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Hi i'm Selina ..I'm 35 years old . I love to review products truthfully and honestly to give potential purchasers a true insight into any given item. The pro' the Con's and my personal opinion. I always held the promise that I would write reviews from the heart. I love crafts ...reading .... photography and musical theatre. I am also mum to an indoor fur baby cat called Chico.
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Eyecatching and extremely durable

25 Sep, 2020
The item took a little bit longer arriving from amazon than I thought it would, but it was definitely worth the longer wait. I was half expecting the float just to arrive in a see through plastic bag... read more »

Fun and great value for money

06 Aug, 2020
I was a little bit dubious about ordering the pool float at first as I have had a couple in the past that were of a very bad quality and just not very durable at all. From the offset I could tell this... read more »

Powerful , compact and so convenient

20 Jul, 2020
After purchasing the pump I was surprised as to just how fast it arrived - literally the day after the order was made.   It was well packaged for transit and I was excited to test it ou... read more »

Lovely basket great size for comfort

13 Mar, 2020
The basket arrived very quickly actually the day after it was ordered. It was vacuum packed for easy transit . After giving it a couple of hours to plump up as stipulated I let my indoor cat chico int... read more »

A fun sensory toy for children

05 Mar, 2020
The item arrived very quickly actually the following day after I had placed the order. My first impression was that the outer packaging was very bland and not the same bright colourful box which is sh... read more »

A great compact dashcam which does the job

30 Dec, 2019
The dashcam arrived very quickly and to be honest I was very impressed with just how beautifully boxed it was.  In fact it was so nicely presented it took me a little while to realise that it was... read more »

Great compact Dehumidifier

27 Dec, 2019
The dehumidifier arrived very quickly and well packaged for its journey to me. It was very easy to set up and was literally just the case of plugging it in and switching on the button that is on the f... read more »

A great de-humidifier and air purifier for any household

22 Dec, 2019
The de-humidifier arrived via Amazon very quickly. At first I was a little bit concerned as the items outer box had been significantly damaged in transit, but I was relieved to find all contents were... read more »

Beautiful basket which is a great addition to our home

14 Dec, 2019
The basket arrived very quickly and was well packaged within a vacuum bag for its transportation. Although guidelines stipulate that you should leave the basket for a couple of hours once opened to ta... read more »

A handy compact gadget that does exactly what it says

06 Dec, 2019
I always love a gadget that is compact.. very multi functional and in general makes life so much easier. Personally after testing this adapter out over the last few days it is something that I wo... read more »

Easy to set up and useful when walking

06 Dec, 2019
I was very excited to try out this product as I always love to listen to music whilst on the move. Personally I have never found comfort in wearing ear buds as they are so fiddly and fall out repeated... read more »

A great item for a child's introduction to space

30 Nov, 2019
The telescope arrived very quickly and was well packaged for the transportation to me . Once unpboxed from the normal amazon shipping cardboard - the telescope itself came in a beautifuly designed box... read more »

Great quality for the price

30 Nov, 2019
The camera arrived very quickly- in fact it was delivered the day after I had placed the order. I always find the setting up of new technology quite daunting but it was very easy to set up and probabl... read more »

Very well made and sturdy ...great design

28 Nov, 2019
The laptop cooling stand arrived very quickly and well packaged. Upon opening the box I was firstly shocked to discover just how sturdy the item is . I dont know what I was expecting but it feels very... read more »

So amazingly cosy I wish they made human versions

21 Nov, 2019
The basket arrived well packaged and in a vacuumed bag for transit. Once I carefully removed it from both of the bags- as instructions on the website stipulated I left it out to breathe and puffe... read more »

Very well designed and efficient

19 Nov, 2019
The laminator arrived very quickly after it had been ordered and was well packed in a Morpilot logo'd box. I am relitively a new laminator user. Many years ago I used an old fashioned cumbersome m... read more »

Great innovative appliance - very convenient

19 Nov, 2019
The ice cube maker was very well packaged and considering the weight of the item this was essential . It was transported in a box within a box which was padded out with paper . Delivery was very fast... read more »

Great Laminator at an even better price

19 Nov, 2019
In the past I have only ever used one laminator in my old workplace which thinking back was very bulky, loud and old fashioned in every way . At the time I was swayed to invest in one for my home offi... read more »

Well designed and handy for every kitchen

19 Nov, 2019
First of all I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to test the coffee grinder as I took this as an excuse to go to Whittards to purchase some of the coffee beans I had always been tempted to try but... read more »

Great item functional and stylish

19 Nov, 2019
The item arrived very quickly and packed well for transit.  In the past I have physically shaken a milk bottle to make a small amount of foam on top of a coffee when I have guests - but with... read more »

A great value powerful piece of kit

16 Nov, 2019
I have personally always wanted to purchase a  go-pro action camera , but have always been hesitant because of the price . Whilst not wanting to pay a large amount of money I was also not willing... read more »

Very bright - Very handy and useful

15 Nov, 2019
The item arrived very quickly actually the following day after it was ordered. Upon opening the box I was shocked to discover that there were batteries included considering the price of the item is ve... read more »

Poor Quality item - Not fit for purpose

15 Nov, 2019
When I first started reviewing products I always held the promise that I would be honest and truthful about every item received.  So far in my journey most items gave met expectations and even ex... read more »

Great fun and a brilliant idea for a stocking filler

14 Nov, 2019
I have seen many items like this on various tv shopping channels and they have always mesmerised me. The package arrived very quickly and I was delighted when I saw the outer box. It is so bright and... read more »

An unusual item that is great quality

13 Nov, 2019
I have to admit that before I saw this item I was unaware that you could purchase lamps with built in bluetooth speakers. How innovative - and an impressive gadget . I adore the fact that you can chan... read more »

Absolutely stunning and very eye catching

10 Nov, 2019
An Absolutely Stunning Centrepiece  - The lamp arrived very quickly and extremely well packaged for transit. It was very easy to put together and came with very clear and precise instruction... read more »

Great all In one kit -Great quality

06 Nov, 2019
Arrived very quickly and I am very happy with the set . I could tell from the offset that it is made to a great quality . It is literally a kit containing every piece you could ever need for larg... read more »

A comprehensive set that will be handy for all jobs

06 Nov, 2019
Ordered the screwdriver set yesterday and it arrived very promptly today. I cant emphasise enough just how handy this new addition is going to be to the house . It is literally so compact and easy to... read more »

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