waterproof effect. read more »


08 Nov, 2020
a very pretty dress. I  love the style. I love the fit. I love the material. So worth my money. read more »

A little thin

08 Nov, 2020
The fabric to this dress is very thin so iv'e never actually let my daughter wear it out of the house. The fabric gets dirty fast. Its pretty and the perfect size but not the ideal fabric. read more »

Great Sketch Kit

08 Nov, 2020
Great sketch kit. I use it all of the time. It really had a good variety of things with it. From pencials to charcol pencials everything you could need for your drawing experience. I really enjoyed th... read more »

This is amazing

29 May, 2020
Perfect light. So powerful. Has different modes. Stays charged for a very long time. I use it for fishing and many other things. It's works great. It stays attached to your head very good to. I ha... read more »

Really cute

14 Apr, 2019
I loved this outfit. I should have gotten one size bigger but I still loved it. The material is thin and silly so perfect for summer weather. The fit is great and so are the measurements. I've was... read more »

Lasts for a long time

29 Mar, 2019
Waterproof, long lasting doesn't flake off or get clumpy. Very easy to put on and the tip is perfect for details.  read more »

So much fun

29 Mar, 2019
These are so much fun. You can drum on your own or to a variety of different tunes. The volume is loud and the battery life is very long. You have to kind of tap them to get them to drum but very ligh... read more »

Was not expecting such great quality

29 Mar, 2019
These necklaces are really great in quality. The box they came in made them perfect for gifting. The metal lasts a very long time and doesn't turn green or tarnish. I loved the sayings on them and... read more »

Works great

29 Mar, 2019
Works great, very pretty. Expected it to be a bit larger but definitely not complaining. You add your oils straight in the diffuser which I like. Love the different colors.  read more »


29 Mar, 2019
Was really expecting more. Thought it was going to be much bigger and more authentic. Had ribbon instead of feathers and was really cheap looking.  read more »

Very nice

29 Mar, 2019
Great watch. The quality's great. It's not to heavy. Very appealing. I do wish it would have come with a chain but other then that it's been great.  read more »

Great tanks

11 Dec, 2018
Great tank tops. They fit amazing the quality of material is good and the colors are amazing. Love love love. read more »

So fun

16 Nov, 2018
If your looking for something fun to do to waste time this is perfect. The games are challenging enough to keep you interested and there's enough of a variety to keep you from getting board. The g... read more »

So comfortable

16 Nov, 2018
I absolutely love this bra and panty set. It's so sexy and comfortable. It's sure to bring out your wild side. The fit was perfect. The bralette didn't have any padding but I just wore it... read more »

This is so cool

16 Nov, 2018
These car drones should definitely be the number one toy of the year it's so cool and easy to use. It charges fast and play time lasts a lot longer then I expected. It's very easy to control a... read more »

So convenient

16 Nov, 2018
Ok if you've ever used thigh high stockings you know how much of a hassle they can be to get on and off. These have no straps nothing to tighten, you just pull them up and your ready to go it'... read more »

Not impressed

14 Nov, 2018
I've been using this anti aging surem for two weeks now and have yet to notice a difference. My skin isn't tighter my bags under my eyes haven't improved and it's not really even benef... read more »

Amazing! Very Sexy.

07 Nov, 2018
I was Expecting to receive a product not worth my money. I expected it to look cheap and be dingy but that was definitely not the case. This is so sturdy and the quality of the material is amazing. Th... read more »

Drinking Straws

07 Nov, 2018
First of all I would like to say these straws are a lot longer then I expected and are good for any sized cup. The material it's made out of is very durable and they look amazing on party tables I... read more »

So much fun

01 Nov, 2018
Love these walkie talkies. When I first opened them I was hesitant about them haveing good signal but they work great. You can hear from so far. The walkies have a great color to them and are very com... read more »


26 Oct, 2018
I love these pens they are so amazing, they are so much fun. There is so many colors to choose from .I love the fine point tips. I also love the ink and style of the pens.  read more »

Lip gloss

26 Oct, 2018
Definitely need a chapstick to apply over. Great colors but very hard to apply. It really is waterproof after it drys but it takes a while to dry and is hard to apply so you end up trying to wipe it o... read more »

So much fun

26 Oct, 2018
It's a lot of fun but kinda hard to use. Have to keep a hold of it to get it to stimulate. Which can get annoying. Ended up taking off but was a fun foreplay toy.  read more »


26 Oct, 2018
It's a really great speaker. It's easy to pair and compact so you can take it any where. The base sounds pretty good for being such a compact speaker but I do wish the volume went a little lou... read more »

It was a lot of fun

06 Oct, 2018
This is a lot of fun. It's safe, durable, and light. Only negative I noticed was it didn't stay charged very long and took a lot of time to charge. It also would have been more appealing with... read more »

Very pleasurable

28 Sep, 2018
I loved these underwear. There actually a long more comfortable then I would have thought and there really durable. They have lace and a cute little bow. They don't get in the way during intercour... read more »

Such a cool Idea

23 Sep, 2018
My favorite thing about this car is that it really works. You just draw a line and watch it go. It will follow it around and around. I was afraid it wouldn't work on things like notebook paper but... read more »

My son was so excited to get this.

23 Sep, 2018
I love this night light. Some of the cool features I found about it were first, that you can charge it and then unplug it and it's cordless. I also found that the touch screen button was really ne... read more »

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