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Jan, 2021







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Hi! I'm Domi - a food enthusiast from nyc. I share my latest food adventures, local restaurants, cool eateries, & more on my social media pages. I love food (clearly), fashion, and I'm fairly obsessed with skincare & beauty products. I also own a green parrot named Pauly.
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A Little Goes a Long Way

28 Jan, 2021
Super fine matcha powder, very strong and pungent. Remember - less is more, you can always add more if you need, but you can't remove it once it's added. With that neing said, this is a great... read more »

My favorite flavor

28 Jan, 2021
I've tried the black tea, the white tea, and the regular green tea - Out if all of them I think this one is my favorite. It has a great flavor. And just like my thoughts on the others, packag... read more »

Nice, but not very strong

28 Jan, 2021
I reviewed one of these teas already (the white tea) and as mentioned before - I love and adore the packaging. I also appreciate the bag clips. However, as I kept trying the different teas I found the... read more »

Love this Tea Brand

27 Jan, 2021
First of all, I have to say - I LOVE this packaging. So beautiful, I want to save the box. In the box comes a little pamphlet with brewing instructions, info about the tea and the brand, the tea (of c... read more »

Cute Unicorn Cake Topper

27 Jan, 2021
This cake topper is super cute. It comes with multiple styles of eyelashes, which I didn't notice originally when I purchased it. It's a sturdy cake topper, the quality of the ears and horn fe... read more »

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