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Cracking Christmas Game

30 Oct, 2020
Got this for us to have some fun with at Christmas! It's a great game for adults and children to play together. We played a little game last night to test it out and we are very impressed with it.... read more »

Very Handy Pocket

20 Oct, 2020
What a fabulous pocket for my bedside! Perfect for popping in my glasses, phone and heated blanket controller, along with all my other controllers too! It fits perfectly and is a great alternative to... read more »

Fantastic Game Pad for Switch

20 Oct, 2020
This is a fantastic game pad for the switch, easy to set up and use and is made from high quality materials. The battery life is really good, was so easy to pair and fits nicely in the charging d... read more »

Spectacular Scissors

12 Oct, 2020
These are a spectacular pair of scissors! I'm very pleased with them and they are an excellent addition to the kitchen. I mostly use them for cutting up chicken breasts mostly as I find it mu... read more »

Not Working

01 Oct, 2020
After several attempts of charging the battery and putting the torch together it still isn't working. I'm very disappointed in this item as I had high hopes for it to be a great torch to have... read more »

Amazing Product

19 Sep, 2020
I'm so very impressed with these eyelashes! It makes wearing falsies such a breeze and they look superb on. They are high quality, easy to snip to fit my eyes correctly and stick well to the eyeli... read more »

Super Cool Straws

08 Aug, 2020
These straws are super cool! They are strong and sturdy enough to stir your drinks and add sugar, they are bright and vibrant colours and look so unique! I've had lots of compliments from my... read more »

Phenomenal Lights!

09 Jul, 2020
These lights are phenomenal, so easy to install and use, perfect brightness and range of colours too! My daughter wanted these lights in her room after seeing them on TikTok so after seeing that this... read more »

Excellent Supplements

17 Jun, 2020
I am a big believer in supplements aiding us with our health and well being. I suffer with Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS it was recommended to me to increase my magnesium intake to help manage my symptoms a... read more »

Outstanding Powerbank

24 May, 2020
I am extremely impressed with this Powerbank, it holds a massive charge and two outputs which means I can charge my phone and tablet together. It has a built in flashlight which will come in handy and... read more »

Eco Ear Buds

19 Mar, 2020
I like these earbuds because they are wooden and more eco friendly. They come in a huge multipack so they will last a long time and I have found them easy to use. Very good value for the amount you ac... read more »

Perfect for Colouring

21 Feb, 2020
Wow these pens are perfect for colouring and are very bright and vibrant colours, my daughter and I found these worked beautifully in our colouring books and leave a superb finish. Easy to hold and us... read more »

Car Charger

21 Feb, 2020
This car charger works and the holder is very nice, it holds the phone securely and the wireless charge is fast. However the sucker and the mount would not fix in my car at all, I tried various ways b... read more »

Fantastic Earrings

06 Feb, 2020
These earrings are super cute and absolutely fabulous! My daughter thinks they are fantastic and was delighted to receive them as a special treat! They are clearly made with quality metals and all the... read more »

Sturdy and Stunning

09 Jan, 2020
What a handy sturdy storage set! They are strong, durable and stunning to look at! Matching my living room perfectly and making a great bit of hidden storage for Xbox games, dvds and books. They arriv... read more »

Well balanced multi vitamins

09 Jan, 2020
These multi vitamins are well balanced giving you all of your daily needs and doses, I've noticed my health has improved since taking these and I'm very happy with the tablet size and taste. T... read more »

Gorgeous Eye Palette

09 Jan, 2020
What a gorgeous little eye shadow palette! I'm really impressed with how fancy it looks and the colours inside are to die for! This is definitely now my favourite palette and my go to one for dayt... read more »

Funky Hat

07 Dec, 2019
Now this is one funky Hat! The colours are so bright and cheerful whilst being soft to touch, it will definitely keep me warm during the winter. I think it will also bring Christmas che... read more »

Clean, Fresh and Powerful

07 Dec, 2019
Having used a leading branded electronic toothbrush for some time I had an idea of what a decent toothbrush could do, mine gave up the ghost and after many years of service and died. I found this... read more »

Warm and Read to Rock n Roll

01 Dec, 2019
What a super charged awesome little hat! It’s warm, works brilliantly and has superb sound quality. It connects really easily to my phones Bluetooth and allows me to listen to my tunes when out... read more »

Perfect Hot Water Bottle

24 Nov, 2019
I’m not a huge fan of standard size hot water bottles, sometimes you need something smaller to target certain areas of pain and for me this bottle is ideal. I have fibromyalgia so experience pai... read more »

Awesome Power Bank!

24 Nov, 2019
What a beauty! This little power bank packs a punch in delivering a superb performance and its high quality materials stand out. It arrived quickly, well packaged and with clear easy to follow in... read more »

Superb Diffuser

07 Nov, 2019
This diffuser is superb and works beautifully. I love how easy it was to set up and use. The design is stunning with a gorgeous colour and the mood lighting is fabulous. It come with an easy set up gu... read more »

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