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For travel!

03 Mar, 2022
I have an Aeropress espresso press I take traveling and just needed a portable frother-- this works great!  Takes 2 batteries-- froths it up quite well if the milk is warmed first.   Th... read more »

High quality bags

19 Jan, 2022
These bags work great in my vacuum sealer!  I like that you can cut your own length as needed.  I tend to do meat and cheese in them, and it keeps them fresh in the freezer, but I think just... read more »

Bring on the turkey!

20 Oct, 2021
I mostly wanted this for my turkey and chicken roasting, so I can get it to the right temp without overcooking-- however, I used it on a steak tonight and it was perfect!  I do a lot of cooking a... read more »

Convenient form!

10 Oct, 2021
I take magnesium citrate each night to prevent leg cramps.  I usually take it in powder form, mixed with water.  However, that is heavy and inconvenient to use for travel-- I was so pleased... read more »

Excellent sound!

10 Oct, 2021
I was very impressed with the quality of this little speaker....it's heavy enough to feel durable and well made-- coated in rubber for those of us who are butterfingers and drop delicate electroni... read more »


10 Oct, 2021
This is a great little projector for a spare room or for travel-- it makes an instant TV on the wall, or if you have a flexible camera mount for it, you can project it on the ceiling for watching TV i... read more »

Great value!

05 Oct, 2021
These are nice, thick and sturdy cords.  They do a quick charge, if your phone is enabled to do that.  They have a tough woven fabric layer on the outside which I like, as it distinguishes i... read more »

Very good deal!

05 Oct, 2021
These are nice and long for those of us who have few outlets in a room and need to have charging in a more convenient place than where the outlet is.  I am running one under my bed and up so I ca... read more »

Very nice set!

27 Aug, 2021
Love using sustainable products!  Very cute set and well packaged.  Thumbs up! read more »

Good quality and cute!

17 Aug, 2021
Fun to change things up, looks cute and not too heavy or hot, but plenty of hair.  Love that it's heat resistant...great length.  Good fun, can be worn as a daily or just for occasion or... read more »

Lengthens life of fruit

13 Aug, 2021
As a single person, it can take me a week to eat a whole bunch of bananas...yet...I do not want to go to the store more than once a week-- these bags are great!  A bunch of bananas slightly green... read more »


13 Aug, 2021
My 30 year old Tupperware measuring cups finally started breaking down so needed them replaces straight away as I do a lot of cooking.  These are great- hard plastic with stainless steel handles-... read more »

Love these

27 Jul, 2021
Great for gifting home baked goods.  Very good quality, easy to put together-- shipped quickly.  Absolutely no complaints.  The rustic string included really sets them off to look profe... read more »

Very nice!

27 Jul, 2021
This is a very nice set-- straightforward, just like they were in the 70s so good fun throwback!  However, the box it comes in says "to my lover" which is a little awkward, as I bought... read more »

Good and strong!

27 Jul, 2021
I wanted these for a variety of reasons-- reusable shopping and gift bags, shelf storage bins etc-- and they are great for all of those!  Really bright and colorful, but even more importantly, st... read more »

Love these!

23 Jul, 2021
I like these for tying on gift bags so the recipient can cut it off and reuse the bag.  They look classy, too.  I have also taped them under bows on boxed gifts.  Good quality and plent... read more »


23 Jul, 2021
Larger than I expected, but absolutely gorgeous.  Hefty, well made and stunning.  Works for casual and formal- the perfect earrings for that "little black dress." read more »

Toothbrush caps

17 Jul, 2021
These are great toothbrush caps-- for some reason I thought toothbrushes came with them, but not so.  My fault for not reading more carefully.  Nonetheless, I needed toothbrush caps for trav... read more »

I love these

17 Jul, 2021
These are so cute-- small little punches.  I was a bit worried they would leave rough edges or not be sharp-- not so!  These are sharp as a razor and make excellent clean cuts.  And so... read more »


17 Jul, 2021
I didn't even know how much I needed this!  It's fab-- for all those times you are alone and need the camera to be stabilized to get a good picture, or further away than your arm can reac... read more »

Great little camera!

17 Jul, 2021
Does what it says on the package-- plug and play.  Good resolution, easy clip on, take anywhere portable.  Can't ask for much more in a webcam-- thumbs up! read more »

Just what I was looking for!

07 Jul, 2021
Needed a trash can for the car to give an easy place to put scraps and drink bottles etc.  This is perfect-- waterproof inside with a lid you can leave fully open, or flip forward so there is jus... read more »

Gorgeous instrument

07 Jul, 2021
This is not a toy, this is a real musical instrument- and it is well made, feels good in the hands.  I bought it for an elderly friend of mine who was/is well skilled on 12 string guitars and sim... read more »

Cthulhu rises!

07 Jul, 2021
This is an adorable octopus wine stopper....or is it Cthulhu??  I prefer the latter.  I got as a gift for my Lovecraft and wine loving friend.  Excellent quality, feels and looks like p... read more »

Looks nice!

07 Jul, 2021
This is a nice item, and it looks nice in place.  There is a huge stenciled logo on one side, which would be better placed on the bottom.  I just pointed that side towards the wall.  Am... read more »

Nice gift!

25 Jun, 2021
I got this for my cousin who is renovating her newly purchased home, to document all the work and changes she will be doing.  It is perfect for something like that- or even to commemorate a weddi... read more »

Nice quality

25 Jun, 2021
I love disposable pastry bags because let's be honest, who wants to wash them?  These are good and thick and 12" so great for icings, piping etc.  Not quite big enough for a full ba... read more »


25 Jun, 2021
My pharmacist told me not to laminate my vaccination card yet I was worried about it getting damaged by water or being pulled out of my purse all the time.  This solves everything.  Nice thi... read more »

really good quality

25 Jun, 2021
Just what I was looking for to creat straps for various things.  Very nice quality, heavy, strong.  If you are looking for something like this, look no further! read more »

Good quality

19 Jun, 2021
These half lashes are made with good quality magnets and seem like they will last through many uses.  The applicator and putting them on are all going to have to do with your learning curve and h... read more »


19 Jun, 2021
What useful, lightweight tools.  I didn't even know what a spurtle was until someone gave me silicone set.  However, it was so heavy that it was unweildy to use.  I love the shape a... read more »

Great power strip!

16 Jun, 2021
This is a better option than a flat power strip for several reasons-- first the swivel, it helps more than you think if you have many things that need to be plugged in.  It has 4 USB ports which... read more »

Great-- for me...and the cat!

16 Jun, 2021
I needed a backscratcher for those times when I'm working alone and just can't reach the right spot.  These are great- and have enough 'scratchy power' and are not sharp or harmfu... read more »


08 Jun, 2021
Shipped quick and arrived fast-- adorable little princess kit.  Perfect for a rainy afternoon of dress up, or for wearing when watching a Disney film.  Decent quality, but not going to be a... read more »

Came quickly

08 Jun, 2021
Shipped from China, but arrived quickly!  Very useful item and collapsible, so take up little space when you're not using it.  Thumbs up! read more »

So Helpful!

30 May, 2021
I use these to put those mysterious leaking sauces in-- I check all the sauce bottles and none of them show leaks, and yet-- they still leave rings on bottom of fridge.  Now I put them all in the... read more »

Everyone needs one!

30 May, 2021
A soldering iron is the answer to fix simple broken wires and shorts around the house-- it is terrible so many people throw electronic things away the minute they stop working and 9 times out of 10 it... read more »

Great idea

28 May, 2021
I got this to do a special project for my mother's 80th birthday-- it is a neat way to do something very bespoke for someone-- you could put childhood memories in it, memories of a beloved pet, or... read more »

Great to use instead of plastic

28 May, 2021
For anyone who bakes bread-- you need this!  You can put store bought bread in it, too.  It stays fresh and does not mold for a very long time, but more importantly it holds the crust to be... read more »

Love this!

28 May, 2021
This is the first cell phone holder I have been able to reliably stay up and hold the phone.  How it hooks into the vent is genius and can't really come loose.  I just wish it was automa... read more »


24 May, 2021
This summer wardrobe for the popular dolls (and Ken) is a lot of fun for little ones who may want to take their dolls swimming this summer.  Comes with all kinds of swimwear and floating pool toy... read more »

Good size, well made

21 May, 2021
I ordered both the car and SUV versions of these as we have one of each.  They are well made and have a silver coating that will reflect sun and keep the car cool, or melt snow or what have you.&... read more »

Well made

21 May, 2021
I got these to cover the vehicles while we are away in winter, so haven't properly put them on yet.  However, they seem well made, well sewn, and I don't see any problem at all to use the... read more »

Great doll clothes!

17 May, 2021
You can never have too many of these, and they're too hard to make when you can get them at this price.  Endless creativity for the little ones. read more »

Super nice!

17 May, 2021
These are much bigger than expected-- which was a nice surprise-- so many things you can do with all these sizes!  The yarn included is good for practice, it's not as thick as the standard ya... read more »

Fun kit!

17 May, 2021
This is nice for those last minute things you need a quick card but don't want to give a commercial made one or maybe you don't have time to go to the store.  But you can create your own... read more »

Great little fountain!

17 May, 2021
What a great idea to use a solar panel to keep a fountain going-- I use mine to keep a birdbath from going stagnant.  It's pretty maintenance free once installed.  Nice quality! read more »

Perfect for your doll wardrobe!

10 May, 2021
This is one of those little details that makes the whole picture more realistic.  Little ones love these kinds of things to play like grown ups and also keep the outfits neat and organized. ... read more »

Nice and big!

08 May, 2021
This is a great thing to put on the counter for kneading bread, rolling pie or pizza dough etc.  It could be used for any reason to protect a table or counter, really.  It is much too big to... read more »

Creative fun!

05 May, 2021
These are doll clothes, sure.  But to a little one who plays with dolls these are dinner parties and school events, fashion shows and whatever their imagination dreams up.  The price is righ... read more »

NIce to have so many colors!

05 May, 2021
These are basically skin-safe makeup sticks-- I think you could use them anywhere you like.  They are a bit hard at first and might need warmed up in your hands for a bit to be smooth but it is g... read more »

Efficient way to deal with houseplant pests!

05 May, 2021
This is a nice set-- the yellow stickers are nice and big and can be stuck directly in the dirt, put on a spike in a larger plant, or hung by a wire/string.  They yellow attracts them, and they a... read more »

Great so far!

05 May, 2021
This is bigger than I thought it would be.  But when it comes to mosquitoes-- the bigger zapper the better!  It works well so far, mosquito season hasn't really ramped up yet though.&nbs... read more »

Good old fashioned fun!

04 May, 2021
Something to occupy the kiddos in summer, build strategy skills and burn off sibling frustrations!  Parents, sit down and have a cup of tea and watch the children wear themselves out.  Can y... read more »

Excellent, well made little boxes

29 Apr, 2021
These came all flattened in a stack and I was at first a bit clueless how to put them together.  Thankfully someone in the Amazon reviews posted a little tutorial and I was up and running in no t... read more »

Great quality flashlight!

29 Apr, 2021
This is my 3rd or 4th Leiton flashlight-- I have longer ones, shorter ones, more powerful ones and some which include black lights.  I love them all.  They are built of metal and take lots o... read more »

Useful and adaptable!

29 Apr, 2021
These would be wonderful to use as Christmas gift tags-- but also good for children's birthday party gifts and other gifts you want to give but did not have time or could not go get a card. ... read more »


29 Apr, 2021
A nice little rainy afternoon project for little girls.  There is a lot of creativity to be had, though the basic setup is very straightforward.  Makes a great night-light, and they are so p... read more »

The BEST sharpener I own

15 Apr, 2021
I like to keep my knives sharp and thus I am always on the lookout for a product that can do it quickly and easily and not leave me honing things on a whetstone when I need something sharp right now.&... read more »

Very nice set!

15 Apr, 2021
This is a great set of stencils, with a good range of sizes-- I was mostly interested in using them to decorate cakes and other food items.  They are sturdy and easy to wash.  I have several... read more »

Love them!

07 Apr, 2021
Great quality flashlights that have both regular lighting, and black light for checking for counterfeit money, or checking your hotel room for previous blood spatter (or any other spatter!)  :)&n... read more »

Really nice whetstone

27 Mar, 2021
Large and effective, this is a great buy.  You don't see the big ones for this price very often.  Of course you will need to know what you are doing to make it work, but thankfully there... read more »

Super fun!

27 Mar, 2021
These are great- I love the animal prints!  It's nice to change things up from time to time so why not have some variety in your masks?  Once vaccinated I feel I will not need to wear th... read more »

I like them better than blue ones!

27 Mar, 2021
These are black and therefore go with any outfit you might have.  They look sleek and cool and provide a good function of protecting our fellow man.  It's a great price and a good large... read more »

Fun and warm!

27 Mar, 2021
This is made of surprisingly good quality materials.  It's sewn well and feels sturdy.  The fuzzy top makes the cap warm, so great for fall and winter for warmth-- and anytime for fun!&n... read more »

Great quality!

27 Mar, 2021
Really nice set of charging cords-- well made and it is so nice to have the different lengths!  The cords are covered with some kind of tough woven fabric to protect them.  Can't beat th... read more »

I love this brand!

23 Mar, 2021
If you are good with the electronics and find yourself in need of connectors etc I have been using this company for a while and they are great.  Always fast shipping and they offer easy DIY solut... read more »

Good to have on hand

16 Mar, 2021
A nice versatile set to have on hand for DIY needs or emergency fixes.  No complaints from this company I have used their products before- all are quality and come meticulously packaged and shipp... read more »


16 Mar, 2021
Good solid USB-C cords in a variety of sizes.  I have had no trouble with them at all- good enough price to keep a few on hand for general use, travel, car etc.  A good purchase, you won'... read more »

Nice set of buds!

16 Mar, 2021
These are nice buds, fit well, nice price!  I use these mostly for audiobooks and TV, for music they are good enough for general listening but probably not for audiophiles.  The charging box... read more »


16 Mar, 2021
Great sound, good fit, long lasting.  These are perfect for music or audiobooks-- sometimes at night I pair them with my Amazon fire stick so I can watch TV up late and not bother anyone.  S... read more »

Handy for car

12 Mar, 2021
I actually got this for my sister who seems to have to stop at every bathroom along the way of any car trip.  It's a very compact kit and gets right to the business, and the silicone elements... read more »

Really nice!

12 Mar, 2021
Perfect size, lightweight.  Will be great for travel and going through checkpoints and airports where RFID thieves hang out.  Fits my large phone fine with room for some credit cards, a pen,... read more »

Just what it says!

12 Mar, 2021
I got this for a gift for my friend who is an artist and works with graphite, charcoal and conte crayons, pastels etc.  She is always getting bits on her hand and dragging it across the paper as... read more »

Excellent quality bags

11 Mar, 2021
These are the smaller bags for a vacuum sealer.  They work great, are embossed.  For me they are just the right size for dividing big loaves of cheese into chunks for the freezer or bulk sau... read more »

Get creative!

11 Mar, 2021
This is a really nice and fun activity kit.  The eggs are pre-cut on firm posterboard type paper and come with ribbons to hang and tools to do the scratching designs.  It requires no equipme... read more »

Appears to do what it claims

27 Feb, 2021
I have not used this long enough to see if it is growing my eyebrows and lashes to any dramatic degree, but I can vouch that it is irritation free and goes on easily. I keep thinking they look thicker... read more »

Love them!

27 Feb, 2021
OK, I have some other magnetic eyelashes which do not utilize the magnetic eyeliner, but just use little magnets on 2 sets of lashesthat you sandwich your real lashes between-- they are OK but take me... read more »

Nice bags!

30 Jan, 2021
I like to use these when I make soy wax melts/candles for shipping so the scent doesn't overwhelm anything else in the box.  I have also used when I make licorice caramels, for the same reaso... read more »

Lovely set!

30 Jan, 2021
Just the right size, just the right sound.  Comes with a very nice carrying bag and would make a wonderful gift for those who meditate (and possibly those who need to!)  :) read more »

Love them

22 Jan, 2021
Great set of tongs with heat proof silicone.  I got an air fryer before the holidays and have been using it nonstop- one thing I realized I lacked was the tongs to be able to flip and grab things... read more »

Cute and fun!

22 Jan, 2021
Nice art project for kiddos to make their own custom necklaces of all their favorite things.  Big set with infinite combination of things to make unique necklaces.  Would recommend to anyone... read more »

Small but just what I need

13 Jan, 2021
I was just looking for something easy to wash my car with- I don't need an enormous tank.  You can put concentrated soap/wax in this and then the water going thru makes a foam.  I haven&... read more »


13 Jan, 2021
These are decent bags, the right size for those typical oval small wastepaper baskets- a good bit larger than a grocery store sized bag, but not too big.  The only thing I will say is take care t... read more »


09 Jan, 2021
Exactly what it says in the ad, silicone license plate covers with mounting kit.  Stops wiggle/rattle and looks way sharper than a bare plate hanging there!  Very good quality. read more »

Good to pass the time

09 Jan, 2021
It's pandemic- if you are tired of doing 1000 piece puzzles, this might be the next level of passing the time.  It's the equivalent of paint by number type kits, or those felt posters wit... read more »

Nice set!

09 Jan, 2021
Got this for my nephews and nieces for the summer-- nice kit which comes in a bag with all you need for an afternoon of fun!  Has a lot of different things for kids to use to explore the world ar... read more »

Very nice quality

09 Jan, 2021
Very good quality for the price, with an almost luxurious, strong, stretchy cap with combs.  Fun to see how your hair would look dyed/short/wavy!  Nice enough for frequent wear if you like,... read more »

Nice set up!

07 Jan, 2021
This set is better than I expected on the whole.  To clarify, I haven't really tested out the in-depth recording capabilities-- but the initial set up is sweet with the swing arm and all the... read more »

Well worth it

07 Jan, 2021
My kitty is getting older and is not so springy jumping off things and onto the floor etc.  He seeks laps to sleep on, for the warmth.  I can't always be available as a heat source so th... read more »

Gorgeous and big!

30 Dec, 2020
Really much nicer than even the photos!  Big, well made, high quality clock.  Bought as a gift as it matches my friend's kitchen to a T.  I would not hesitate to recommend this cloc... read more »

So much fun!

09 Dec, 2020
I am a great baker and a horrible decorator when it comes to cookies and cakes-- these are proving to be fun and handy for this year's holiday cookie trays!  I have a lot of colored sugars an... read more »

Excellent quality

09 Dec, 2020
These arrived quickly and are a really nice set of drawing pencils.  They were well received by the household artist who loved having a spanking new set of different hardness to get back into pen... read more »

Tastes great!

02 Dec, 2020
This rice seems a little longer than my usual rice, and it smells a whole lot nuttier and savory when cooking!  I really like it.  The taste is exceptional.  It requires a bit more wate... read more »

Pandemic Gym :)

23 Nov, 2020
I have been quite lazy in this pandemic and it looks like it's going to get worse before it gets better so thought maybe I should consider purposefully exercising my muscles enough to at least mim... read more »

Nice size, stores easily

23 Nov, 2020
I got this for my mother who does puzzles on her dining room table and then can't use the table to eat until she finishes, or she is limited to one little piece of the table to eat meals.  I... read more »

Good chopper, versatile

23 Nov, 2020
This is not too big, not too small and comes with just about any option for slicing and dicing you might like.  You can shred, make waffle chips, slice etc.  It seems fairly well made, and h... read more »

Great scrubber!

20 Nov, 2020
This is a neat idea to make a toilet brush from silicone, as it seems a lot cleaner than a bunch of bristles that can wear down and things can get stuck within.  It takes a little different techn... read more »

Nice gift

17 Nov, 2020
Made a nice gift for my quilter friend who has a lot of thread to organize (she sorts them by color.)  Nice item, good deal!  Even comes with some extra goodies like needles and and threader... read more »

Nice size, well made

13 Nov, 2020
This is just what I needed- a little small holder for all the stuff around the edge of the sink.  It is metal and has little rubber feet to protect whatever it is sitting on.  It has a small... read more »

Decent Cape

13 Nov, 2020
It's big and it's plastic and it does what it needs to do!  Comes in a nice flat, portable pouch.  It's not going to last forever as it is not particularly heavyweight, but will... read more »

Super quality!

08 Nov, 2020
I have to be honest, I ordered these stainless steel plates because they will fit in the bottom of my air fryer-- I wanted to use them to spare a bit of cleanup when heating and cooking things-- and t... read more »

Great gadget, superfast delivery!

06 Nov, 2020
I wanted to get these for my family going on vacation to help with ATM keys, elevators, hotel room doors etc.  They are of good quality and have a bottle opener as well, which I like to open pop... read more »

Excellent quality

04 Nov, 2020
Got this for my Mom who has a bum knee...the cross adjusting straps and gel padding really line up and tighten into a nice fit.  The lining is soft and comfortable.  Great price compared to... read more »

Great for manual switch-bit screwdrivers, not drill types with a chuck.

04 Nov, 2020
I have an electric screwdriver (the kind like a drill) and I thought from the description these bits would work for drill type things and fit in the chuck...they don't, they are quite short- about... read more »

Sticks are a hit!

04 Nov, 2020
I wasn't sure what to think of chew sticks for cats, but my cat was quite excited by them when I first gave him one!  He tossed it around, rolled on it, chewed on it a bit.  After about... read more »


03 Nov, 2020
I want to paint a set of these bespoke for a friend for Christmas-- I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality.  Large sized and plain wood so it can be easily painted with normal acrylic... read more »

Just what I needed

29 Oct, 2020
I have been doing a lot of dehydrating of fruits and vegetables lately and wanted a way to put them up that would be easy and convenient.  These fit the bill!  I just put the dehydrated snac... read more »

Good deal

29 Oct, 2020
I got the two different strengths of these, the green and the purple.  Both arrived quickly, seem high quality and do exactly what they are meant to do-- exercise your jaw.  I am hoping the... read more »

Thumbs up!

29 Oct, 2020
I wanted to try these but was not willing to put out as much money as the higher priced options wanted-- these are great!  High quality, does what it says, which is a fairly simply concept in tha... read more »


28 Oct, 2020
I like to use natural oils like avocado or moringa on my lips as it keeps them soft and has skin benefits.  I could just never find a good delivery system, specifically that wasn't messy.&nbs... read more »


28 Oct, 2020
Firstly, these don't lengthen or cause the mask to ease up if it is already tight.  I thought it might for a couple of masks I have which just are too 'short.'  However, these wi... read more »

Enjoying sharp knives and scissors!

08 Oct, 2020
I just got this and have been sharpening everything in my kitchen that I can get my hands on!  It's easy enough to use, and especially love the scissors feature.  I have about 10 pairs o... read more »

Love them!

08 Oct, 2020
These just arrived today and I am so impressed with the quality- I am not sure what I was expecting as I have never had heat/oven/grill gloves before but these feel very thick and well made...enough t... read more »

Bought for the car

08 Oct, 2020
Between the pandemic and raging wildfires, I just wanted to have a little peace of mind in the car (along with a backpack of clothes and snacks) if I have to leave my house without much warning. ... read more »

As advertised

08 Oct, 2020
With the pandemic raging one of the things I worry about are public toilets.  I bought these to put in the car 'just in case' I found myself in a situation that might force me to potentia... read more »

Nice set!

29 Sep, 2020
I actually got this silicone brush to help put lotion on my back and to be able to rub it in a bit.  I've tried the plastic loofah ball type brushes as well as the bristle ones and they just... read more »

Flexible, comfortable

21 Sep, 2020
These are made of a kind of soft vinyl plastic which molds well to the face.  Mine had a little bend in it from shipping which soon corrected itself with a little wear.  I can wear these ove... read more »

Good quality

21 Sep, 2020
I take biotin for my hair and this seems like a good source.  The packaging is professional and the capsules appear high quality.  I like that it has keratin and collagen added-- for skin an... read more »

Great choice!

16 Sep, 2020
I hate wearing masks for Halloween and there are only so many things you can do easily with makeup.  This really steps up the game-- it uses water slide decals to make your face look like a Day o... read more »

Love it!

16 Sep, 2020
This is my second Gamory controller for Switch- we needed more!  I personally like them because the Switch controller itself is a tad too small for my hands and the buttons close together so they... read more »

Perfect to save time

03 Sep, 2020
You know when your glasses are a little loose or your nose pad falls off or needs replaced and you have to make time to go to the eye doctor's office and have it fixed?  Well now you can do i... read more »

Neat effect!

03 Sep, 2020
This really works!  The smoke flowing down is mesmerizing to watch...a very nice feature in your living room or bedroom.  I think you have to buy the cones with the hole in the middle to wor... read more »

Fun fun fun!

31 Aug, 2020
I can't wait for Halloween!  A simple costume that doesn't include wearing a suffocating mask on your head.  The decals are waterslide decals so you cut each design apart and soak in... read more »

Like your father's whetstone

31 Aug, 2020
I was really pleased with this whetstone-- firstly because it is the proper size-- it's big enough to easily sharpen large chef's knives and other longer blades.  I was shocked when shopp... read more »

Space saver!

22 Aug, 2020
Half of the electronic items I have plugged in are USB cords stuck in a plug adapter, stuck in the power strip-- which due to all the various shapes and sizes of adapters they usually hog 2 outlets no... read more »

Keep some on hand

22 Aug, 2020
If you are travelling or going to go through a period of time when you won't be able to afford or get to a mechanic, or just want to be prepared-- having a small supply of vehicle fuses and relays... read more »

Great for summer, camping

19 Aug, 2020
These straps are great, heavy duty and super to have on hand to sling your hammock!  They attach tight and hold a lot of weight fairly effortlessly.  Being able to adjust the length to such... read more »

Heavy Duty

15 Aug, 2020
I wasn't sure of this brand, as I didn't know it but it was a good deal.  It came and appears to be top quality.  It charged quick and seems to be working as expected- bonus it comes... read more »

Great to have on hand

14 Aug, 2020
For those of us who want to be prepared for any kind of emergency but do not have space to store gallons and gallons of bottled water-- this is a great thing.  It will filter water on an as-neede... read more »

I love them!

14 Aug, 2020
I am big and tall and I hit hard on my heels when I walk.  Any kind of cushioning helps, but the gel ones are the best.  These are great!  They seem like they will be easy to clean as w... read more »

Makes the most out of my power strip

05 Aug, 2020
This is a great item, I plugged it in to my power strip by my desk and instantly added 2 USB and voice control (over the smart plug) via Alexa.  This really is a great way to make a power strip m... read more »

Great for big hands used to the PS4!

03 Aug, 2020
The Switch controllers are OK, but they seem very small in my hands.  Previous to having a Switch all I ever played was PS4, so this makes a kind of hybrid controller so it feels normal in my han... read more »

Nice fitness watch!

19 Jul, 2020
I admit, I got this in 2018 and have used it a lot.  I like that it has a nice big face and you can see it easily-- it tracks your vitals and has bluetooth so you can connect it to your phone! I&... read more »

GREAT rechargeable flashlight!

19 Jul, 2020
This came from Amazon in one day from the day I ordered it- despite the estimate being a week!  It's much bigger than I expected, bigger than my other similar-type flashlights.  It holds... read more »

Great idea!

19 Jul, 2020
These little fuses make things so much easier!  If you have no wiring experience or if things are just too hard to get to in your car, these are such a great idea.  I don't know why I di... read more »


16 Jul, 2020
The bottle is much smaller than I expected for some reason-- it's definitely purse-sized.  It has an insert arm which folds out (a bit like WD40) and goes in your ear.  You puff it 2 tim... read more »


10 Jul, 2020
I read once that silky smooth pillowcases help to stop wrinkles and stops tangles in your hair while you sleep, if you have longer hair.  I tried it once and have been hooked on using them as it... read more »

Brilliant to have on hand!

10 Jul, 2020
Now more than ever being able to do your own fix-it projects is a good skill to have-- but having the right stuff on hand is also important.  These heat shrink connectors are seriously awesome--... read more »

Exactly as expected!

25 Jun, 2020
Arrived quickly and exactly what it says on the tin.  Good to have around for projects and repair in these strange times!  Pretty much a lifetime supply. read more »

So cool!

25 Jun, 2020
OK we can all buy cheap disposeable butane lighters, it's true.  But this lighter has serious COOL factor-- the plasma arc is a glowing purple and it seems like a more safe thing to carry on... read more »

Works well for restless legs!

25 Jun, 2020
I have to take magnesium at night due to having restless leg syndrome.  If I don't my legs get crampy and achy.  Normally I take 3-4 magnesium glyconate tablets or I use magnesium citrat... read more »


15 Jun, 2020
I use earplugs to sleep, as I'm so sensitive to noise.  I don't like the kind of earplugs which block out ALL noise as I still want to be able to hear alarms,etc.  I normally buy foa... read more »

Excellent AND Enviromentally Friendly

15 Jun, 2020
So here we are in a pandemic and you just never know if the store is going to have all the things you need-- it's time to pay more attention to renewable things for those items we use daily. ... read more »

Cute and handy!

06 May, 2020
I got this mostly for going to sport games in the fall and winter when standing outside for hours in the rain and snow leaves my hands frozen.  I think it will work nicely for that- plus you can... read more »

Excellent value

25 Apr, 2020
This is a large, strong, easily controlled sous vide unit.  You hook it to your own cooking vessel/pot to make a perfectly temperature controlled water bath.  This affordable unit works well... read more »

Nice quality

19 Mar, 2020
This is a nice quality winter hat with a mouth/chin cover which is great in those icy, windy conditions.  Materials seem of good quality, with sturdy snaps.  My only complaint is that I wish... read more »

Works great with a little finagling!

19 Mar, 2020
They can be finicky to get placed just right but when they work, they work.  Having to use a petroleum based eye ointment for a condition, I find it leaves my lashes "greasy" no matter... read more »

Seems good

08 Mar, 2020
Have been taking for some days, seems to be exactly what it says it is.  Good sized bottle with good ingredients.  No problems at all! read more »

As expected

06 Mar, 2020
Nice little SD card that does what it says it will do.  One of my surveillance cameras ONLY takes 32MB chips and so it's nice to have an affordable option.  No problems thus far, and don... read more »

Nice looking bottles!

06 Mar, 2020
I got these just so I don't have an old huge jug of dish soap on the side of my sink.  I wanted to be able to just refill with whatever brand and put the bottle under the sink and not have 1/... read more »

Great for Windows!

05 Mar, 2020
I have to admit I didn't get this for my car, I got it to take traveling with me for when I am a guest at a family member's house (or an Airbnb!)  I am not a morning person- especially on... read more »

Just the right size

26 Feb, 2020
This is a great item to have-- it charges wirelessly so you can just put it and your phone in your coat pocket, or hold them together, or use cables!  It also has a folding stand to make life eas... read more »

Cute and useful!

25 Feb, 2020
This is the perfect little teether as it offers several textures and different places to chew and lengths so baby can manipulate getting it to the right areas.  Easy to grip and with a clip so it... read more »

Compact, powerful...and pink!

23 Feb, 2020
While I haven't actually used this item on anyone/anything, I do feel better having it in my purse.  It's just a little card up my sleeve for when I am walking across dark parking lots an... read more »

Nice Collection of Stainless Steel Straws

08 Feb, 2020
This is a nice all-in-one collection of straws to get all at once, to help get your household off the plastic straws.  They come with brushes for cleaning and rubber tips to protect your lips fro... read more »

Cute gag gift!

07 Feb, 2020
OK you are not going to want to get these items for "serious" purposes, however as a gag gift it's very cute!  Packaged in gift wrap type cellophane with the TP tube threaded over t... read more »

High quality, high capacity

24 Jan, 2020
This is a great power bank... it has a variety of inputs and outputs including USB C and micro USB.  It has a large capacity and a fairly compact size.  It's just slightly smaller than a... read more »

Cute packaging.. nice lipstick!

24 Jan, 2020
These come in a cute package which resembles a pack of cigarettes, and the lipsticks are long and thin resembling cigarettes. This makes them easy to find in your purse, and easy to carry 4 colors wit... read more »

Good for Snow....

10 Jan, 2020
But not particularly for ice.  This thing is really very quick for removing snow, and works better than the usual scraper and takes up less space.  (And can double as funnel!)  However,... read more »

A Champ

17 Dec, 2019
Bigger than expected-- I thought it might be good for travel but this bad boy is substantial.  Also being it is curved 'just so' and ridged as it is, there is no way to pass this off as a... read more »

Nice size!

01 Nov, 2019
This is a good sized bag for travel-- it will fit under the seat of a plane, and has handy upper carry handles, too!  What is really nice is that the top opening has a wire frame on it, so it sta... read more »

Good Fuzzy Mittens

01 Nov, 2019
I needed a pair of mittens for an upcoming trip and these fit the bill.  They fit snug enough to feel good and seem like they will be really warm.  I have to roll down the cuff part of it to... read more »

Handy for travel and more!

20 Oct, 2019
These are great-- I use them to hang-dry my socks, stockings and undies when traveling-- also sometimes just to hang my socks, bras, scarves etc off of normal hangers at home and on the road, just to... read more »

Really tasty!

20 Oct, 2019
I've been enjoying this strawberry matcha!  First the package was bigger than I expected, for some reason I thought it would be a small amount but mine was a nice size when I received it.&nbs... read more »

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