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Works Perfect.

03 Sep, 2019
I purchased for this for my Aussie because he will NOT stop chasing the neighbors cat. After a few times of using the beep, vibrate function he has stopped! We have not even needed to use the shock fe... read more »

Beautiful Violin

04 Dec, 2017
Absolutely a  beautiful Violin and well worth the price. This is a  great deal for a beginner or someone who knows how to play. It has a great look and feels great in your hands. The package... read more »

Fun for Kids

16 Nov, 2017
My kids love to play with these fidget spinners. They will watch youtube videos just to learn how to do tricks with them. These are smooth spinning and work well. Great product at a great price. read more »

Total Hit

16 Nov, 2017
My 10 month old absolutly loves this! He is playing with it all of the time. Its a soft friendly looking hamster that repeast what ever you say to it!  I plan on buying two more for my girls beca... read more »


16 Nov, 2017
I am not sure that one can do a review of a dildo without going into to much information. It does exactly what you this it would do just with a little of your own work!  It is very lifelike; flex... read more »


16 Nov, 2017
This is a great toy! The  vibration sensation just sends you into another world and your body just loses control. its one of the best feelings you could ever feel. If you do not own one of these... read more »

Works Great!

16 Nov, 2017
Oh my this is awesome and for the price you can't go wrong. It's a nice little toy so that it can be hidden if need be. It has seven different vibrations so you can just select the one that is... read more »


16 Nov, 2017
Love this cup. It was softer and affordable unlike other brands I had checked out. It was my first time using one and I found that it wasn't as difficult as I expected. I was skeptical that it wou... read more »

Great Batteries

16 Nov, 2017
we have used these a few times and so far so good. I've used it several times on the first charge alone, it holds its charge well. They arrived with a pair of white work gloves and a power tester.... read more »

works great

30 Oct, 2017
I really enjoy using this. It is so easy to use and in seconds my feet feel smoother. It doesn't hurt like some people might think.. It saves me tons of money by using this instead of going to the... read more »

Great set of Tweezers

30 Oct, 2017
I absolutly love these! There is one pair for eyebrow plucking or any kind of plucking, a pair for getting things out like splinters and such. and a super sharp pointed pair! I like the bright colors... read more »

My girls love these

30 Oct, 2017
These are super cute headphones that work great. There are light up ears that either stay on or flash depending on which you choose. They sound great as well. I purchased two extra pair for my neices... read more »

Great socks

30 Oct, 2017
I like that you can wear these socks all day and they keep your feet dry. They are thick enough to keep warm but also still let your feet breathe so you are not sweating like crazy. This also provides... read more »

These work great

20 Oct, 2017
These worked great. I have super dry heals form walking around outside with no shoes on. When I go get a pedi they work on my heals for a while.. Gross I know. These take a few days to work but they d... read more »

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