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22 sheets of awesomeness

09 Sep, 2019
This is a fun set of planner stickers, ideal for tweens to adults. There are two oages of every design set, 22 pages total. There is a little bit of everything on these stickers and while I may not us... read more »

Perfect fit!

09 Sep, 2019
These Wyze camera Outdoor weatherproof protective mounts fit my cameras perfectly. They blend in with the camera itself and so far have held up during rainy weather. I have a few more to buy as we ins... read more »

Great for larger babies

09 Sep, 2019
My newborn is too large for typical swaddle blankets and these muslin blankets are quite a bit larger than normal and big enough to completely swaddle my baby. I love how thin they are, and I take com... read more »

Sturdy bags

27 Aug, 2019
These bags are sturdy and have a pleasant, non-overpowering scent. These fit well in my 13 gallon trash bin and so far have not leaked or ripped. My only complaint would be the packaging they come in... read more »

Eco Friendly and Cute!

27 Aug, 2019
Who doesn't love pineapples?! These straws are adorable and the kids love to take one to school each day with their milk. They get so many compliments and love using the straws. We have pretty fla... read more »

The cutest straws!

27 Aug, 2019
My package was originally lost and showed up a few weeks later. I am so happy because these are the cutest. I bought these for a pool party, but they did not arrive in time. My kids have been enjoying... read more »

Velvety softness

27 Aug, 2019
If I could give these ten stars, I would! I have extremely sensitive skin and these are a godsend. I will never again go to another makeup remover pad. I use these for my eye makeup remover and then a... read more »

Perfect for tweens

27 Aug, 2019
I got this for my tween and she loves it. She is on the small and short side, so it still fits her with ease. The quality is decent and we have have had no issues after her wearing it a few times. I h... read more »

High quality product

27 Aug, 2019
This set is large and includes three different sizes of the doilies, which I love. I typically have difficulty finding these year round, so was happy to see them at a time other than Valentine's D... read more »

Cute and fun for summer

27 Aug, 2019
We have been using these by our pool this summer and the kids love being able to drink out of coconuts and pineapples. The cups are sturdy and we have had no issues with them breaking or cracking afte... read more »

Absolutely adorable jute bunny basket

27 Aug, 2019
LOVE this jute bunny basket. It is a lot bigger than I thought. I am saving it for Easter and will be able to put a lot of goodies in the basket. I would love to see a pink bunny basket so I can get t... read more »

Beautiful but smelly

27 Aug, 2019
I think this strand of pearls is SO beautiful, but the smell is very offputting. I placed it outside for a few days and the smell has dissipated a bit, but still there. There are 200 feet, so the proj... read more »

Many uses!

27 Aug, 2019
I can think of a million ways to use these spoons. They are very versatile. I have been busy making bath and body scrubs for family and friends and these little spoons have been complementing the gift... read more »

Adorable spoons

27 Aug, 2019
I am loving these little spoons. I use them when I am making mixed jars of dry goods (hot cocoa, dip seasoning, etc.) and they are the perfect inclusion for these gifts for family and friends. They re... read more »

Adorable Storage organizer for documents

27 Aug, 2019
This expanding document file is perfect for storing my important papers. I can now have a stylish organizer while staying organized. Win-Win. The plastic is very sturdy and I have not had any issues w... read more »

Fun for the whole family

27 Aug, 2019
We charged up our mini drone and the kids (and hubby!) had fun flying for a few minutes. The battery life is typical of mini drones, around 10 minutes. The drone is easy to start up and easy to fly. A... read more »

Seller cancelled order

01 Aug, 2019
The seller cancelled my order so I am unable to post a proper review.  Please check item description for other reviews posted by buyers. The slime looks like it'd be fun.  #RankBooste... read more »

Works great hot or cold

29 Jul, 2019
These eye masks are awesome! They can be used hot or cold and the weight is perfect for allowing me to sleep at night. I will use these with my migraines as well as they really help my eye pain. These... read more »

Stylish and flattering

29 Jul, 2019
This swimsuit is simple, yet stylish. The fit is as expected and flattering. I highly recommend this comfortable suit.    #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #YONGDONG read more »

Great for laundry or stuffed animals

29 Jul, 2019
We use this to store my son's stuffed animals and it is the perfect addition to his room. You could use this for laundry, too. Cute basket and it is durable. Highly recommend! #RankBoosterRevie... read more »

Perfect storage for sewing

29 Jul, 2019
We are using this storage container for our sewing notions, but this could really be used for just about anything. The layers all stack easily and you can use between one or all four. Highly recommend... read more »

Work as well as name brand at a fraction of the cost

04 Jul, 2019
Wow! We have used a few of these with our orbital sander and I am happy to report that these work just as well as name brand sanding discs at a fraction of the price. I will be back when we run out. Y... read more »

Defective product

05 Jun, 2019
My kids wanted to love this product; they were really excited to receive the bicycle lights. Unfortunately, after putting in new Energizer batteries, not all of the lights even light up. On... read more »

Kitten loves once she got the hang of it

05 Jun, 2019
We gave this to my 5 week old kitten and at first she had little interest in the product, as she didnt really seem to understand how to use it. After a few times showing her, she seems to understand h... read more »

My kitten adores her Tunnel!

05 Jun, 2019
My 7 week old kitten is loving this tunnel. She has a smaller single tube she was seeming to get really bored with, so we wanted to try this multi-tube and it was been a huge hit. The tube crinkles (l... read more »

Fun for our kitten!

05 Jun, 2019
I actually purchased this not for a dog, but for my little rescue kitten who seems to want to rough house with us all the time. We hoped this would give her something to play with and she has such a f... read more »

A hit with the kids!

05 Jun, 2019
This kite is easy to set up and everything was included for the kids to take to the park. Once they got the hang of it, they had no difficulty keeping the kite in the sky. The colors are a lot of fun... read more »

Looks phenomenal!

10 May, 2019
I am a larger woman and this looks phenomenal on me--truly a flattering dress for all body types! I was very pleasantly surprised and I have received so many compliments--I need to buy... read more »

LOVE these!

10 May, 2019
I have fallen in love with these reuseable cotton pads. I use them when I am using eye make-up remover and micellar water to cleanse my skin (part of my double cleanse). They are very soft on my easil... read more »

Great for travel

10 May, 2019
This case is perfect to protect my Airpods. I dropped the case on concrete and the Airpods did not suffer any damage, which left me highly satisfied with this product. The attached caribener allo... read more »

Great for clipping your growing veggies

10 Apr, 2019
This 20 pack of gripper clips are great for securing your plants to plant supports. The package comes with 10 regular 1' and 10 large 1-1/2' clips. They claim to be rust proof but I haven... read more »

Cute set. Perfect for personal use or gifting

10 Apr, 2019
This set is great for personal use for beginners. I imagine experiences DIYers will be using heavier duty carving tools, but these work well for their intended use, my 9 year old son and husband. Incl... read more »

Many Different Uses

10 Apr, 2019
We are using these to block off an area for the kids to stay away from growing plants. The stakes are small and if a kid accidentally trips over one, they wont get hurt as they would with sturdier sta... read more »

Quick delivery and works great

10 Apr, 2019
These earbuds work as intended. They are not high quality, but do provide decent sound and are not cheaply made headphones. The product comes with an 18 month warranty which is hard to beat! Recommend... read more »

They work as intended

10 Apr, 2019
We used these on a recent car trip for our son and they kept him able to hear his tablet (and us happy so we didn't!) They are average earbuds--nothing is extraordinary about them, but they do wor... read more »

Works great and charges quickly

10 Apr, 2019
This USB-C fast charging cable works as intended and is made of sturdy materials. I am able to quickly charge my phone and transfer photos and documents to my PC, which always leaves me satisfied!&nbs... read more »

Fits my Sonicare!

29 Mar, 2019
This 8 pack of toothbrush heads fit my Sonicare electric toothbrush and looks idential to the original heads. I am amazed that I can purchase them at a fraction of the cost! I am looking forward to sa... read more »

Stylish full coverage

29 Mar, 2019
I was looking for a stylish full coverage swim suit for vacation and this swimdress is perfect for my needs. I was hoping to find a swimsuit with no underwire, which this swim suit does not have (has... read more »

Works like a charm

21 Mar, 2019
We used this on a recent spring break trip and it kept the kids' electronic devices charged with no issues. The charger is very durable and does not appear that it would break anytime soon (unlike... read more »

These pip cleaners work great for crafts!

21 Mar, 2019
My kiddos have enjoyed making animals with these pipe cleaners. They work well for their intended purpose and we are highly pleased. There are many colors included and this is a great set to have on h... read more »

Warm and stylish throw

09 Feb, 2019
This throw has been the perfect addition for our cold winter weather. The throw blanket keeps us soft and is very warm. The throw washing well in cold water and looks great in our living room. It real... read more »

Perfect addition to make those boots just a little more stylish

09 Feb, 2019
These are adorable! The three pack allows you to coordinate with your outfit and the finished look is an adorable. My daughter steals these from me because she too, thinks they are lovely.  ht... read more »

Convenient carry case with lots of pretty options; great for gifts

09 Feb, 2019
These chapstick holders are great! They easily hold your chapstick and are simply adorable. THese make great gifts as well and you can carry them anywhere. Highly recommend. read more »

Just Beautiful--soft and oh so comfortable

09 Feb, 2019
This duvet is my favorite ever. The color is neutral and just beautiful! And let's talk about softness. Wow! This duvet is sooooo comfortable. I wish I had sheets in this fabric becuas eit is so s... read more »

Large set for all your drawing needs

09 Feb, 2019
I use this set with my coloring books and there are is such a large range of colors it will take forever to use all of them! I had a little trouble sharpening a few of them, but overall, the colors bl... read more »

Perfect for homemade bread

09 Feb, 2019
My daughter was excited to get this for making bread. The bread cuts are straight and easy with the scoring tool.    #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Bonviee read more »

Lovely duvet set

09 Feb, 2019
This duvet set is SOOOO comfortable and soft. It is simply lovely on my bed and I can not say enough great things about it. I have received several compliments from friends. It is stylish and a g... read more »

Everything you need to grill out!

09 Feb, 2019
This grill set has everything needed for grilling out. We were very happy with the kit and look forward to more grilling out when the weather warms up again. The kid includes five pieces: Tongs,... read more »

5 stars Great set to keep for travel or emergency use

05 Jan, 2019
This little sewing set is AMAZING for on-to-go. I have a set in my car for emergencies, but have taken it on a recent trip. It takes up very little space, yet has a TON of accessories. If you are flyi... read more »

Protects camera bag in rain!

05 Jan, 2019
We used this to cover my camera bag in the rain during a hike and it kept the rain off of my gear. We are very satisfied with this purchase and will come back for additional covers as our needs change... read more »

Opens cans easily

05 Jan, 2019
We were in a need of a can opener and I was excited to find this one. For the price, I was worried it would be low quality, but it is not. It allows us to open cans and does not feel like it is going... read more »

Nice selection...perfect to include as birthday party favors

05 Jan, 2019
My daughter had a unicorn birthday party and we included a sheet of Vindyeer unicorn temporary tattoos for every girl. The girls loved their tattoos. The sheets provide many fun uniforn and... read more »

Beautiful decoration in daughter's room

05 Jan, 2019
My daughter has this draped around her bed as a fun decor piece, but the options are endless. The lights plug in and you can make several selections on the light type (constant, strobe, etc.... read more »

Great to apply makeup wet or dry!

26 Nov, 2018
These little makeup sponges are great! Both my daughter and I enjoy using them and liken them to beauty blenders. The price point on these is a lot better, so we will be purchasing more of these in th... read more »

Perfect for 12 year old girl

26 Nov, 2018
My daughter was very excited to get these workout leggings. She said they are very soft and give a good amount of stretch (but not too much). She has asked for more, so looks like we will be buying so... read more »

Too small and minimal support

26 Nov, 2018
I am not large busted and yet I did not feel I had ample support versus other sports bras. The bra also seems a little small for XXL--I liken it to Old Navy sports bra sizing  (which to me seems... read more »

High Quality Lavender Artificial Flowers

26 Nov, 2018
I put these in a vase and someone actually asked if they were real from afar! Up close you can tell they are not, but they look gorgeous-I just wish they smelled like lavender. For a full bouquet, I w... read more »

Everything included to give your garage a face lift!

26 Nov, 2018
I was excited to purchase these to give our garage a face-lift  for a fraction of the cost and am very pleased with the results. Installation is super easy--clean the garage door, place pain... read more »

A painting kit for all ages!

26 Nov, 2018
I, along with my two children were able to enjoy this kit. We had no issues with any of the products and everything was included to complete our projects except paint trays, water, and paper towe... read more »

Adjusted to fit 9 year old perfectly! Classy look.

13 Nov, 2018
We purchased this for holiday photos and the tie and suspenders adjusted easily to fit my 9 year old son. The tie is made out of a satin material and the suspenders are stretch elastic. The set looks... read more »

Buy these...Right now! You won't regret it!

13 Nov, 2018
These are perfect for trimming up my eyebrows! I love them and can say they are one of my favorite purchases ever! They come with a pouch, but they can also be stored in your purse or a bag with... read more »

Lovely containers for my EVOO and Vinegar

13 Nov, 2018
I am so excited about this set of glass bottles. The bottles arrived with lots of extra goodies, and the funnel is perfect for pouring into the bottle. Included is also a set of stickers and white pen... read more »

Works great at our lake

01 Nov, 2018
We used this on our lake a few days ago and it was a perfect fit. I do have a  slightly larger than normal head so it may not fit as snugly for those with smaller heads. I was happy to keep my ha... read more »

Works as intended--the kids are happy

01 Nov, 2018
The kids use this adapter in our vehicle to charge their tablets. We have had no issues and it functions as is. I have not tried to quick charge any devices.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #TP... read more »

Work great! Love the added security of the screw lock

06 Sep, 2018
This three pack of carabiners are awesome! They screw in over the clip for extra security and work perfectly. We use our carabiners for kayaking/fishing, but there are unlimited uses for these pr... read more »

Make sure your vent clips are not thick or the clip may not go over them

01 Sep, 2018
This car vent holder did not work properly in my 2014 Equinox, as the vent is thicker than the clip will stretch. My other vehicles had no problems with fit, but as I purchased one for my Equinox... read more »

High quality straps that get the job done!

01 Sep, 2018
I was excited to buy these straps, as we had swings and no swingset and yet lots of trees! They work perfect for our kids--even the adults! I was a bit hesitant purchasing, worried about quality,... read more »

Unable to obtain any signals at high end range

01 Sep, 2018
I am at the upper end of the 60 mile range (50-55 miles) and I was unable to pick up a single signal. I do not know this was due to the product or being at the high end of the signal range, so I... read more »

Must have direct, bright sunlight

17 Aug, 2018
This solar fountain pump is a fun choice to add a little flair to your bird bath or small pond. For the pump to work, you MUST have bright sunlight or the motor will not pump up water effectively. I h... read more »

Works as advertised!

16 Aug, 2018
My son is contstantly screaming when the sun hits his eyes in our factory tinted windows. We have purchased several sun shades, but they either don't stick or they don't cover the entire windo... read more »

Perfect choice for testers with essential oils

13 Aug, 2018
I love the cobalt blue color and was excited to use these to test and store small mixes of essential oils. They are the perfect size to sample an EO mix and share with others.The drams work well... read more »

These extract everything! Prepare to be grossed out (in a good way)

13 Aug, 2018
Wow, is all I can say! I am amazed how well these blackhead remover tools from Wishesport work. After a minute or two, I pulled so many little clogged pores that I never realized I had, whic... read more »

Great coffee grinder for travel

20 Jun, 2018
I prefer fresh ground beans for my coffee, so having a coffee grinder is a must! I bought this coffee grinder for traveling, where it can be transported easily. The parts break down and can easily fit... read more »

Great for those using meal prep containers

14 Jun, 2018
I am using this lunch tote and it works perfectly with my meal prep containers. I like that the containers can be upright, not sideways--no spilled food messes!!! I can fit a full work week's wort... read more »

Perfect outdoor accessory to keep drinks cold!

04 Jun, 2018
These copper mugs are beautiful and they are the perfect addition to our outdoor wares. We used these copper mugs over the weekend and they kept our drinks nice and cool in the sweltering ourdoor... read more »

Great for on the go touchups

02 Jun, 2018
I love that this brush set contains a great selection of brushes and I now use this as my on the go brush set for touchups. The brush set came in a cute shimmer pink vinyl roll bag. I p... read more »

Great pair of goggles with a storage case to prevent scratched lenses

24 May, 2018
My 10 year old child uses these goggles in our lake. We were able to easily tighten the goggles for a proper fit. They stayed on and did not fog, as indicated. Enclosed was a nose clip and ear pl... read more »

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