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i enjoy reading, playing with my children, prayer, bible study, taking walks, the beach (my favorite place!) and being a good friend. i love finding new things to try from nail polish to shoe inserts to kitchen gadgets, to most anything electronic and then telling my friends and family about them. i love surprising my friends and family with new gadgets that they didn't know existed...that makes my day. i'm dedicated, honest, and respectful, and i have high ethics and morals. i enjoy being a part of a community in which people are positive and happy, but can also be looking for a friend to listen to them if they need someone. i'm upbeat, positive, and my glass is always half full...i love seeing the best in people and i do not like those who judge. we've all had our roads to tread, and none of us have walked in the shoes of another. i'm a people person....if you couldn't tell lol.
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So comfy

09 Nov, 2020
These socks are well made, and they are somewhat thin to keep feet fresh and dry. I highly recommend these socks. read more »

A Whole Lot of Storage

20 Dec, 2018
This flash drive is just too cute! The bottom comes off for use, and there is a small USB shaped rubber "keeper" that you can attach it to so you do not lose it. I have so many photos on thi... read more »

These are Great!

20 Dec, 2018
I purchased these for my son who is very picky about his shoes, but he loves these. He said they are extremely comfortable and he gets lots of compliments on them. The fit is true to size, and they ar... read more »

These are Just Too Cute!

20 Dec, 2018
I bought these for my niece for Christmas, and the quality seems to be great, the design is so so cute, and I highly recommend them for anyone who has little girls. read more »


20 Dec, 2018
I purchased these for my husband as I want him to always be safe. These will definetly let people know you are on the side of the road if you happen to break down. They flash in different patterns, ar... read more »

Beginning to Notice

20 Dec, 2018
I have almost used half of this bottle, and I can see some lightening under my eyes. I cannot see a difference in my skin tone, firmness or evenness. I will keep using and post an update at a later ti... read more »

Poorly Constructed

04 Dec, 2018
I love the design of this Kindle cover. However, the tabs that hold it in place crack very easily. I am OCD when it comes to m belongings, and I am very careful with them. Hence, the purchase of this... read more »

So Nice and Comfy

04 Dec, 2018
This shirt is made to dress up with leggings and boots or heels , or wear with jeans and tennis shoes! It falls elegantly and is flattering to any woman. It is made of 95% rayon and 5% spandes making... read more »

Great Sound

04 Dec, 2018
These wired earbuds have great sound with awesome bass. They are made with genuine cherry wood and have very rich look to them. You can control everything with one button including changing tracks and... read more »

~ Professional Grade ~

28 Nov, 2017
These tools are the ultimate blackhead killers. There is a tool to meet each need whether it is a blackhead, a whitehead, a pimple, etc. These tools are made of surgical grade stainless steel and come... read more »

~ Just the Thing to Work Out Your Stress ~

28 Nov, 2017
This is known as a "Squishy" which is used by squeezing it and allowing it to plump back up and squeeze it again. They can be squeezed very hard and still rise back to their original shape.... read more »

~ Crisp Clear Sound ~

28 Nov, 2017
With an updated microphone that gives you crisp, clear sound when talking on the phone, and advanced features making your music sound fantastic, these earbuds are deal. They are lightweight and e... read more »

~ Great Precision ~

28 Nov, 2017
I love this set of tweezers for eyebrows and ingrown hairs, not to mention the occasional splinter or two. The set is very nice and comes with two (2) professional tweesers made for high quality stain... read more »

~ Great Quality ~

28 Nov, 2017
These Mugig guitar picks are 1.5mm thick, so they are not flimsy and are made of premium delrin. They come in a pack of 50 so you definitely get your money's worth. An all around great produc... read more »

~ Timeless Beauty ~

28 Nov, 2017
This beatufil rose is handcrafted from procelain and comes on a necklace made of type of thin rope. It is adjustable from 16 inches to a full 22 inches. The color variates from white to light blue to... read more »

~ Great Audio & Clear Sound ~

14 Nov, 2017
These earphones have an impressive sound quality, and they are very comfortable with a memory foam type of material covered with soft material that doesn't cause you to sweat. They are foldable ma... read more »

~ Intricate Detail ~

14 Nov, 2017
I love these little bags that I purchased so I can place gifts inside, and they are so pretty they can be considered a gift in and of themselves. They measure 6.7 x 5.1 x 0.4 inches, and are the... read more »

~ Not Braided at All ~

11 Nov, 2017
This is a pretty durable cable, however it is not braided at all. The cable is covered in a "braided pattern" hard plastic, which makes it hard to bend. It has a copper core which allows for... read more »

Title is Misleading

11 Nov, 2017
This handy anglizer tool can lock in any angle you desire with the knobs on the tool. You twist them down to lock in the position so you have no accidental sliding of the tool. All of the arms of t... read more »

~ Comfy & Soft ~

11 Nov, 2017
This is a very comfortable and soft top, and it has Cool Comfor technology to wick moisture away from your body. It's 95% polyester and 5% spandex and machine washable. It's made very well wit... read more »


09 Nov, 2017

~ So Very Beautiful ~

08 Nov, 2017
I am so pleased with this bracelet, I have received so many compliments on it! It's not sterling silver, but it looks as good. It is made of silver plated alloy, with blue floral glass beads, blue... read more »

~ Baby Soft Feet ~

08 Nov, 2017
This device is very easy to use, and it also saves so much time during my foot care routing. It gently and effectively buffs away rough skin from heels. I've never had cracked heels, and I know wi... read more »

~ Professional Nails at Home ~

08 Nov, 2017
This LED UV nail dryer has a display screen with three timer settings, and it can be used for the gel nail polish or regurlar nail polish. The quality of the lamp is superior to others I have owned in... read more »

~ New Fad of the Year ~

02 Nov, 2017
If you haven't already noticed, almost everyone seems to have fidget spinners, and if they do not, they soon will. This little toy isn't just for children, but is intended to help reduce stres... read more »

~ Beautiful & Elegant ~

02 Nov, 2017
I bought these "envelopes" to give gifts in, and they are so gorgeous I want to keep them myself. (I will not, though)  :) These beautiful red and gold silk envelopes can be used as a g... read more »

~ Professional Blackhead Remover Set ~

02 Nov, 2017
This is a high quality set of stainless steel blackhead removers with five (5) different sized tools for every need you may have for your facial care. They are housed in a super nice case, come w... read more »

~ Clear Sound & Great Earphones ~

02 Nov, 2017
I received these earphones the other day, and I must say I am impressed with the sound and quality of them. They have Blue Tooth 4.1 technology for faster connectivity to your bluetooth devices, and t... read more »

~Awesome Speaker ~

27 Oct, 2017
  It I finally found a speaker that will last the entire day at the beach or the pool. This thing is really awesome, because it can be charged using USB or by the solar panel on top of the spe... read more »

~ Awesome ~

20 Oct, 2017
This LED UV nail dryer has a display screen with three timer settings, and it can be used for the gel nail polish or regurlar nail polish. The quality of the lamp is superior to others I have owned in... read more »

~ Vibrant and Fun ~

10 Oct, 2017
These paints are so much fun to play with, and your only limit is your imagination. The pigment of the paints give you true colors, and the set includes twelve (12) colors including one (1) glitter ge... read more »

~ These Are Awesome ~

10 Oct, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised when I received these headphones. They are made of very high quality materials, comfortable on my ears and head, and pair very easily with all of my blue tooth devices. They... read more »

~ Bright Enough To Blind ~

10 Oct, 2017
This small flashlight could actually be used as a weapon if one was being attacked. The brightness of this light would temporarily blind any assailant giving one the opportunity to escape, and leaving... read more »

~ Could Be Better ~

10 Oct, 2017
I purchased this set of tweezers for the assortment that enables one to use each pair for a different need. The pointed ones are for ingrown hairs, the slanted ones for eyebrow grooming and the third... read more »

~ Beautiful ~

08 Oct, 2017
These "Thank you" cards are so lovely, and you have the entire inside to write your personal note to that special someone who deserves your thanks. The colors are bright and soft pastels wit... read more »

~ Great Strengthening ~

02 Oct, 2017
I love using these Verisa aqua dumbells in the pool. Believe me, they do give you a good work out if you use them correctly. They do not absorb water much and the resistance is just right. I push them... read more »

~ Super Charging Power ~

02 Oct, 2017
This three (3) USB charger for your car charges super fast even when all three (3) ports are being used. It can charge any of your electronics that uses a USB connection including cell phones, tables,... read more »

Great Sound Quality and Convenience

26 Sep, 2017
This blue tooth ear piece uses a stereo Bluetooth 4.1 chip to ensure superfast data transmission and stable performance, and Apt-X technology, which comes with high-performance speakers, giving y... read more »

Surprisingly Comfortable

26 Sep, 2017
I tried a pair of these last night, and I have to say I was surprised at how comfortable they were. After a few minutes, I didn't even know they were there. Now I can't say for sure whether I... read more »

Lightening Fast

21 Sep, 2017
This USB cable by Awire uses USB 3.0 fast charging, and my phone, tablet, music players are fully charged within 30 minutes. It's made of high quality braided outer layer and is very powerful. It... read more »

High Quality and Durable

21 Sep, 2017
This power strip is FCC, RoHS certified, and has  6-outlets with a 6ft UL listed extension cord and fire-resistance PC shell, making it perfect for home, offic eand professional workstations. The... read more »

Versatile and Smooth

21 Sep, 2017
This eyebrow duo ended brow brush comes with three (3) different relplaceable colors, is waterproof and goes on smooth and stays on. It has pigmented brow gel, and an angled brush.One side to help arc... read more »

Hi-Fi Quality for Low Price

21 Sep, 2017
These blue tooth earphones are great! The sound is pure, and the sound cancelling feature works wonderfully. With these I can listen to music without outside noise bothering me, answer my phone and be... read more »

Nice and Sturdy

15 Sep, 2017
I really like the look and feel of this phone case. It has a silicone insert that goes inside of the hard outer shell to keep my phone well protected. Highly recommend! #RankBoosterReview #Spons... read more »

Hot and Sexy

15 Sep, 2017
This sexy chemise is covered in black lace with a red satin lining. It's not only gorgeous, but it's very well made and comfortable. The lace is soft and not scratchy at all. Grab yours here l... read more »

Soft and Sexy

15 Sep, 2017
This is a beautiful satin and lace babydoll chemise. It's very comfortable and silky against the skin. The lace accents are very sexy as are the bows down the back. It also has a bra closure in th... read more »

~ No Catching On the Rod ~

21 Aug, 2017
I really love the minimalist look of these shower curtain hooks, and the high quality in which they are made. These shower curtain hooks are 100% stainless steel, and they roll on beads atta... read more »

~ Light Up Your World ~

17 Aug, 2017
This neck light is very comfortable and easy to use. It's rechargeable using USB, and you can use one light, two lights or four lights to brighten up whatever you may be doing. Each end has two (2... read more »

Poor Quality

11 Aug, 2017
I was really excited about being able to make my pc bluetooth enabled. So when I received this little dongle, I plugged it in and I could trransfer photos, documents etc. from my phone right to my pc!... read more »

Lifesavers and Tiny Wardrobe Savers, Too!

01 Aug, 2017
These bibs are made very well, and they are thick but not uncomfortably so. The cotton is so soft, and they are very absorbent. The front side is made of 100% organic cotton, the back side is made of... read more »

I Love These Lights

01 Aug, 2017
These lights are so useful for decorating most anything that you want displayed. They are easy to insert into flower arrangements, vases with colored stones, or just by themselves in a mason jar. The... read more »

These Really Work!

01 Aug, 2017
Have you ever tried whiskey stones? If not, I encourage you to get some! No more watered down drinks, no more weak tasting wine, no more wasted vodka. These are even great to use in shnapps - includin... read more »

Soft and Comfy

01 Aug, 2017
These socks are made of high quality bamboo and cotton, and they are very soft and surprisingly cool. I got them for my husband for Christmas and he just started wearing them. We live in Florida, so i... read more »

For All of Your Sanding Needs

01 Aug, 2017
This set of Canyoze 120 to 3000 grit sandpaper assortment can be used dry or wet, and has 45 pieces in the package. It's great for automotive sanding, wood furniture finishing, woodturning finishi... read more »

Great for Everyone

01 Aug, 2017
I purchased this for my husband as he has his face in his phone most of the time (LOL), and I caught him squinting. He absolutely loves it. He has a tablet that he will not use, because "it is to... read more »

~ Efficient and Fast ~

01 Aug, 2017
This 4 port USB charger is great to have in your car. It has smart charging technology which helps it recognize the device you plug into it for optimal current and safe charging. Our car doesn't h... read more »

~ Smooth N Chic ~

01 Aug, 2017
This is the first time I've tried this brand of nail polish (Sinful Colors) and I must say that I am impressed. It covers very well with no streaking, and looks as good as the more expensive brand... read more »

~Beautiful Colors~

01 Aug, 2017
I haven't bought Wet n Wild nail color in years, because when I used it, the color wouldn't stay on for two days without chipping. Not so with the current product. It really stays on well, and... read more »

No More Burns

01 Aug, 2017
I love this silicone handle cover. I bought it to go on the handle of my cast iron skillet, and it works very well. No more accidental burns!  #RankBoostetReview #Sponsored #Hommate read more »

Colorful and Fun

01 Aug, 2017
This is called a mermaid pillow cover and is very pretty with a variety of bright colors. It is designed with reversible sequins so you can brush your hand down the case and make designs in silver, or... read more »

Fast Charging

01 Aug, 2017
This double USB car charger is a great product to have. It charges super fast even when using both ports. I highly recommend this product.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #C4Creation read more »

Great Quality

15 Jul, 2017
I love these little Chinese lanterns with LED lights in them. They give off a soft glow of light without the glare of traditional lights, and make my space look quaint. I highly recommend them. #Ra... read more »

Know that your child is with you ...

07 Jul, 2017
This Safety Child Anti Lost Wrist Link Harness Strap Rope Leash Walking Hand Belt is very well made, comfortable to wear, and you can easily feel when your child tries to pull away. There is no c... read more »

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