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i'm 29. a mother of 3 children. i like diy projects, trying new and interesting things, and scoring unique deals. i started product texting around 4 years ago .
I will review products on my blog, post pictures/videos and the link to the product on social media.
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Great quality

29 Apr, 2020
This is perfect for my 5 year old. It has paw patrol on the floatie, looks and feels like it's good quality. It comes with a small, inflatable watermelon ball which uses a needle to inflate. This... read more »

Perfect fit

10 Apr, 2020
Perfect fit for standard Barbie. Cute assortment of outfits, dresses and shoes.  read more »

Hanger not included

19 Mar, 2020
Much smaller than I imagined. Does not come with a hanger. I would only put light items in this.  read more »

Perfect for groceries

02 Mar, 2020
These work for bags with thin straps. I like the using them for groceries.  read more »

Compact and spacious

23 Feb, 2020
Big enough to fit all necessities. Can be folded up and stored inside the provided bag.  read more »


23 Feb, 2020
Random assortment. 10 pairs of shoes. 3 outfits and dresses. Fits Barbie perfect. read more »

Black polkadot swimwear

21 Feb, 2020
This tankini is great. The polkadot is a mesh like material. It is good quality and fits true to size.  read more »


21 Feb, 2020
This swimsuit is great quality and it fits true to size.  read more »

Works great

24 Jan, 2020
The magnetic liner works great with the magnets on the lashes. The only thing is the lashes are a little too big and dramatic looking for my taste. These will definitely help me practice my falsies lo... read more »

Great for the environment

26 Dec, 2019
Wider than I expected, but works great. Even came with a brush for cleaning.  read more »

Very stretchy

26 Dec, 2019
I bought these as part of a gag gift. I have not wore them. They are very stretchy. I will update after I ask my friend about them.  read more »

Great alternative to playdough

18 Dec, 2019
This is a great alternative to playdough. It's very light and moldable. Comes with tools, etc.  read more »

I Love It!

18 Dec, 2019
This sweater runs a little big. I ordered an XL and it fits about a size too big. Other than that, it is so soft and the graphics are very clear. I love it.  read more »

Great quality

18 Dec, 2019
This tie is the perfect addition to my Christmas outfit. It sings "we wish you a merry Christmas", it's the size of a normal time and it's a sturdy material.  read more »


15 Dec, 2019
This little Santa topper is so cute but I did run into a few issues right out of the box. The bell fell off and the wire that runs through his hat is not connected to anything, so it just pokes throug... read more »


15 Dec, 2019
This light up tree is adorable! It stands about 10 inches tall with the base and has tiny LED lights wrapped through it. It comes with a micro USB and has a spot for batteries.  Its perfect fo... read more »

This Belt Is The Best!

24 Nov, 2019
This belt is the absolute best. It is stretchy all except for the part that clips to the belt buckles. No buldge in the front, which is great for high waisted jeans. And it even comes with a very thin... read more »

great quality

17 Nov, 2019
This bag has so many pockets, big enough to fit a laptop, tablet and there's still room for more. It's great quality and made sturdy.  read more »

they seem high quality

29 Oct, 2019
I haven't had a chance to use all 3 pairs of tweezers yet so I will update my review at a later date.  The ones I have used so far seem great. They are functional and get the job done. The... read more »

works great

29 Oct, 2019
These patches work just as well as any others I have tried. The only difference is tea tree oil is an ingredient in them. They smell great! read more »

will update review at a later date.

17 Oct, 2019
I just got this today and my children were unable to try it out because the way it was packaged. It came folded up so there are creases that need to be straightened out before we will be able to play.... read more »

Keeps the kids busy for hours

10 Oct, 2019
This is perfect for kids who don’t know how to keep their markers, crayons, etc on the paper. Comes with 4 water refillable markers, stamps, a caddy to keep them in, stencil, a learn to draw boo... read more »

great for decorations

10 Oct, 2019
Each comes in 4 different sections. To assemble them you have to screw 3 separate sections of the handle together then screw the axe or sickle on to the end. I did have some trouble getting different... read more »


04 Oct, 2019
This is a light up mask. It has a battery pack that takes 2 AA batteries (not included) and a wire that can disconnect for wearing without the light up features. The wire is long enough so that you ca... read more »

Fun for the kids.

04 Oct, 2019
I got this so that my children could have their very own Christmas tree in their room. They loved it. The tree is very sturdy, made of thick felt and has velcro down the sides to keep it in a cone... read more »


02 Oct, 2019
These are the most amazing things ever! My glasses always slip down my nose and it is so annoying to push them back up over and over. I got to where I stopped wearing them when I knew I would be hot a... read more »

Functional and space saving

25 Sep, 2019
Finally I don't have keep taking my pill bottles out of the cabinets over and over. This pill organizer has 4 spots for each day of the week. It saves so much space rather than having multiple pil... read more »

great quality

15 Sep, 2019
This cold shoulder shirt is amazing. First of all, it is so soft and thin. But not too thin that you can see through it. There is a knot in the bottom front of it giving it some detail that goes perfe... read more »

Not as great as expected

15 Sep, 2019
First of all, these face cleaning pads are very big compared to a normal sized cotton round. They are also extremely soft. Once I got it wet, it reminds me of a microfiber towel. It was very thin. I w... read more »

Seriously Magnetic

15 Sep, 2019
I have seen magnetic eyelashes on the web for awhile now and was skeptical. As soon as I seen these, I just had to order them. This kit comes with eyelashes, eyeliner and a pair of tweezers. ... read more »

amazing versatile markers

12 Sep, 2019
These watercolor brush markers come in a pack of 24 with a wide color variety. You can use a paintbrush and go over what you have colored with water, making for different hues of each color. They have... read more »

easy to use and discreet

10 Sep, 2019
These acne patches come in a box along with a pair of tweezers and an acne tool. The acne patches come in 2 separate sealed packages, 1 sleeve of 2 different sizes in each. The acne tool has a pointed... read more »

Great for landscaping

29 Aug, 2019
I got this for my mother who is obsessed with her landscaping. She used it to replace a fountain in one of her old pieces. It works great as long as you have the solar pump positioned correctly. ... read more »


22 Aug, 2019
I finally just received this in the mail yesterday. I haven't been able to use it yet, so i will have to update my review afterwards. So far, from just seeing it, it looks pretty sturdy. The size... read more »

Great for improving swim technique

16 Aug, 2019
I took swim lessons when I was a young girl and I've known how to keep myself afloat and alive since. I've always had trouble getting my arms and legs to be in sync with each other though.&nbs... read more »

Baby soft feet

07 Aug, 2019
I was so excited to receive these exfoliating foot peeling mask booties in the mail today. I was in desperate need to get a pedicure but life happens, and I've been extremely too busy.  Th... read more »

Good quality.

06 Aug, 2019
This comes with standard size barbie and ken dolls clothes and shoes. They are exactly as pictured and fit perfectly.  My girls couldn't wait to add these cute clothes and shoes their Barb... read more »

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