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Very handy

30 May, 2019
Very handy when packing winter clothes or some unused pillows and duvets.  These bags are really big so takes some effort to fill them up. Also even though there is the pump included I prefer... read more »

Nice and sticky

23 Apr, 2019
Very nice looking hooks for multiple use. Looking nice and neat and sticks up easily to various surfaces. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchen but can be used in other rooms as well. read more »

House disco on

23 Apr, 2019
A little house diso master with various time and flashing settings. Comes in neatly packed box with remote controler and instructions. Quite easy to assemble and use, jsut wish that cable would be lon... read more »

Really nice option

09 Apr, 2019
Bought these for my daughter as she doesn't like to sleep in complete dark. This option is really nice as provides warm white lightanlican be switched to various flashing regiment. I especially lo... read more »

Great option for small girls

01 Apr, 2019
Ordered this ofr my 9y old daughter as she uses headphones when playing her iPd and listening to MP3 player. If to be honest I didn't know before that there were special headphones for kids with d... read more »

Mighty little thing

01 Apr, 2019
Got his one for my 2 yeasrs old Rottweiler and Staffy mix boy who hasn't been neutred and despite beeing sweet, friendly and cuddly boy - shows a bit of dominance around other male dogs. He used t... read more »

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