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Runs Small

26 Sep, 2020
This was just too small for me I couldn't use it. I gave to my friends teen daughter, and she enjoyed them.  read more »

Big set variety

26 Sep, 2020
The quality is good, has brought satisfaction with the brighter colors for users in pool. Even after hours in the sun the color remains bright, nice and easy to store, the plastic... read more »

Air Rocket

26 Sep, 2020
This stomp rocket set brought a few hours of fun at a recent cookout. Simple enough to set up and operate that the older kids helped the younger ones and they were able to play nicely together. T... read more »

Play food set

26 Sep, 2020
This play set brings my granddaughter so much joy. She is 4 and bow wants to be a chef. It makes for fun pretend play. We have little cooking parties and this set makes a perfect l... read more »


26 Sep, 2020
My grandkids love bubbles and this brings big bubble fun! Big wind spinner, oversized fun. They like running and chasing each other with it and it makes lots of bubbles.... read more »

Building Big Brains

26 Sep, 2020
We have enjoyed hours fun with this set. Sparks creativity. Ticks all the boxes for a quality STEM toy. Encouraging fine motor skills as well as problem solving. I believe this set will bring&nbs... read more »

Cute but shipping issue

26 Sep, 2020
My little mermaid loves all the mermaid things and these pictures are so cute. The problem was they weren't sent in the best package. They were creases, wrinkled so they need to be... read more »

Fun activity

26 Sep, 2020
This was a great fun activity for my little dinosaur fans. They wasted no time getting right to decorating them. Then they had a a little dinosaur party parade with them. Even though they ar... read more »

Tropical paradise

26 Sep, 2020
So pretty! After washing this set it still stayed vibrant and fit the queen size bed perfectly. It is made with an easy care microfiber polyester and was a great value. The colors go we... read more »

Handy set

26 Sep, 2020
I really like this set of strainers. They look high quality and feel heavy duty. They haven't rusted and I have used them daily. I installed a hook on kitchen wall and they nestle t... read more »

Paint Party

26 Sep, 2020
THIS IS AN AWESOME SET. Great value of high quality painting tools. We now have everything we need for our own little painting party. It includes everything you need except the paint and paper! I... read more »


18 Aug, 2020
These served the intended purpose  for a short while. Pros easy to put on amd off provode shade easy to transport. Cons not long lasting. Good deal for a seasonal solution.  read more »


17 Aug, 2020
Sturdy and well built pulleys comes in handy for all sorts of tasks around the compound. Recommend for all your pulley needs.  read more »

Frozen play

17 Aug, 2020
Our 4 year old is obsessed with all things frozen and this is a nice set of dress up play pretend clothes at a great price.  read more »

Nice set variety

17 Aug, 2020
Nice variety of doll clothes with shoes. Fits good, great buy.  read more »

So cute and colorful

10 Aug, 2020
Cute chunky set for my favorite little girl. Well made colorful beads. This set is also easy for the youngest fingers to put on and take off. She is 4 and loves to play dress up and it is fun for... read more »

Beautiful gift

20 Jul, 2020
These are sparkly and make a terrific gift. Comes in a nice gift presentation box. Perfect set for any stylish gal that likes a little bling. They are stretchy and would fit most all women.  read more »

Well made sturdy pins

09 Jul, 2020
Love these for pinning socks together when washing, doing laundry. Saves time. They have held up wonderfully and do not come undone in twice to three times weekly wash. Great price in a hard to f... read more »

A blessing inside a blessing holding a blessing

09 Jul, 2020
Cute colorful tiny coin purses that I filled with candy and scripture and little toys for the litle girls at church. Well made with a kiss lock sturdy and suits my needs.  read more »

Much better and faster

09 Jul, 2020
Works great super easy and so much better than the bent cords on the other kind, I was replacing every few weeks!  read more »

Lovely classy

08 Jul, 2020
These are beautiful and well made earrings. Looks like a much more expensive pair. Comfortable and has not tarnished. Recommend  read more »


26 May, 2020
These are the cutest little finger puppets. We had so much fun hiding them with our grandkids and then having a little puppet show after. Great quality and well made. I fully recommended.  read more »


26 May, 2020
High quality set with well dispersed color on these. Very happy with purchase and recommend 100%  read more »

Mercorn Unimaid

14 Jan, 2020
These socks are adorable. They are very well-made durable, cushioned and stretchy. They fit American sized feet.  Remained colorful, washed well did not stretch out, shri... read more »

Awesome play set

14 Jan, 2020
This is an awesome play set.  It brought so much joy to my two and three-year-old grandchildren. Many pieces that are realistic looking and made for hours of pretend play. The veggies c... read more »

Nice looking

14 Jan, 2020
Very pretty, quality earrings in a simple minimalist style. They haven't tatnished and the posts are a good length. Came with nice packaging, suitable for gifting.  read more »

Llama love

16 Dec, 2019
Lovely llamas are my spirit animal. Had to get these the minute I saw them. The are soft with no rub seams and they stay up. Washed great with  no fading or shrinking. Fit my 9.5 s... read more »

A cheerful design with comfort

16 Dec, 2019
I love thse socks. I have bought several from this designer and all have been great. I even selected a few for gifts, but the sunflower pair is all mine. Bright  touch for the bleary winter. They... read more »

Perfect for boomers

16 Dec, 2019
Perfect headphones for my Boomer friend they don't like wireless. These are actually getting harder and harder to find. Really they are perfect gift and they were delighted with them. Thank you read more »


05 Dec, 2019
What a fantastic looking and  well made umbrella. It has such an elegant and classy design. It has a compact size that makes it so easy to travel with. This umbrella has a smooth a... read more »

Gift for the bathing beauty

04 Dec, 2019
I put together a whole gift basket for my friend that the theme is a bathing beauty. I included a caddy, towels, bubbles sponges, soaps and lotions and I ooened this pillow and it... read more »

Shiny things

04 Dec, 2019
Lovely crystal ball prism suncatcher well-made heavy quality sparkling gorgeous read more »

Fun Socks

04 Dec, 2019
These socks are not only fun and perfect for my avocado loving mate they are of superior quality! Better than Hot Sox, thicker and softer! Washed without shrinking, stretching  or fadin... read more »


04 Dec, 2019
Have been working with ipad and iphone. Length and quality is great!  Hoping it wil be more long lasting since its a braided cord.  read more »


04 Dec, 2019
Classy, beautiful, minimalist earrings that are just the  perfect style for me  read more »


22 Nov, 2019
These shades were all close, very close together there's not much of a difference in the colors at all. I did not like the formula, it went on spotty could not build it up or make it look eve... read more »

Quality tool set

22 Nov, 2019
Although the grill brush and scraper eight in one barbecue set came in a  large plastic bag it is very high-quality and a thoughtful collection of needed barbecue/ outside cooking tools. I have e... read more »

Soooo Soft

22 Nov, 2019
The enjoynight pj set are really cute pajamas. True to size and very soft material. Looks well made with good sewing and print. Nice packaging.  Will make a wonderful gift for my favori... read more »


24 Sep, 2019
Not sure about this. Very chemical smell and I  have not tested for leaks. It wasn’t very presentable either, just came  stuffed in a plastic bag, I regret this purchase. The litt... read more »

Bug out essential

24 Sep, 2019
This multitool is a bug out bag essential. When the SHTF you have to be prepared and this gives a level of reassurance. It seems well made and sturdy. Would make a great gift for thatperson who is &nb... read more »

Man gift

24 Sep, 2019
A little something for the men folk. Thoughtful gift. Although it would be good for everyone to keep on hand when SHTF. Many multi functional uses. Well made with a sturdy feel.  read more »

Cute necklace

24 Sep, 2019
Beautiful bright turquoise colored chips fill the tail of this charming necklace. Fine quality. Shiny silver and the gift recipient loved it. She is obsessed with mermaids and the sea. It is a te... read more »

Wig stand set

24 Sep, 2019
I have a lot of hairpieces and wigs. These are a fine quality easy to use wig stand set. Great value and price. . They don’t wobble and the pieces stay together until you take them apart. G... read more »

Terrific sketch pad set

24 Sep, 2019
This is a fabulous sketch pad set. Great quality for price. I enjoy using my metallic pens and ink on them. Dry vibrant. Recommend.  read more »

LED gloves are FUN

09 Sep, 2019
This gloves are fun and stretchy. I believe they would suit a variety of children and ladies sizes. I bought these with the intention of giving to a nine-year-old. I tested them out and they look... read more »

Puzzle set

09 Sep, 2019
This wooden puzzle set makes a vey attractive gift for toddlers. My grands are almost 2 and almost 3 and very much enjoy doing puzzles and block stacking and matching games can be done with... read more »

Gift set

09 Sep, 2019
Nice set for the new mom and baby. These items are good quality and comes in a very presentable gift box. I noticed no offputting odor like some others so I recommend this brand.   read more »

Funny cute perfect

09 Sep, 2019
This little paci is so adorable, it adds a lot of fun to the gift basket I making for the soon to be new mom. I think she'll love it and the quality seems very good.  It doesn't... read more »

Such cuteness

31 Aug, 2019
Perfect little socks. These are adorable, makes the perfect addition for the new mom gift basket I am assembling. Can’t speak to,the durability but they look like very nice quality and... read more »

Swimming hat and more

21 Aug, 2019
This is a soft stretchy hat cap but it is not waterproof it's not tight like the others. I like it. The cap keeps my hair dry but can be used for other activities. Lovely print. It fits my 21 1/2... read more »

Gift for pre teen

21 Aug, 2019
This made a cute gift for 11 year old girl. She enjoys playing with it. Seems sturdy and long lasting. Good value and a better way than computer videos games!  read more »


19 Aug, 2019
WG1WGA  This is a fun bright cape I will be wearing to TRUMP rally. It is bright and easy to wear, Fine quality, fast ship and  good price. Thank you!   read more »

Wonderful skin care product

19 Aug, 2019
So fabulously soft  These pads are exquisite. I like them better than the makeup erasers. I like the size and the loop on them. I can use each one many times, I just wash by hand. It’s a... read more »

Best Gift Ever

25 Jul, 2019
 Best gift ever for a 12-year-old! He has reported to me that the POTENSIC drone is his all-time favorite toy ever . he is taking it out nearly every day since his birthday a month ago. Even w... read more »

Awesome quality

05 Jul, 2019
Stackable tote is made with a heavy duty high quality plastic. The locks and hinges are well made and I believe this will withstand many years of use for my crafting needs, suits me perfectly.  read more »


12 Jun, 2019
What?! I waited 2 months for what is really a piece of junk. Something you could get at a dollar store. So disappointing not worth the 3.99 coupon code. Garbage and possibly unsafe. Avoid this pr... read more »

Lumbar support cushion

24 May, 2019
I enjoyed the full back support cushion made by this company so I  decided to purchase this as a gift. My friend was blessed and uses it everyday and confirms it bring comfort and a feeling... read more »

SPF protecc

24 May, 2019
I use mainly for SPF protection.  The compression is mild and comfortable. Washed fine with no issues of stretching or fading.  read more »

Quality support

24 May, 2019
Back support with firm high quality memory foam that has held up to daily use in my car and in my office. I don’t want to be without!  read more »

Musical toys

24 May, 2019
This toy was a hit! Both grands loved making sweet sweet music. Perfect for first timers. High quality rattles bells  strong and secure.  read more »

Promising wooden shape sorter

24 May, 2019
This was a little rough around the edges. It’s a great concept and I’m all for toys that help learning but some attention to details were missed. After my husband sanded away the roug... read more »

Kids fishing pole tub toy

24 May, 2019
For the price this is a great toy! My almost 3 year old granddaughter loves all waterplay and just about anything that can go in tub makes her happy. It helps develop fine motor skills and concentrati... read more »

Great protection

24 May, 2019
This made a great car seat cover for our fur kids, who get so muddy after romping about for the day. Saves me so much time cleaning, its an easy, low stress answer. Minimal upkeep. I am ... read more »

Best space saver

24 May, 2019
Love  this style and quality was great!  I like to hook them together (3 looped hung) so I got several sets,  Saves space in my closet for my huge wig wardrobe.  read more »

Tiny treasures

24 May, 2019
I use these for my vitamins, very cute. They come in handy because of small size. Easy to slip in my pocket or purse. Versatile uses.  read more »

Made a cute gift

24 May, 2019
This This soft book is cute, however it is limited, it has the crinkly sound without a lot of variety of sounds or textures. It's colorful and was still enjoyable for a to... read more »

So so soft

24 May, 2019
Great material, thick, soft and a little stretchy. Adorable prints well suited for my grandson. True to size washed well with no fading or shrinking.  read more »

silicone sponges

09 Dec, 2017
Great for cleaning veggies but not so good on dirty pots pans. I like them just not sure yet what all I can use all for them for.  Won't let me post 4 or 5 stars #RankBoo... read more »

Highlighter pen set

16 Nov, 2017
 This is a wonderful assortment of highlighters, affordable and well made with a comfortable grip. They came packaged nicely for gift giving also. read more »

Boot socks

16 Nov, 2017
These are a nice quality thigh high boot sock. They washed well without fading, did not sag or stretch out. Will be buying more for gifts!  read more »

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